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Chapter 1415

“Dare to ask the Lord, what exactly did Colin say to you?”

The Northern Heavenly King could not bear his curiosity anymore.

“The content of Colin’s secret telegram is very simple-Dongdao and Xingguo will hold a forum for the twenty-eight countries of Dongfangzhou, inviting all countries in Dongfangzhou to participate. The person invited by Morendam is me, which is the identity of the king of the word !”

Levi said.

Hearing this, the faces of the Northern Kings changed drastically: “The Avengers’ big action is to kill you?”


Everyone took a deep breath.

Levi nodded: “Yes, that’s right! I guessed it, the best way they currently attack Morendam is to kill me!”

He had guessed before, if he didn’t act in Morendam.

That is, the Avengers are afraid of Morendam, knowing that the operation in Morendam will not go smoothly and cannot be completed.

As for how to hit Morendam so painfully.

For now, the best way is to punish the existence of Morendam’s high power.

Woodrow and Fan Shengnan are no longer considered.

Just the words of God of War are not qualified…

If you want to kill, kill the word side by side king.

He is the existence of the king, and carries the fortune of the great Xia nation.

If the Avengers can kill the King of Side by Side, it will definitely be a painful blow to Da Xia, enough to hurt Da Xia’s vitality for decades.

It will even affect the national transport.

But within Morendam, is it easy to kill the king by one word?

What’s more, the Avengers also know how strong a word side by side king is!

But if the king can be introduced overseas, the result will be different.

The success rate is high anyway.

“The overseas net must have been laid out, just waiting for you to go!”

“Looking at this posture this time, they are going to kill you at all costs!”

“No, it’s too dangerous! I don’t think you can go, the lord!”

“What kind of exchange meeting is it is actually the killing game set up by the Avengers and foreign enemies! Everyone can see it!”

“You must never go!”

The Northern Heavenly King said anxiously.

Levi smiled: “Can you not go?”

“My Morendam is a superpower, and I want to be a great country! If you want to be afraid of this, where is my Morendam?”

“Not only do I want to go! I want to go alone! This is my Morendam! My Morendam warrior is not afraid of any difficulties and obstacles!”

Levi domineering way.

An invincible vibe is surging across the world.

“If you want to go, someone else will replace you! Anyway, no one knows what a king of words looks like…”

King Bei Tian said, looking at Tang Bei Dao.

The meaning is very simple-let Tang Beidao play the king of the word side by side.

Levi shook his head: “No! I do this kind of death by myself. How can I let my compatriots go? Levi is afraid that people will poke my spine!”

“I have never had such a precedent in Morendam, and I, Levi, is not even such a person!”

After listening, several people from Tangbei Dao respected Levi in awe.

Everyone saluted Levi one after another.

Only he can afford the title of King of Side by Side.

Only he can carry the great Xia national fortune!

Of course this is the character of Morendam people.

The big men took the lead, and the soldiers were not afraid of death.

It’s all a bunch of good boys.

“I really didn’t expect the Avengers to do such a trick! They don’t come in secret, they come out!”

“They know Morendam very well, they know Morendam’s great country style, and they must set an example in Brandon Continent! I will definitely participate!”

Levi smiled.

Chapter 1416

“The Avengers are really terrifying! Knowing that I will definitely participate, and I will be alone.”

“The enemy and opponent will always know you! They will ponder you every day!”

Levi shook his head helplessly.

The Avengers are terrible.

Especially this action.

Be honest and express your intentions directly.

You know the danger, but you must participate.

When he retires, Morendam retires.

That is absolutely impossible.

The Avengers anticipated this, and planned this matter openly.

The most important thing is to stipulate that this forum will only have one person from each country.

Obviously, it is aimed at the word side by side king.

Can’t answer?

Yes, it’s dangerous.

If you don’t pick up, Morendam is a tortoise with her head shrinking.

“HallLord still think twice! We try our best to think of countermeasures and retreat to ensure nothing is lost!”

“For example, the Zhentian Temple sneaks into and follows! The Western Shu family also sent Lords to sneak into…”

Several people persuaded the Western King.

Levi shook his head: “No! Only one person from each country can go to the Oriental Continent Forum this time! How can I let others follow? This will make Morendam talk less!

“What’s more, I don’t want the Zhentian Temple to be exposed for the time being, let alone let people know that the Western Shu gate clan is also under my control!”

“So the lord, you insist on going there alone?”

Everyone swallowed fiercely.

“Well, I have decided! I have already reported to Colin!”

“Besides, you don’t believe in my strength?”

Levi looked calm.

“We believe in your strength…but…”

Everyone still has a sentence in their hearts.

“No but!”

Levi smiled.

But in fact, he had no bottom in his heart.

This time the Avengers and the enemy are against him.

They will use all their power and resources to kill themselves.

He himself is isolated and helpless overseas, and he can only get out with his hands.

Never take a step back…

He probably won’t come back…

He was really not sure.

This is the greatest difficulty he has faced in history.

It is more than a hundred times more difficult than the previous Blood King Palace and Watanabe Tenner’s target…

“Don’t worry, I will be back!”

Levi was ready to go.

But before going, he has to tell Sarah, Junjun, and his mother.

In case you can’t come back…

Logan family ancestral house.

Seeing Levi coming, everyone was very surprised.

“Levi, you came to die sincerely? Last time Elder Tang let you go, how dare you come?”

Nick and others stopped him immediately.

“I just want to see Sarah and Junjun, get out of the way if you know, otherwise don’t blame me for killing!”

Levi was cold.

“Just you want to kill us? Are you looking for death?”

“Let me see how you kill?”

Nick wanted to do something against Levi.


At this time, Sarah ran out holding Junjun.

“Junjun, come, father hug!”

“In the future, when my father is away, listen to what my grandma and mother have to say!”

“Sarah, take good care of Junjun and mother!”

Levi embraced Jun Jun, Sarah and Ollie successively.


Several people were stunned.

What is Levi doing?

Hearing this tone, it seemed like a parting of life and death.

“You…what are you doing?”

Sarah asked, holding back his tears.

“I’m leaving Jiangbei temporarily! But don’t worry, I will take you home in March!”

Levi said.

“Hahaha, the traitor is going to run away? Are you leaving Morendam?”

“I was right, I just want to escape overseas!”

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