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Chapter 1435

Jiulong Mountain was bombed and flattened.

The fire has been filled.

The smoke skyrocketed and couldn’t disperse for a long time.

According to the news from the front, all the creatures on Jiulong Mountain were erased.

No corpse is complete.

No corpses even appeared.

Even if it was not blown to pieces, it was abruptly burned by the fire.

This is a proud day for Morendam.

It is also a day of grief!

That Morendam Hao Erlang still couldn’t escape death after all.

If he was in full condition before, everyone still has hope.

He might be able to escape.

But now he has truly reached the limit of his body, and it is difficult to even stand up.

Putting the Morendam Dragon Banner at the highest point, he exhausted his last breath.

How could he escape under such dozens of coverage bombings?

It has become an indisputable fact that the king fell side by side on Jiulong Mountain.

If you don’t accept it, you have to accept it.

Prince William deliberately sent a crowd to search ten times.

Did not find the figure of the word side by side king.

Only a piece of Bass mask and a broken Bass sword were found at the scene.

As for Bassjie, I don’t know where the bomb went.

The thing is too small to find.

But if the mask and sword are found, it means that the king of the word side by side has been blown up.

he died!

“The king is dead side by side!”

After the news from Prince William, the whole world was boiling.

This man who was so powerful that people could not imagine finally fell.

Especially Morendam is even more sad.

This blow is too big.

Colin was silent from above and below.

This time it was not Levi’s joint suspended animation design with them.

The trip to Jiulong Mountain was completely beyond their control.

They can only watch.

“I regret it, I shouldn’t let him go!”

“Hey, accept the reality!”

“Guo Moran Wushuang! It’s a blessing to have him!”

The house of the ancestor of the Logan family was also gloomy.

It is a double whammy for them.

Everyone is depressed when such a big backing falls.

Sarah didn’t know why, and he felt very uncomfortable.

My heart seemed to be blocked by something.

I don’t know why, there was the bad news of the word side by side king, and she immediately thought of Levi.

Both of them went out of the country at the same time.

It’s really similar…

People have to be suspicious.

As for Jun Jun without warning, he started crying: “Dad is dead, Dad is dead…”

“Dad, you promised Junjun, you must come back to pick me and mom back!”

Seeing Jun Jun howling and crying, everyone felt very uncomfortable.

Jun Jun has always said that father is the king by one word.

Now that he is dead, it also means that Dad is dead.

In everyone’s opinion, this is an absurd thing.

Levi, a traitor, can be compared with this great hero who is unparalleled in the country.

But no one interrupted the child’s innocence.

“Junjun, don’t worry, your father is alive, and he will come back to see you soon.”

“Yes, your father will be back!”

After hearing everyone’s persuasion, Jun Jun stopped crying.

“Is what you said is true? Dad is still alive?”

Jun Jun asked, blinking his big eyes.

“Yes, your father is alive and will come to see you soon.”

Sarah took Junjun into his arms.

Helped her wipe the tears.

The emperor Xi Shu and Tang Yanran in the distance held back tears.

They want to tell everyone the facts.

Wang and Levi are one person.

Junjun’s father will never come back.

However, he is Morendam’s super hero!

Chapter 1436

“In the future, I will do my best to protect the prince and his family! Make sure that they are safe forever! Never get hurt!”

“And I will always do the things the prince arrogantly confessed!”

There was a firm look in the eyes of the Emperor Xi Shu.

He might have been afraid of Levi before, or he might have to rely on him.

But now, I was completely convinced.

As for Zhentian Temple and Tangbei Dao and others, they will continue to do things.

They want to avenge Levi.

The Western Shumen clan also decided to build a huge sculpture to commemorate the king of the word side by side in Jiangbei.

“Why didn’t you die like a traitor like Levi! It just happened to be a hero like the king of the word side by side, God, you are unfair!”

“Yes, if it is possible, take Levi’s life to change the word and live side by side with the king!”

The Logan and Mann families were indignant.

They even hope that Levi will die.

While Sarah was sorrowful for the word side by side Wang, he was also worried about Levi.

Where is he now?

How’s it going?

Nothing happened!

Come back quickly!

Jun Jun and I are waiting for you!

Morendam sent several groups of people to search for Levi’s whereabouts.

But the result was disappointing and could not be found at all.

He basically has no chance of being alive.

Soon the news came out internationally-at the forum of the twenty-eight nations of Dongfangzhou, Morendam, the king of the word side by side, chose to fight against each other because of a bit of controversy.

In order to protect the safety of others, he had to be killed.

For a time, overseas have accused Da Xia of being domineering, and the word side by side was even more defiant.

Delusion that the entire East Continent would listen to him.

Now that the king is dead, he has to bear infamy.

All crimes are on his back.

It’s all his fault…

Shameless Prince William!

Shameless war eagle country!

Everyone in Morendam hates and angry!

However, the king kept the pride and dignity of Morendam!

It caused such a blow to Morendam, and almost all overseas were boiling.

This is the biggest blow to Morendam in the past 100 years.

Of course they paid a painful price.

When Prince William was happy, he directly gave the Avengers a subject.

The Avengers already own thirteen islands plus a piece of land.

After they finish their things, they can completely betray Morendam.

“One word side by side, the king will die, who can stop us?”

After returning to the organization, the black dragon laughed.

But everyone does not know that they have been secretly watched.

The members of the Zhentian Temple were excited.

But the lord was helpless.

They can only continue to stare.

Waiting for a command that cannot be “waited”.

Soon it was three days and nights since the battle of Jiulong Mountain.

The flames of war were extinguished, and the smoke dissipated.

Jiulong Mountain showed a ruined face.

The mountain was almost flattened.

There is scorched earth everywhere.

Purgatory in the world…

Morendam is still waiting for a miracle to happen.

“If a miracle happens, it must be red!”

But a burnt flagpole was found in the scorched earth!

Don’t think about it, Morendam Longqi was burned long ago.

It’s really impossible for Levi to live!

The miracle of Morendam’s dream is completely shattered!

He is always human!

Not a god!

The bullet can still hurt.

Not to mention this degree of coverage bombing.

No matter how powerful it is, this is impossible.

On the same day, Morendam announced: The king died side by side, he was added as a martyr, immortal!

A deserted beach in Star Country.

A little girl picking up crabs suddenly said: “Mom, look at someone in the sea.”

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