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Chapter 1437


The little girl’s mother looked over and was startled.

A person stood up slowly in the sea, covered in blood.

She was so scared that she immediately picked up the child and ran away, ignoring other things.

After going to the beach, the man lay on it, basking in the sun, and said with a smile: “It seems that God still refuses to accept me!”

He is none other than Levi.

Yes it is.

He is not dead yet!

He is alive!

Why didn’t he die?

It all comes down to the Heaven-defying Cultivation Technique he once got in prison.

After the last ordeal, he made up this oldest technique.

This practice emphasizes not breaking or standing.

The more serious the break, the stronger the stand.

This exercise is most suitable for him in the Jiulongshan battle!

No one thought that Levi would actually use this ancient technique in cultivation under such extreme conditions.

In that case, his strength is still advancing by leaps and bounds.

Especially during the continuous bombing of the opponent, it was also the time when his body was damaged the most.

Not only did he not evade, but instead took advantage of this ordeal to practice this technique.

Use combat skills and vigor and invisible strength to protect the body, it has no choice but to be blown to pieces.

Stayed alive.

Of course, the “broken” here also has to be a certain degree.

It must be impossible for your physical body to be smashed.

Levi also relied on one thing.

The treasure that Marshall gave him back then.

Not only did the battle block a lot of damage, but also kept Levi’s body damaged during the bombing but was not completely blown up.

This allowed Levi to use which ancient technique.

But in the end Baojia was also blasted to pieces.

It was because of these that Levi survived.

But his physical condition is very bad.

There are wounds all over the body.

Need to recover as soon as possible!

“It is not suitable to stay here for a long time, leave now!”

Levi left quickly.

If it is discovered by the enemy, it will be difficult.

Although he is now stronger than before, his current body makes him unable to use these at all.

Levi chose to recuperate in Star Country.

The most dangerous place is the safest place.

After arriving at the safe place, Levi wiped the Bass Ring clean.

He took out the Morendam Dragon Banner again.

Stacked neatly!

No one has seen the true face of the king of the word side by side, so Levi can heal his wounds in the star country very well.

Hearing Prince William’s shameless behavior, Levi was really furious.

But this time we have some evidence.

You can have a reason to attack Prince William and the others next time.

I heard that the outside world thought I was dead.

Levi smiled.

In this way, he can return instead.

“Now, the king is dead side by side, but Levi is alive!”

He whispered: “Junjun, Sarah, wait for me again, and go back right away when I recover!”

After changing his appearance, Levi lay down.

Now his consumption is really too great.

If there are a few god-level Lords now, he will definitely die.

Can’t do anything!

No matter how powerful it is, there is no carrier to withstand it.

It’s also useless.

He has had that feeling once.

I don’t want to have a second time.

“But fortunately, no one will realize that I am recovering in the Star Country! Not to mention that I am in the most prosperous place in Star City, the capital of Star Country!

Levi smiled.

“Boom boom boom…”

But the next second, someone knocked on the door suddenly.

The knock on the door was rapid and loud.

“not good…”

Levi’s eyes burst into cold light.

Chapter 1438

He quickly avoided the door.

What is the most afraid of?

Someone must be following it.

Even if he could escape here, he wouldn’t be able to escape the star country.

He was injured too badly.


Levi asked.

When the other party did not answer.

And it became quiet.

“not good!”

With keen perception, Levi quickly avoided.


In the next moment, the door was blasted open abruptly.



At the same time, the windows were all blasted open.

A man in black rushed in from outside.

They immediately surrounded Levi.

“court death!!!”

Levi was just about to do it.

The opposite spoke.

“One word side by side, don’t get me wrong, we belong to the East Velador Sea clan!”

The man suddenly spoke.

“Huh? Donghai’s clan?”

Levi was surprised.

“Yes, that’s right!”

“Although the gate valve of the East Velador Sea is in Morendam, the sea area where we operate is extremely wide. We are involved in the sea areas of the East Island and the star country. We can even say that there are big and small things in the nearby waters and we all know the first time.”

Humanity headed.

Levi heard that the Western Heavenly King said that the strongest of the four gate valves is the Beiliang gate valve, followed by the Donghai gate valve.

The East Velador Sea Gate Valve has a particularity-its range of activities is all on the sea.

They live on mysterious islands.

Even the satellite may not be found.

So they are very powerful.

He didn’t expect to meet people from the East Velador Sea clan here.

“Why are you looking for me?”

Levi asked.

“Entrusted by an old friend, we have been following you since you first arrived in the Star Country!”

“Especially when you escaped from Jiulong Mountain and jumped into the sea to escape, we followed all the way. You are stronger than we thought. We chased for so long to find here!”

The man said.

“Entrusted by the old man?”

Levi looked puzzled.

This old man is definitely not Colin or Morendam.

Who can it be?

This time, the star country carried out a strict blockade.

Morendam couldn’t send people in.

On the contrary, this kind of East Velador Sea Gate Valve, which had been active in the nearby waters, could sneak into the star country.

This is something that Xing Guo never expected.

“The order we received is that if you can leave Jiulongshan alive, Donghai Gate Valve will do everything to help you!”

“It seems that you did not disappoint him! You left alive!”

“From now on, the East Velador Sea Gate Valve is responsible for your safety, and we will leave the Star Country!”

“And someone is already watching you, you must go! It’s your identity as Levi! Star Country is no longer a land of right and wrong!”

Levi was startled.

I’m afraid that the mother and daughter reported themselves.

“But who is the benefactor?”

Levi became more and more confused.

Is there anyone else who wants to save himself?

And listening to this tone is very familiar with myself…

And can let the East Velador Sea sects dispatch, hesitate to sneak into the star country to save people.

That shows that my benefactor is very unusual.

Levi did not refuse them.

The hidden power of the East Velador Sea gate clan must have many ancient medicines, and ancient medical techniques are also very popular.

It is of great benefit to your own recovery.

Soon, Levi left the Star Country with the people of the East Sea Clan.

Came to a mysterious island in the east of Morendam.

Recover on it.

However, Levi did not send a message to Morendam or anyone.

After all, the Donghai clan do not want to be exposed.

Everything will wait until it is restored.

“In fact, he doesn’t need to die, as long as he takes the potion we rewarded him, he can survive!”

Everyone in Colin sighed.

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