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Chapter 1423

At this moment, the snipers and archers ambush in the dark began to act.

Fuel smeared on the arrow and burned.

As long as you touch the dragon flag, it will be ignited immediately.

Not to mention the sniper, one hole at a time.

A little bit is the destruction of Longqi.

Levi, who was advancing, suddenly flickered his ears, and he suddenly stopped.



At this moment, countless bullets and arrows were shot from all directions.

Perforated the enemies in front of Levi one by one.

Blood splattered, falling one after another.

It turns out that their shooting was predictable.

Calculated according to Levi’s advancing speed.

As a result, Levi stopped suddenly, disrupting their prediction.

All these bullet weapons hit them.

“Small bugs!”

Levi sneered.

Next, it was impossible for the snipers and archers to aim at Levi or Morendam Longqi.

As a result, Levi was surrounded by too many people and they couldn’t find a chance.

Secondly, Levi can always dodge.

“Want to touch my Morendam Longqi? Impossible!”

Levi sneered.

He continued to fight and move on.

“Don’t attack him, listen to my orders, and destroy the Morendam Dragon Banner as much as possible! Let him be exhausted!”

An order came from behind.

These people went crazy to target Morendam Longqi.

The Morendam Dragon Banner at the moment was like a burden, tightly tied to Levi.

Everyone wanted to destroy the Dragon Banner, which indeed caused Levi a lot of trouble.

After all, there are too many fucking people.

For a time, Levi couldn’t move on.

Seeing the miraculous effect of this trick, everyone began to laugh again.

As for Morendam, my heart is ashamed.

“Hey, even if the king is strong with one word side by side! In this case, it will be consumed alive!”

“You have to hold on! You have to hold on!”

In the battlefield, Levi was indeed stretched.

He has always protected Longqi from damage, but he still seems unable to move forward.

“Six hours, time is too short! It’s too late!”

The cold light flashed in Levi’s eyes, and he carried the Morendam Dragon Banner on his back.

He wants to change his strategy.

Can’t defend like this.

The final defense is offense.

He wants to attack.

Immediately, a pair of iron fists hit.

He did not use any combat skills.

Reliability is the most unpretentious pair of iron fists.




Under a pair of iron fists, gods and ghosts are invincible.

The best defense is offense.

Under Levi’s terrifying offensive, no one could get close to Longqi, let alone destroy it.

After Levi’s offensive came down, he rushed out again a lot.

There are at least tens of thousands of people lying under their feet.


It is completely invincible!

The key is not to see Levi showing any tired expression.


Levi came and carried the Great Xia Dragon Banner, rolling all the way.

At this speed, he has a chance to reach the top of Jiulong Mountain in six hours.

Prince William’s face was covered with frost.

“What’s the matter? So many people can’t stop him?”

He was questioning the black dragon.

“Impossible! We are too many people!”

Heilong smiled suddenly.

The power of the human sea tactics has not been fully utilized yet.

Then is the real beginning.

Soon Levi crossed a distance of two kilometers and came to a place.

There are mountain cliffs on both sides, and there is only one entrance.

But the entrance is too narrow.

There were so many people here, Levi couldn’t go deeper.

Chapter 1424

No matter how powerful Levi’s punch was.

Even a building can collapse.

But he hit the crowd in front of him with a punch.

Despite a large number of casualties.

But the crowd did not move.

The road ahead simply cannot be opened.

The entrance is too narrow, and the crowds are piled up here, there is no way at all.

The front cannot be opened.

More and more Lords gathered from behind.

To besiege Levi here.

“There are already a hundred thousand people in the rear. Even if the king of the word side by side does not die, at least he will not be able to reach the Jiulong Mountain. It is also a failure for Morendam.”

Black Dragon smiled.

Prince William has all picked up a glass of red wine.

“Let’s watch him live and die!”

At this moment, 100,000 Lords gathered behind Levi.

There is no way to go ahead and behind.

If you want to reach Jiulong Mountain, you have to find another way to the top of Jiulong Mountain unless you make a bloody road from the 100,000 people behind you.

That way, both time and other things need to be increased several times.

And this extremely narrow entrance is the closest way.



In the next moment, strange voices came from the crowd.

I saw Levi suddenly climbed up the cliff on the right and climbed quickly.

This is something that no one thought of.

There is no way around.

But there is a way above the head.

“Quick, stop him!”

Everyone exclaimed.

Countless Lords climbed and pursued.




The snipers in the distance began to kill Levi who was climbing on the cliff.

Hundreds of snipers arranged to fire together.

Even sniper rifles can be woven into a firepower net.

This is unimaginable on the battlefield.

But Levi’s speed was too fast.

Bullets are always one step behind him…

He can always hide.

The cliffs on both sides are not very high, and the altitude is only two kilometers.

For Levi, it was a matter of time.

“No! Never let him climb up!”

“Come on, block fire from a high place and force him down!”

Heilong arranged immediately.

Soon, a cannon appeared above.

Directly bombard Levi.

Soon this cliff will be shattered.

Directly broke Levi’s way.

But Levi’s eyes flashed.

Suddenly no longer climbed up, but jumped forward.


Suddenly he jumped forward from the cliff.

The Lords who guarded the entrance raised their heads and watched Levi jump over their heads.


Finally, Levi fell to the ground.

A shock wave was formed and overflowed.

Hundreds of people around were all blown out.

“What? He came in?”

“Come in from the top of your head?”

Seeing Levi flying in from the top of his head, everyone’s eyes were full of incredible.

“Kill, kill him for me!”

“Kill him for me at all costs!”

Prince William has gone crazy.

Levi broke his prediction again and again today.

It made him angry.


Although Levi entered the entrance, the trouble was still there, and the army of millions was still there.

Look at the time half an hour has passed.

There is still a long way to go from the top of Jiulong Mountain.

If you continue like this, you won’t be able to reach it in six hours.


Levi took a deep breath.

“It’s time to speed up!”

He muttered to himself.


He gently pulled out the Bass Sword.


Suddenly, the golden light on the sword body made everyone unable to open their eyes.

“You can’t stop me…”

Levi ignored everyone.

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