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Chapter 1433

Prince William just finished speaking.

I saw one by one the tall war eagle country Lords appeared.

They are wearing special high-tech armor.

The biggest role of this kind of armor is to turn ordinary people into an invincible God of War.

This kind of armor can’t be penetrated at all!

Especially in this case Levi.

There was intelligence before that the War Eagle Nation also sent Lords, but they did not appear too late.

As a result, Prince William did not want his own people to suffer casualties.

Secondly, it will be useful at critical moments.

Sure enough, now is the most critical time.

As soon as these Lords appeared, carrying heavy weapons in their hands, they all aimed at Levi.

This is what no one expected.

The final decision turned out to be a small group of people.

“I’m going to lose! It’s a fall short of success!”

“Prince William is too bad! It’s really shameless!”

Everyone in Morendam was really desperate.

The Lords of the war eagle nation approached Levi step by step: “How? Isn’t it going to die in our hands in the end? Desperate?”

“Despicable and shameless!”

Levi glared at them.

If he died, the Warhawk Congress would take all the credit.

Will declare to the outside-they killed the king of Da Xia side by side.

This credit has nothing to do with other people…

After all, their style has always been this way!

“So what? In the end you still have to die in our hands!”

“Bye now!”

All the Lords of the war eagle nation fired together, shooting Levi.

“Boom boom boom…”

The huge firepower net instantly submerged Levi.


But the next moment, Levi slid against the ground and jumped out, avoiding this round of fire.


He took advantage of the situation and pulled one person down.


Shattered the helmet of the battle armor with one punch.

He can continue to fight!

Morendam saw hope.

Prince William’s eyes were about to fly out.

Is that human being?

How can you still fight?

Little did they know that this was Levi’s persistence.

The breath broke, and he was gone.

Levi fought with the Lords of the Eagle Nation.

He played desperately.

Although he could not stand up.

But sticking to the ground, it keeps knocking down the enemy.

In this round of fierce battle, Levi’s body has long been riddled with holes.

I don’t know how many bullets I have hit.

But he still couldn’t kill him.

He can fight again!

His goal has not yet been accomplished!

This battle lasted for half an hour at the end.


The last person also fell to the ground.

As for Levi, he never stood up.

But after overturning these enemies, Levi could no longer move.

The smoke filled with gunpowder.

He fell in the middle of a pile of corpses, completely motionless.

His whole body was dyed blood long, and he couldn’t see anything.

Together with the Morendam Dragon Banner in his hand, it was also covered, and could no longer fly.

Is this over?

Prince William and others smiled.

He finally stopped moving.

It took such a great effort to finally kill him.

They succeeded!

“Huh, finally!”

The black dragon laughed out loud.

“Time is coming! Only the last minute is left!”

When Morendam saw the battlefield scanned by the camera, everyone was desperate.

The figure could no longer move.

Morendam Longqi can’t float anymore.

Still lost in the last step.

This was a painful blow to Morendam.


“forty nine!”

Everyone started to count down.

Everyone in Morendam feels ashamed.

everything is over.





Chapter 1434

The six hours have arrived as agreed!

Levi did not arrive at the designated location.

Morendam Longqi was not inserted at the highest point either.

Levi didn’t wake up either.

Morendam failed!

It was a heavy day for Morendam.

This time, it was hard for Morendam to get over the painful blow.

There was a dead silence throughout Morendam.

As if the background of the world had become off-white.

“I declare that Morendam did not arrive within the stipulated time, as Morendam abandoned…”

Just as Morendam was announced as having failed, there was a loud noise.

The announcement was abruptly interrupted.

“Look at it!!!”

The eyes of the whole world are focused on this.

At the moment when the time counts down to zero, there is a touch of red rising from the highest point of Jiulong Mountain!

Take a closer look, it is Morendam Longqi!

I saw Levi slowly stood up with a weak body, holding the blood-stained Morendam Dragon Banner in his hand.

Soon, insert the highest point!

Great Xia Longqi is flying!

Morendam won!


“Morendam won!!!”

“As a Morendam, I am proud of it!”

Seeing this scene, Morendam completely boiled up and down.

This is a proud day!

This is a day in the annals of history!

Although nothing was done.

But Morendam won!

Everyone understands in their hearts!

No matter what the forum is for.

But Morendam just won.

Morendam is a great country!

Who is not convinced in Dongfangzhou?

In the ancestral home of the Logan family in Jiangbei, everyone cheered.

In addition to feelings for Morendam.

They are also their backer because the word side by side king is their backer.

The more glory he gains, it also affects their future.

As for the faces of Prince William, Black Dragon and others, their faces are ashamed.

They prepared all this.

It failed.


“I can’t accept it!”

“We spent so much, and we failed! Let him succeed!”

The black dragon is like crazy.

Prince William’s face was even more unbearable.

“No, I have never failed, especially such a failure, I cannot accept it!”

Prince William roared wildly.

“Trash, a bunch of trash! Millions of people can’t stop one person, what’s the matter?”

A bloodthirsty killing intent flashed in the black dragon’s eyes: “Never let him live! I can’t swallow this breath!”

“Yes, me too!”

“Since Morendam won the reputation this time, it was even said to have won the hearts of the people and consolidated its status as a big country, but I want to get rid of it! He can’t leave here!”

Prince William was heartbroken: “Come on, give my order and cover Jiulong Mountain!”

“I don’t want to see living creatures in Jiulong Mountain! No one is allowed!”

The subordinate hesitated: “But the prince, Jiulong Mountain and our people! Are they going to retreat?”

“It’s too late! Hurry up and bomb!”

Prince William ordered.

Just as Morendam imagined that Levi could retreat and return to Morendam to accept the glory, a sudden mutation happened.



Jiulong Mountain was bombarded with a blanket.

again and again.

Repeated bombing.

The purpose is to prevent any creatures from coming out alive.

The entire Jiulong Mountain turned into a sea of ​​flames.

The mountains were almost razed to the ground.

The flying dragon flag has long been missing.

The bodies of those people are probably shattered in a disrespectful way.

Not to mention the creatures, even the stones are not complete, leaving a few pieces.

As for Levi, it was even more impossible.

He was in the center of the bombing.

After more than a dozen consecutive bombings, how could he not be alive…

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