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Chapter 1429

He even fell to the ground.

Fall to the ground with these Lords.

Although he killed hundreds of Lords, he also suffered heavy losses.

He was watered by blood over and over again.

Of course, he has a lot of blood.

“Cough cough cough…”

He coughed constantly.

Every time you cough, blood spills from the corners of your mouth.

Even more frightening is that the invincible Flame Dragon Sword was also broken in two.

It was cut off abruptly!

It can be seen how difficult this battle was!

“This…this this…”

“Has more than five hundred grandLord-level powerhouses knocked down? Or by one person?”

“How is this possible? Is he a god?”

Prince William’s eyes were full of incredible.

He is about to collapse.

But he is not a god!

Just an ordinary Morendam person.

Without him, another Levi would appear.

This is the inheritance of Morendam spirit.


But the black dragon suddenly burst into laughter.

His method worked.

The loss was great, but Levi was dying.

“He finally fell!!!”

“Even if our losses are heavy? He will eventually fall!”

“Come here, listen to my orders and kill him! He must not live!”

The black dragon ordered.

He couldn’t wait for a moment, he wanted to immediately Levi’s death.

The tens of thousands of gods behind are dispatched one after another to reap.

“It’s over, it’s over, this time is over!”

“It is true that Wang Qiang is invincible side by side, but he is already at the limit!”

This is Morendam’s most worrying moment.

Everyone knew that Levi was at his limit.

He can’t hold it…


Thousands of gods-level powerhouses all rushed towards Levi.

Everyone stopped in front of Levi.

“One word side by side you should have surrendered long ago! Why bother? Didn’t you lose in the end?”

“Yes, let us kill you until now. The Morendam Dragon Banner you are protecting is going to be destroyed by us?”

“Aren’t you very strong? Come on! Go ahead! See if you can protect it?”

Everyone laughed at Levi.

“If you look at yourself, you can’t stand up now, I will smash the Morendam Dragon Banner in front of you!”

A god-level powerhouse walked in front of Levi.

“It’s over, it’s over, to Morendam’s soldiers, Morendam Dragon Banner is more important than life!”

“This is killing people!”

“If the dragon flag is destroyed in front of this soldier, it will be his greatest shame! No, no…”

The people of Morendam who were paying attention to this scene started to cry.


When his hand was about to touch the Morendam Longqi, suddenly a big hand clasped his wrist.


At the same time, a force of strength penetrated his arm to his whole body.

He had broken meridians, bursting out bloody arrows.

This scene shocked the world.

At this moment, Morendam was cheering everywhere.

He hasn’t fallen completely yet!

Morendam Longqi can’t be insulted!

No one can do it!

I am willing to defend with my life!

Especially the tens of thousands of god-level powerhouses in front of them were shocked.

what’s going on?

He still has strength?

Can he fight?

The expressions on Prince William and Black Dragon’s faces also solidified.

That’s incredible, isn’t it?

At this time, Levi slowly stood up.

The corner of his mouth raised an arc: “I let you down, I haven’t fallen yet!”

“The battle continues!!!”


The sound of cold breath is endless in every part of the world.

Chapter 1430

The man stood up again.

He hasn’t fallen yet!

He can still fight!

Morendam Longqi can still fly!


The god-level powerhouses all killed Levi.


Levi charged up with a broken sword.


“Boom boom boom…”

Levi rushed into the battle group like an ancient beast awakening, crushing it all the way.

It seems that these god-level Lords are no different from ordinary people.

Soon, there were countless deaths and injuries among the god-level Lords.

Almost confused by Levi’s formation.

However, they are better than they are crowded and adjusted quickly.

After all, Levi was too consumed and injured too much.

After repeated fierce battles, there were times when he couldn’t hold it.


Levi was knocked to the ground.

Open his mouth and spit out blood.


But he stood up again and continued to fight.


Was knocked down again.

He stood up again.

So cycle.

Levi has fallen nearly a hundred times.

But no matter how much injury and consumption, he can always stand up.

By this time, Bass’s mask had been completely soaked with blood and turned into a bloody color.

Levi’s clothes had been torn to almost naked body.

There were even more hideous scars on his body.

He insisted completely with unyielding will.

Fall down hundreds of times and stand up again.

Every time it makes everyone worried.

Everyone wiped their tears unanimously.

He is also human!

An ordinary person!

For Morendam, he is willing to do so!

Levi fell down a hundred times and then stood up. The result was that all the Lords of the ten thousand gods fell, and no one was standing.

When Levi stood up again, the sky changed.

A heavy rain suddenly hit.

Swept the entire Jiulong Mountain…

Prince William and the Black Dragon are about to collapse completely.

These god-level Lords still can’t stop them?

This the fuck is definitely not a human!

Is this God descending?

Apart from that, they couldn’t think of other explanations.

But the more powerful the King of One Word is, the less he can live.

“I’m still prepared!”

“There are hundreds of thousands of people on the halfway and peak of Jiulong Mountain! Only two hours are left. I don’t believe Levi can succeed!”

The black dragon smiled.

These hundreds of thousands of people have not been dispatched for a long time, it is his last trump card.

“Well, the king has become like this, and we still have a geographical advantage! Even if he does not die, he will not arrive within the limited time limit.”

Prince William sneered coldly.

Levi continued to walk towards the top of the mountain.

Halfway up the mountain, dense figures appeared in front of him, completely covering this side of the mountain without leaving any gaps.

People are still endless.

There are dense figures on the top of the mountain.

Seeing so many people, Levi shook his head helplessly.

It’s the last level, I don’t know if I can make it through.

His consciousness has begun to slowly dissipate.

Too many people!

Crowd tactics can consume people to death.


Jun Jun.



All the people he loved came to mind.

“Do not!”

“I can’t die yet!”

“I want to go back alive! I want to see my mother, wife and daughter, and brothers and friends!”

“Morendam Longqi must be plugged in!”

After Levi stabilized the Morendam Dragon Banner, he held a broken sword.

He roared wildly: “Charge! Morendam is undefeated!”

At this point, Levi still charged.

The rain was torrential, but his blood could not be quenched.

Drinking ice for ten years, it is difficult to cool blood.

Not to mention a rain…

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