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Chapter 1425

This sword was made of forging without knowing what material it was made of, and when it was pulled out, the cold air spread across the sky.

Everyone felt a soaring murderous intrusion into their bodies, and their scalp was numb.

There is fear in my heart…

“It really is a good sword!”

Levi gently stroked the Bass Sword.

“I figured it out, the best way is to knock everyone down!”

Levi’s sword pointed to the sky.

Relying on other methods is useless.

The other party had already designed everything.

The point is that there are too many people…

“Are you really afraid of death?”

“Hurry up and surrender, hand over the dragon flag, you don’t have to die!”

“Is it worth it for others? Sacrifice for something meaningless!”

“You know that you can never live! Why bother? Surrender!”

“Even your previous God of War war god Levi betrayed Morendam, you can too!”

Everyone in front of them tried to persuade Levi to make him surrender.

Levi smiled: “The surrender will not appear in my dictionary, nor will it appear in Levi’s dictionary!”

“Then you are looking for death!”

Seeing this scene, almost everyone in Morendam had tears running across their faces.

That lonely figure is supporting a nation.

Whose son is he?

Whose husband is it again?

Or whose father?

He is not a god.

He is just an ordinary person!


Levi converged his mind and rushed into the enemy without hesitation.

This time Levi is killing him!

He had too many concerns before, and while fighting, he was thinking about how to get rid of these people and reach the main peak of Jiulong Mountain.

Now I find that the best way to get rid of is to knock everyone down.

With the blessing of Levi’s super strength, the Bass Sword was simply invincible.

Rush into the crowd, rushing left and right.

Like a killer from hell…

He represents death!

No one is standing under the Bass Sword!

A sword of light and cold fourteen continents!




Under Levi’s charge.

Soon blood flowed into rivers in this valley, bones became mountains, and people were everywhere.

Except for the sky, there was blood everywhere.

Levi became more and more courageous in the war.

Red eyes.

This group of lunatics was terrified.

He is too strong!!!

Looking at Levi, who was like a devil in front of them, many people flinched.

Don’t dare to go forward.

“Leave on your own, I won’t hurt you!”

Levi said coldly.


The remaining enemies in the valley retreated one after another.

“What? Dare to retreat? Dare to escape? Kill, kill me!”

When Prince William saw this, he roared.



As soon as this group of people escaped halfway, they were all shot and killed by the Lords rushing up behind them.

“Warning everyone, escape is the end!”

“Also tell everyone that he is not invincible! He also has weaknesses, he is also an ordinary person!”

Prince William shouted.

This wave of Levi knocked down tens of thousands of people.

The valley was full of howling people.

Going here, it has already exceeded many people’s expectations.

Just because the terrain did not fully open.

But at least 200,000 people participated in the war.

Still can’t stop Levi.

“keep going!”

Levi stepped out of the valley and walked forward step by step.

“Continue with the crowded tactics! Put in as many people as the terrain can expand!”

Heilong gave an order.

This area is again full of people.

All rushed to Levi to kill.

“I said, you can’t stop me!”

Levi barely adjusted, and once again carried the sword to kill.

Chapter 1426

Levi fought with hundreds of thousands.

Killing the world…

White clothes are stained with blood.

The Morendam Longqi has been flying.

The Bass Sword in his hand does not account for a drop of blood, still shining brightly.

But Levi is not as good as before.

He was in white clothes and rags, and he was in embarrassment.

Covered in blood, I don’t know if it is someone else’s or my own.


Levi inserted the sword into the earth.

He wants to take a break!

He is not a god!

He is also human!

“Haha, did you see that, he is tired?”

“The king is a human being side by side, he will be tired, and he will die!”

“Hurry up, attack him! He is going to die!”

Prince William shouted.

The tired scene of Levi was seen by everyone.

This brings them great confidence.

The Levi they faced before couldn’t be beaten at all.

It’s a war machine.

Now he will be tired, which is a great signal.


Hundreds of thousands of people once again rushed to kill Levi.

Don’t give him any breathing time.

One hour.

Two hours.

Three hours.

Under the crowd tactics, Levi had been able to hold on for so long.

The entire Jiulong Mountain corpses were everywhere, and injured and howling people lay everywhere, densely packed, everywhere.

The blood stained the entire Jiulong Mountain.

As if it was bloody here.

At this moment, Levi has come to the front of Jiulong Mountain.

Most of the journey has been completed.

The top of Jiulong Mountain is close at hand.

Levi half-kneeled on the ground, holding the Bass Sword with one hand, and carrying the Great Xia Dragon Banner on his back.

The corners of his mouth kept spilling blood.

This is his own.

There are too many people on the other side, and it consumes too much for him.

In these three hours, he played at least half a million Lords.

This is simply unimaginable!


“It’s incredible!”

“Six hundred thousand Lords can’t stop him alone!”

“If I want to exist in the Eagle Nation like this, I can laugh to death in my dreams!”

Prince William looked at the scenes before him, and he was completely shocked.

This battle is a battle of fame for the king, and it is also his battle for the gods.

There were people in Morendam who were dissatisfied with the sudden emergence of the word Side by Side King.

But in today’s battle, no one doubted.

Woodrow and the others know how far they are from him…

It’s like a moat!

At this time, Levi consumed too much, and suffered a lot of injuries.

Everything is approaching his limit.

If he were the one before, he would have died in the front.

Impossible to live.

After a short breath, Levi yelled to the sky: “Is it that way? Anything else?”

Immediately, he continued to set off.

The black dragon in the distance suddenly showed a smile: “Now that 600,000 people consume him in turns, he has reached his limit!”

“Now I’m going to send a real killer!”

Prince William looked at him and asked, “Is it a Lord-level powerhouse and a god-level powerhouse?”

“Yes, they haven’t shot yet, just wait for this moment.”

The black dragon smiled.

His plan is simple.

Carry out the human sea tactics first to maximize the consumption of Levi.

Finally, let the top Lords go out and harvest.

It seems that the effect has been achieved.

The crowd tactics worked.

Levi felt strange walking.

No one in front?

What’s the situation?

In the next moment, a wave of violent breath erupted.

Hundreds of people jumped out in front of them, and tens of thousands of people followed.

Judging from the breath, the hundreds of people in front of him are all Lords.

Behind are all god-level powerhouses.

This is the strongest Zhu Wang lineup!

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