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Chapter 1439

Morendam’s special medicines have amazing effects.

It’s okay to save his life on the battlefield.

This is the life talisman!

However, the medicine is limited and is distributed according to the quantity.

It was difficult for Colin to come up with more.

It is a pity that Colin received news that Levi was leaving and distributed his medicine to his wife, daughter and mother.

He did not travel with the medicine.

Soon after, Sarah and Ollie both received a package.

After opening it is a potion.

It was left to them by Levi.

Seeing this, the two people increasingly believed that Levi was not a traitor.

“You must come back!”

Sarah looked at the horizon and prayed silently.

Ollie cried even more.

Why is her son so miserable all his life?

Since childhood.

The same is true now!

But if you want to ask Levi if he is willing, he will definitely answer yes!

He was born a warrior of Morendam!

Entering the summer in this life, no regrets or regrets!

I still want to be a Morendam in the next life!

In the ancestral home of the Logan family in Jiangbei.

Nick found Sarah with several people.

“Sarah tells you a secret!”

“According to the news from Star Country-Levi was found in a mansion in Star City!”

Hearing this, Sarah trembled all over.

“Haha, Levi is a traitor! He defected from Morendam and lived a luxurious life outside!”

“It is said that there are billions of mansions and hundreds of servants!”

“Sarah is not talking nonsense! There is evidence!”

“Are you waiting for him to come back? It’s impossible, as if his legs are healed!”

Nick criticized Levi’s behavior greatly.

There is indeed no wind without waves.

Just as the people of the Donghai clan said, Xingguo indeed found Levi’s figure.

But before searching, Levi was taken away.

Therefore, the Star Country simply fabricated the news that Levi had defected to the Star Country and publicized the matter on a large scale.

They had forgotten about Levi.

Just because I saw it, I declared it to the outside world.

When they heard that Levi was alive in Star Country, Colin and the people in Zhentian Hall were taken aback.

Others don’t know the identity of the king, don’t they yet?

Could it be said that Levi is really alive?

impossible things!

Confirmed again and again!

He can’t live!

The only possibility is that Star Country made up this news and deliberately touched Heiye Levi and Morendam.

After all, these people and those in the War Eagle Nation are in a fight, making good use of this conspiracy.

Colin immediately determined that this was something out of nothing.

They were only made up by the Star Country, but in fact, the Star Country really saw people.

It’s just that there is an error in the mutual information.

One does not know that Levi is the king of the word side by side.

One who didn’t know that Xingguo really saw Levi.

The same is true of the Western Shu Emperor.

Hearing that Levi was alive, they didn’t believe it either.

Only as a means by the Star Kingdom to fight against Morendam.

But the effect is indeed there!

One word side by side, the king fell first.

After that, the former God of War rebelled against the star country.

It was a series of blows to Morendam.

Prince William saw that the effect was very good, and specially rewarded five islands to the Avengers.

He even gave a huge reward to the implementer of this matter, Black Tiger.

Sarah wanted to explain to others that Levi did not defect.

The more convincing evidence is the medicine Levi left her.

But she still understands the truth about Piff’s innocence.

Once the drug is exposed, it will be targeted.

Can only wait silently, waiting for Levi to come back to prove everything.

Chapter 1440

Two months passed quickly, and even Jiulong Mountain grew some green shoots.

Means new life.

Levi is a new student.

Come alive again!

Almost everything about his body was restored on the mysterious island of the gate of the East Velador Sea.

His strength is stronger than before!

“One word side by side, you can leave! But don’t mention our existence to anyone!”

“Yes, you did this by yourself, nothing to do with anyone else!”

“And we don’t need you to repay, we are entrusted! Leave quickly, just as if you haven’t seen us!”

Several people from the East Velador Sea clerks a thousand exhortations.

Levi smiled helplessly.

This is to let Da Xia also be kept secret!

But these hidden forces can be regarded as helping Morendam once!

In the future, the Donghai clan will have difficulties, and I, Levi, will take action.

Levi said silently in his heart.

But who on earth wants the Donghai clan to help himself?

Levi hasn’t figured it out yet.

The Donghai gate clan was tight-lipped and couldn’t ask.

About a day later, Levi took a boat to reach the waters of the eastern border of Morendam.

What he didn’t expect was that there was martial law here, and there were many soldiers waiting in battle.

As if going to war at any time.

Levi instantly understood that this was Morendam in order to prevent the enemy’s sneak attack.

After all, at this moment, Morendam’s morale is depressed, and it is the best time for the enemy.

Therefore, entrants like Levi must be checked one by one.

What was even more frightening was that Levi saw Fan Shengnan and Woodrow at a glance.

Of course it is not surprising.

At this kind of moment, it is normal for the Gods of the Two Great Wars to sit here.

Soon, the two also saw Levi.

This surprised them.

“Levi? It turned out to be you? Do you really dare to come back? You traitor!”

Woodrow charged up fiercely.

“It’s shameful to be a traitor! To kill!”

“How did the King of One Word work for Morendam? Look at you again!”

“Don’t you feel ashamed? If I were you, I would jump into the sea and kill myself!”

Everyone was already immersed in the sorrow of losing the king.

Seeing the traitor Levi appear, the anger can be imagined.

“I am also very disappointed in you! The same goes to the Star Country, and the king has become a great hero of the country’s peers! But you are a traitor everyone shouts!”

Fan Shengnan looked at Levi with disappointment.

“But I can listen to your explanation, because you are back, huh? No! Are you alright? You recovered!”

Soon Fan Shengnan discovered that Levi was not in a wheelchair and his body recovered as usual.


Woodrow also reacted and looked at Levi exaggeratedly.

“This is my reason! I went to Star Country to restore my body! Now I have recovered, I am back, and continue to play for the country!”

Levi smiled openly.

He is also very excited.

Now without the identity of the wheelchair and the king of the word side by side, he is relaxed.

No need to hide this time, you can let go of your hands and feet and do a big job.

“Are you really recovered?”

Woodrow and Fan Shengnan looked around, and Levi was really back to normal.

“Well, do you still think I’m treason? How come I, Levi?”

Levi asked.

Everyone shook their heads.

But think about it, although he can’t be compared to the king of the word side by side, he is also Morendam’s hero.

How could he treason?

The Star Country is framing!

Deliberately hitting Morendam in the dark.

Woodrow was really happy to see Levi recover.

Because he can finally finish the obsession in his heart.

Defeat Levi again.

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