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Chapter 1413

It didn’t matter at this sight, a few people almost fainted with fright.

Levi smiled: “Well, I am Levi.”

When a pair of eyes exchanged with Levi’s eyes.

Sparks flew everywhere.

The air freezes.

The expression of the emperor Xi Shu’s aloof completely collapsed and turned into an indelible shock.

The pupils contracted, and the eyeballs almost flew out.

His straight body suddenly became a puddle of mud.

Almost fell directly to the ground.

Tang Yanran’s face faded, her face pale, without any bloodshot eyes.

The faces of other people are as ugly as they are.



Everyone took a deep breath, what’s the situation?

How come everyone looked like this when they saw Levi.

The old lady was very curious.

What’s going on here?

Sarah wondered.

Melina was puzzled.

Doug was puzzled.

Everyone is at a loss.

Is Levi terrible?

Only the six major servants in the field looked as usual.

“Old Tang, this is the traitor Levi. We have caught him and ask you to try him!”

Nick showed great hospitality to several people.


After reacting, the Emperor Xi Shu immediately threw himself in front of Levi and spoke subconsciously.

But suddenly thinking of something, he stuck the words in his throat abruptly.

“So you are the former God of War? You are really young!”

The emperor of Western Shu immediately changed his rhetoric.

“You want to judge me?”

Levi smiled and looked at the Western Shu Emperor.


The emperor of Xishu almost vomited blood in fright.

Other people like Tang Yanran almost knelt down.

“Don’t be a traitor, you must deal with him!”

“Yes, such a traitor must never live!”

Nick continued to request.

Even with a little urge.


The Emperor Xi Shu suddenly turned around and slapped Nick’s face fiercely.

This scene stunned the audience.

He actually beat Nick?

“Are you teaching me to do things?”

The Western Shu emperor said angrily.



At this time, almost everyone in the Logan Mann family knelt to the ground.

“Old Tang, we dare not, we dare not!”

Everyone was almost crying.

Nick’s face turned blue with fright.

“Well, he left it to me! It has nothing to do with you!”

The Western Shu emperor said angrily.


After that, Emperor Xi Shu left, and Tang Yanran pushed Levi to follow.

After arriving at the residence of the Emperor Xishu.

Tang Yanran, the Emperor Xishu and others immediately knelt in front of Levi.

“Lord, we didn’t know it was you… What a coincidence…”

The Emperor Xishu was also crying.

Made a big mistake today.

Never expected that “Little Mr.”, Levi, and the word side by side king would be the same person.

“No problem, this is part of my secret plan! Now you are also in the secret plan! You know how to do it!”

Levi said.

“I will understand!”

“And I will use all the power of the Western Shu family to protect your wife and daughter!”

The Western Shu Emperor was still smart, and understood the reason why Levi put his wife and daughter in Logan’s house.

“Well, just know it!”

Levi smiled.

On the other side, everyone was waiting eagerly.

“What do you think Tang Elder would do with Levi?”

Cross Wentao asked.

Nick was afraid to speak now.

“I see, most of them are going to send Levi to the King of Side by Side after a severe beating!”

Katie replied.

“I think so too…”

Concubine Mann Jun agreed, but did not say the next half sentence.

Because they saw an incredible scene…

Chapter 1414

Tang Yanran pushed Levi out.

Tang Yanran’s respectful manner, as if Levi was a super big person.

“Don’t Miss Tang deal with Levi?”

Everyone asked.

“Should you be in charge?”

Tang Yanran glared at everyone and pushed Levi away.

The Logan and Mann family are very puzzled.

Didn’t you deal with Levi?

But they dare not ask again.

Sarah was relieved.

But she felt very strange, and faintly felt that something was wrong.

The reaction of the Emperor Xishu and Tang Yanran to Levi was too great…

Other people feel this way too, but I can’t tell what is going on.

How could they think of it? The two super beings mentioned by the Emperor Xi Shu were actually Levi alone.

To give him to the King of One Word is to give him himself.

After Levi returned to the villa, he began to make overall plans.

In just one day and one night, Levi used all the power and resources he could use to prevent the Avengers from doing big things.

Only the result disappointed him.

Everything in Morendam is normal, and even the Avengers is normal, and there is no sign of action.

Even if the Xishu clan sent hundreds of thousands of people, no clues were found.

The other party doesn’t seem to be making any big moves.

Levi frowned and muttered to himself: “What will their actions be?”

He has taken protective measures, almost to put an end to any threats or Morendam’s actions.

But just can’t guess what the other party is going to do?

What exactly did the leader of the Avengers plan on the East Island…

Although King Dongtian went to the East Island, he was not found.

You clearly know that the other party is going to implement a big action, but you don’t know when, where, and how.

This is the most terrible.

When Levi was at a loss, Tang Beidao couldn’t help but said, “Hall Lord, maybe not in Morendam?”


Hearing this, Levi’s eyes lit up fiercely.

“Yes, who said that the attack on Morendam must take place in Morendam?”

“If they want to act in Morendam, they must be prepared, and there are traces of preparation, but I sent out all the power to check, there is no trace at all.”

“Mostly sure they won’t act in Morendam!”

Speaking of which, Levi has already affirmed.

“Operating overseas? I can’t imagine how it will be done!”

Northern Heavenly King Road.

King Xi Tian frowned and said, “Could it be that the Avengers want to betray Morendam publicly?”

“No! How could they disclose their identities? It is estimated that even their partners do not know their identities!”

Levi retorted.

“What would it be? How to do something that hit Morendam overseas? I can’t think of this!”

Everyone looked at each other and really couldn’t think of it.

Levi touched his nose: “I seem to know what they are going to do…”


Everyone glanced over.

At this moment, Levi received a secret telegram from Colin.

As he listened, Levi’s face gradually became extremely serious.

The few people next to each other were short of breath and didn’t even dare to breathe.

After hanging up the secret power, Levi took a long breath.

“Sure enough, I expected it! It really is!”

Levi smiled mysteriously.

Everyone looked at Levi suspiciously, all wondering what Colin’s secret telegram was.

What exactly did Levi predict?

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