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Chapter 1427

Levi was also shocked.

So many Lords and god-level powerhouses at once?

This lineup can be said to be against the sky, right?

This is the real Lord cabbage, and the gods are everywhere.

“In order to kill us, you really worked so hard!”

Levi smiled.

He doesn’t know anything else, but it is estimated that the Avengers have invited all the god-level grandLord-level powerhouses in Brandon Continent.

The key is still being consumed so severely.

These Lords just appeared.

For it is to kill with one blow!

The Avengers are really good at using this vicious strategy.

Everyone in Morendam was worried when they saw this scene.

This is the most difficult time for one word side by side!

Hundreds of Lords shot together.


Still in the case of Levi’s serious injury.

“Hold it! You must hold it!”

“Morendam can’t fall, nor can you fall! The dragon flag must keep flying!”

Everyone’s fists were clenched tightly, and their eyes were red.

Hundreds of Lords stared at Levi as if they were looking at a prey to be slaughtered.

“You are like this, do you want to continue?”

“Surrender, spare you not to die!”

“Not only that, with your strong strength, I don’t know how many countries will recruit! Everything you have may far exceed what Morendam now gives you!”

“Listen to our surrender! Hand over the Dragon Banner!”

A group of Lords persuaded.

The strength of the leading Lord is still above Tang Bei Dao.

He sneered: “You have now proven your strength to the world, stop it! Besides, what is good about Morendam?”

“As long as you want, Prince William can give you island land, and even a country for you to manage! Isn’t it? You are so strong, why bother with others? Are those Morendam people worth your protection?

Levi smiled: “It’s impossible for me to kneel for life! Let’s get on together! Let me see what you guys have?”


After speaking, Levi spit out blood.

He has been seriously injured.

“Hahaha…I’m all dying, and my mouth is stiff!”

Everyone laughed.

“Come on together, don’t delay my time.”

“Then you are looking for death!!!”

The Grand Lord headed by one person rushed up.


Overbearing combat skills turned into a mountain to crush down.


Levi blocked it with a sword.

“Boom boom boom…”

His feet kept cracking.

The feet are even more plunged into the ground.



Another grandLord rushed up.

With a punch, the earth shook the mountain.

Levi’s legs sank again…


Another hundred-year-old grandLord killed Levi.



One by one.

Hundreds of Lords shot together.

That is an unimaginable picture.

This is definitely the first time in a hundred years.

They shocked and shot, simply invincible.

There is no need to make any moves from the ten thousand god-level powerhouses behind.

Just watch hundreds of Lords perform!


Levi roared.

Hundreds of Lords played super combat skills together, and unrivalled power fell across the board.

It seemed that Mount Tai was pressing on Levi’s body.


Finally, the earth under Levi’s feet could no longer support this powerful force and collapsed completely.

This scene is that a mountain has been leveled.

Levi is at the bottom.

Soon it was submerged by billowing smoke and dust.

After being blasted out of a sinkhole forcibly, Levi fell into it, life and death uncertain.

“Don’t! Don’t die! You must live…”

Chapter 1428


Very worried.

Everyone in Da Xia’s heart came to his throat.

As for the enemy, he cheered thoroughly.

This was the biggest hit to Levi.

“It hurts me to obliterate such a strong man!”

The strongest Lord sighed.

He always wanted Levi to surrender.

After all, the strong regret the strong.

Levi is such a terrifying existence, if he follows War Eagle Nation, it will definitely be even more powerful.

Only the next moment, his smile disappeared.

Because of an extreme icy cold all over his body.

His back was even more cold, as if something stabbed in.

He looked down and saw a sword pierced through his body.

The sword body is golden, blood is not stained, and it sheds down.

I was killed?

When did the word side by side king come behind him?

Shouldn’t he be bombed to death in the big pit?

Everyone was watching just now.


He fell to the ground feebly.

This scene shocked the others present.

Is this dead?

See this scene.

The whole Morendam began to boil.

“He’s still alive! Morendam still has hope!”

Jiulong Mountain is still billowing with smoke and dust, and it is hard to see everything.

Levi started…



He held the Bass Sword and shuttled among the Lords.

Wherever he went, the sword light flickered and blood spattered.

In a short while, a powerful Lord-level expert fell.

At this moment, hundreds of Lords have fallen.

The remaining Lords also reacted one by one.

Everyone was stunned.

Levi is like this.

Still have such a strong combat power?


“Can’t let him live!”

The offensives of the great Lords were endless, and they did not give Levi any chance to escape.

However, Levi didn’t choose to escape at all, and directly confronted them.

This wave of battle hit the sky dimly.

The earth-shaking sound is endless.

The entire Jiulong Mountain seemed to be shaking.

Levi couldn’t hold on head-to-head with hundreds of Lords.

Wounds began to appear on his body, and blood was lying ticking.

He is not a god, he is also a man.

However, in this wave of head-to-head, hundreds of people fell on the opposite side.

The remaining Lords were also more or less injured, staring at Levi with vigilant eyes.

Is he hit with iron?

“carry on!”

Levi stroked the Morendam Dragon Banner and continued to fight.

“You must kill him! Otherwise, no one can stop Morendam in the future!”

Everyone shouted.

The remaining three hundred grandLords went crazy and attacked Levi.

The battle between the two sides has gone beyond the scope of ordinary people.

The damage to the battlefield is no less than that of aircraft and artillery in modern war…

This is the power of hundreds of Lords fighting…

But from the side, it shows Levi’s horror.


Outrageously strong!

Faced with hundreds of Lords alone, how can he be beaten like this?

The hearts of Prince William and Black Dragon were trembling.

The two of them were not as calm as they were before, watching the battlefield with their hearts hanging.

The two of them stopped talking.

One word side by side the king surpassed their cognition again and again!




Before the extreme battle, the woods on the north side of Jiulong Mountain had all been leveled.

There was war and burnt everywhere.



The Lords fell one by one.

Over the last twenty minutes.

No one was standing in the field.

All the grandLords fell to the ground either dead or wounded.

And Levi actually…

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