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Chapter 1431

“Gosh! Unimaginable!”

“This is definitely a miracle!”

“Where is his limit?”

“Is it worth it to fight for Morendam?”

The whole world is sending out these questions one by one.

But let alone other people about these problems, it is difficult for Levi himself to tell them clearly, right?

He didn’t know either.

But I think this is his mission.

It is the meaning of his life.

This time, Levi’s fight with the army was far less smooth than before.

It even said it was a bit difficult to deal with.

Even if it can move forward, it is too slow.

Now it is not a Lord-level god-level powerhouse that can hurt him.

“Don’t want to stop me!”

Levi laughed wildly, allowing them to attack, and he continued to move forward.

The road he walked out was completely bloody.

The blood was poured out.

After all, the blood on his body is getting more and more.



But this did not affect Levi in the slightest.

He was still moving forward.

“Hurry up and stop him! What a bunch of trash!”

Prince William was furious.

The black dragon can only apply pressure continuously.

Let the front do everything to stop Levi.

Levi is still invincible!

Despite the bruises, he still couldn’t stop his footsteps.


Finally, in a wave of offensive, Levi fell.

The army began to cheer.


But suddenly there was a long whistling sound.

Levi rose to the sky.

Numerous casualties around.

Levi, who stood up again, was more fierce than before.

Killed so that no one dared to approach.

Levi hit all the way.


He fell again.

Stand up again.

As before, the cycle begins again.

Gradually everyone found that Levi seemed to get up and become stronger every time.

The more frustrated, the more courageous?

Little did they know that Levi’s ancient practice was just like that.

The more wars, the more courageous.

Of course, Levi’s consumption and damage have been expanding.

He really couldn’t hold it anymore.

Everything is desperate.

In this way, Levi spared the cost of his life and killed halfway up the mountain to the peak.

It’s very close to the highest point of the mountain.

Levi smiled.

But the people on the mountain are still densely packed.

They used the terrain to continue to block Levi.

Levi is still brave.

He is proving to the world where is the limit of a person?

To explain to the world how strong the consciousness of a Morendam person will be?

With the body of a mortal, compare with the gods!

This is Levi!

“The Great Xia Dragon Flag has been flying on the main peak of Jiulong Mountain! There is hope for victory!”

“Come on, one word side by side, king! I’ll be on the top of the mountain immediately, and then stick to it!”

When everyone in Morendam saw a touch of red appearing on the main peak of Jiulong Mountain, they were completely boiling.

At the same time, I hope Levi can hold on!

Ninety-nine steps have been completed.

Only one step away from victory.

But often the last step is the most difficult…

Slightly wrong, leading to abandonment of previous efforts.

“He must be stopped!!!”

The coalition army was also violent.

If they can’t stop them, they don’t have any dignity.

Millions of people let one person be beaten to the ground.

It’s a shame to spread it out!

This is definitely not going to work!

The black dragon conspiracy is extremely gloomy.

It was a mortal bureau.

The foolproof game will be like this.

He is going crazy.

What the fuck is this freak?

Where is he from?

Just as the black dragon was extremely worried, Prince William smiled: “Don’t worry, I still have something to do!”

Chapter 1432

In the battlefield, Levi became more and more courageous in the battle.

Fall down and get up again to continue fighting.

Fall down and get up again.

He seems to have unlimited physical strength.

It can’t beat him at all.

But there are too many people in front of me.

Even if Levi was so brave and invincible.

Time will not be enough!


Levi roared wildly, his body exploded with unmatched strength.

This is a combat technique in that ancient technique-sweeping across the army.

This combat skill is displayed as soon as possible.

The lethality is amazing!



It was like a storm bombarding the surroundings.



The screams were endless.

Tens of thousands of people flew out, completely opening a way for Levi.


But after using the combat skills, Levi vomited blood again because of the huge consumption.

But his eyes were full of firmness.

Wipe the blood from the corner of his mouth and continue the fight.

Combat skills are frequently used, and the lethality is called heaven-defying.

One enemy after another blocked his feet.

Levi turned into a devil, blazing a trail of blood.

After Levi used his combat skills, the whole world was stunned.

It turns out that he didn’t use his full strength just now!

Now his true strength has only been revealed bit by bit.

However, after the combat skills were used, the loss to him was too great.

Levi kept coughing up blood.

The subsequent use of combat skills has become more and more difficult.


The real limit!

But looking at the scattered crowd in front of him, Levi smiled.

He is about to succeed.

The highest point of Jiulong Mountain is close at hand.


Levi hurriedly used combat skills three times in a row.



All the enemies in front of me fell.

No one stood.


It’s crazy to the extreme.

Millions of people were abruptly beaten by one person.

Unimaginable miracle!

It is absolutely unprecedented!

It cannot be copied at all in the future.

One person is against a million army!

It really became a fact!

But Levi also paid an extremely painful price.

He fell down.

Can’t stand up!

In the case of extreme exhaustion in the previous rounds of combat, another forty-eight combat techniques were used.

His body has truly reached its limit.

If it were not for willpower, he was afraid that he would die early.

Prince William and Black Dragon are going crazy.

The price that cost millions of people and hundreds of Lord-level powerhouses could not stop him.

But they can accept it as a result.

Levi fell.

He can’t stand up anymore.

Levi tried many times, but fell down every time and couldn’t stand up anymore

The highest point of Jiulong Mountain was not far from him.

Could it be that all previous efforts have been lost?

“Get up! One word side by side! Keep going!”

“Victory is ahead, go on!”

“It’s time, don’t fall down!”

Everyone in Morendam was crying and dripping blood while cheering for him.

At this moment, Levi was moving suddenly.

He no longer chooses to stand up.

But holding the Morendam Dragon Banner, crawling on the ground little by little.

Every time you move a certain distance, it leaves a striking blood mark.

He is using a weak body to defend Morendam’s pride!

Even if he can’t stand up, he must insert the Morendam Dragon Banner into the highest point while climbing.

Everyone in Morendam burst into tears at this moment.

This is truly worthy of the existence of a word side by side king!

Hold on!!!

When Prince William saw this scene, he smiled and said, “It’s really touching. It’s a pity that my ultimate move hasn’t appeared yet.”

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