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Chapter 1417

Seeing Levi’s silence.

Everyone said one after another.

No matter how ugly people say, they are as ugly as they are.

After all, there is a lot of rumors about Levi being a traitor.

“Tell me, are you going overseas?”

Sarah said.

Looking at Levi unbearably.

Levi nodded: “Yes, that’s right!”


“Obviously, I’m going to run away, so fresh and refined?”

“Traitor! Morendam’s traitor, you must die!”

Hearing Levi’s personal confession.

Everyone became more angry.

Speaking and penalizing.

“Trust me, I can’t betray Morendam!”

Levi took Sarah’s hand.

“Bah, who would believe your nonsense! It’s just a trickster!”

“I really want to kill you!”

Sarah ignored the others and nodded: “Well, I believe you! Junjun and mother have me here! Don’t worry, go!”

“Okay, then I’m leaving!”

In fact, Levi was very reluctant to give up.

Especially after seeing his wife, daughter and mother.

But for Morendam, he must go.

Everyone first, then there is a small family.

How can the great Xia Yangyang country be afraid to go?

“Wait, do you a traitor want to run? We just won’t let you run!”

“We are going to catch you, a traitor, and hand it over to the people involved!”

Nick immediately stopped Levi.

“What are you doing?”

At this time, the emperor of Xishu came out.

“Old Tang, this traitor is about to escape to a foreign country, he himself admitted, shall we arrest him?”

Nick asked for instructions.


The Western Shu Emperor pushed Nick aside.

Levi looked at the Emperor Xishu and Tang Yanran with a smile and said, “Wait, I will definitely come and pick up my wife and daughter in March!”

“Well, I want to see how you can take your wife and daughter away?”

The Western Shu Emperor said this sentence in a cold sweat.

Later, Levi left.

The Logan and Mann family did not understand what the Western Shu Emperor did.

Why are you so tolerant of Levi and let him leave?

Shouldn’t it be caught?

After Levi left, he never looked back.

He was afraid that once he turned his head, he would never be able to do without.

He then went all the way to the capital.

In the manor somewhere in the capital.

Black Phoenix and Black Tiger gathered together.

“Hahaha, the news came from the leader just now, he is fully prepared! As long as the king goes side by side, there is absolutely no possibility of surviving!”

“This time the major forces are paying the price to kill the King of One Word! So even if they give everything, they will kill him overseas!”

Black Phoenix laughed.

Heihu people were extremely excited: “This is great, now because of the incident of Levi being designated as a traitor, it has had a huge impact on Morendam!

If the King of One Word is killed again, then the blow to Morendam would be too great! Imagine all excited! “

“Yeen, that’s right! This time, Tianluodiwang and countless Lords of the hidden world are waiting for the word to be king. How can he be strong alone?”

“The leader plans everything personally, and there is no chance that the king will survive the word side by side!”

After Levi came to the capital.

Xingguo, where the Oriental Continent Forum is held, sent someone to pick him up.

After all, according to the rules, only one person from each country participates.

Levi wears a Bass mask, a Bass sword on his back, and a Bass ring.

Carrying a Great Xia Dragon Banner!

one person.

One sword.

One flag.

Morendam is him, he is Morendam!

If the flag does not fall, Morendam will not fall.

Chapter 1418

“One word side by side, Morendam can’t provide you with any help this time!”

“Everything is up to you alone! The other party is expected to know the style of Morendam as a great country!”

“I’d rather die in battle, Morendam’s dignity can’t be lost! No matter what moment, Morendam Dragon Banner can’t fall down.”

“If you don’t come back, please rest assured, your mother, wife and daughter will be taken care of by Morendam!”

Before leaving, Colin exhorted Levi a few words.


Everyone saluted and watched Levi board the plane.

After listening to Colin’s instructions, Levi had a bottom in his heart.

At least there is no need to worry about how many people Sarah…

On the plane, several Star Country people saw Levi, and everyone smiled triumphantly.

“Morendam is indeed a big country, and Dongfangzhou sets an example! We admire it!”

“I hope you can keep holding the Great Xia Dragon Banner not to fall…”

Although he was polite on the face, his eyes were full of murderous intent.

Jiulong Mountain, located in the depths of the star country, has a steep and complex terrain, but hundreds of thousands of people have gathered here early.

And the number is still increasing.

Seeing that this trend should be able to break through one million.

They surrounded Jiulongshan with water, and they really did not even let a mosquito pass.

This time is a real blockade.

Reflected in every corner.

As long as you enter Jiulong Mountain, you definitely can’t get out.

This is the terrifying killing game set up for Levi.

In addition, Jiulong Mountain continues to be deployed and strengthened, and their purpose is to increase the success rate of kills.

And this place is the location of the Forum of the Twenty-Eight Countries of Dongfangzhou.

No one knows what the specific content of this forum is…

But the representatives of the twenty-seven countries have come here a long time ago, and only the word side by side king of Morendam is left.

But everyone knows what the content of this forum is-the word “Kill Morendam” and the king.

What makes people even more unexpected is that it is obviously the forum of Dongfangzhou.

The war eagle country of Western Continent sent a great man to be knighted.

We also need to coordinate the overall situation!

Let everyone in Dongfangzhou listen to them.

Although everyone feels uncomfortable, they can only endure it.

This time, there were tens of thousands of Lords from the War Eagle Nation secretly coming to the Star Nation, covering Lords in every field.

This is Prince William’s promise to the Avengers.

What everyone did not expect was that it was the leader of the Avengers who organized everything behind the scenes.

He didn’t even show his face at all.

Star country time, eight o’clock in the morning.

The layout of the Avengers’ alliance with East Island, Star Country and Warhawk Country and other major forces has been completely completed.

Then wait for Levi to come…

Soon, there was news from the international community that all the representatives of the 27 countries of the 28-nation Forum came together, leaving only one country behind.

I haven’t seen the representative of Morendam appear for a long time, is Morendam scared?


Xingguo issued another message-the king of the word side by side is limited to reach the forum location within six hours.

Otherwise, it will be regarded as Morendam withdrawing and abstaining…

From then on, Da Xia was the shame of Brandon Porter!

At this moment, the people of Morendam are surprisingly united, and they are all paying attention to this matter.

Everyone wants to arrive as soon as possible side by side the king, and raise the country’s prestige!

Levi didn’t understand what they wanted to do.

It was deliberately delaying his time so that he could not arrive at the forum at the latest or at all.

The biggest difficulty he faces now is not leaving the star country alive.

How to reach the forum location within a limited time.

One second later, Morendam will be insulted for one second…

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