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Chapter 1441

“I have been waiting for Levi for a long, long time! Now, I want to challenge you!”

Woodrow was going crazy.

“I want to defeat you again in front of all the soldiers, to prove that I am better than you!”

Woodrow’s warfare gradually boiled over.

Fan Shengnan also echoed: “Yes, that’s right. I’ve been waiting for a long time this day! Garrison Zhanshen prove it, you are no worse than Woodrow! I have always supported you!”

Hearing that Fan Shengnan wanted to support Levi, Woodrow was furious.

The woman he loves supports Levi…

No man can stand this!

Levi glanced at Woodrow: “Forget it, you are far from my opponent! The kind that you don’t need a finger! We don’t need to fight, you don’t need to ask for trouble.”

This is the truth, it is not an exaggeration to beat Woodrow a thousand with Levi’s strength.

He is the only one, there is really no need to fight.

The lion really doesn’t want to bother with the provocation of ants!

And Levi wanted to save him face.

Don’t want him to be ashamed in front of so many people.

But the more he does this, the less appreciated the other person will be.


Levi’s words completely angered Woodrow.

Together with his subordinates, the Seven Kills Broken Army were completely angered.

“Levi Linxiu is rampant, you have long been our boss’s defeat!”

“Before you slapped your mouth because you were in a wheelchair, and no one took care of you, but it’s different now!”

“Come on, show your strength, don’t just talk about it!”

Everyone urged Levi.

Woodrow stared at Levi and roared: “Levi, come! Don’t just say it! Show your true ability! I will defeat you again in front of all the soldiers in Morendam!”

Levi shook his head helplessly: “Well, I have to solve you sooner or later, solve it sooner, and less trouble.”

Levi’s expression fell in the eyes of others, and he felt too mad.

What qualifications does he have to be rampant?

Only defeated.

The captain of a game is on the verge.

Thousands of warriors stared fiercely.

But everyone believes that the new generation of God of War is stronger.

After all, it has already been defeated once.

The result of the second time is mostly the same.

“Do you need me to show you a few tricks?”

Levi asked.

Words that are obviously sincere, fall into their ears and become provocative words.

Woodrow couldn’t stand it anymore.

“court death!”

He was so angry that he rushed up.

The combat skills of the North Liang Gate Clan began.

The air raged above the fist.

A fist hit Levi fiercely.

“Boom boom boom…”

There was the sound of firecrackers in the air.

Woodrow is unparalleled in power!

He just wanted to prove himself.

It is stronger than Levi!

He can sit on the position of God of War.

So he had no reservations about this blow, in order to kill with one blow.

He had already imagined the scene of defeating Levi again for countless times.

Facing Woodrow’s fierce blow, Levi only stretched out a finger.

Everyone thought that Levi was looking for death.

Praying man’s arm to block the car!

The egg hits the stone!

Do you really want to stop Woodrow with a finger?

are you crazy?



The finger collided with the fist, making a cracking bone sound.

What can be broken is Woodrow’s fist.


In the next second, Woodrow vomited blood and flew out.


Woodrow flew out several tens of meters, throwing his body high, and smashing to the ground fiercely.

There was a dead silence…

Chapter 1442

That’s it?

Is this over?

Everyone looked at Woodrow, who fell on the ground and twitched.

Seven kills dumbfounded.

Breaking the army was dumbfounded.

Greedy wolf was dumbfounded.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

The myth of the invincible in the eyes of the Shura Army is so fragile?

Levi knocked him down with just one finger.

This gap is too damn big, right?

Fan Shengnan was taken aback first.

Then came ecstasy.

She really didn’t see the wrong person.

Levi is really better than Woodrow!

Her waiting is worth it!

She finally waited for Levi to reach his peak!

The most shocking was Woodrow who fell to the ground.

The eyes are full of incredible.


It was too shocking!

Levi really defeated himself with a finger?

Do not!

I do not believe!

I did not lose!

How could I, Woodrow, lose?

I have beaten Levi once.

How could he beat me?

impossible things!

I want to stand up and beat him again!

Woodrow struggled to get up.

As a result, he suddenly discovered that the meridians all over his body seemed to be broken, and he couldn’t move at all.

As if this body does not belong to him!

“No, I don’t want this! I want to stand up!”


No matter how much energy Woodrow used, he didn’t get up.

He was about to cry in a hurry.

He hurriedly took out the ancient medicine of Beiliang Gate Clan.

An abundance of power spread all over the body.

He stood up again.

“It didn’t count just now! Only now!”

Woodrow went crazy and rushed towards Levi.


But Levi raised his kick and blasted him out.

This time Woodrow never got up again.

I could only watch where Levi was standing.

He has to accept if he doesn’t accept it.

Levi is better than him!

And it’s too much stronger!


How could this be?

How can he be strong?

Woodrow really felt the biggest setback in his life.

The Shura army is also unwilling to accept this fact…

Woodrow stared at Levi incredulously and asked, “Then why did you lose to me last time? Did you improve your strength by leaps and bounds this time?”

“Woodrow wake up! God of War was originally given to you by me!”

“The last time someone tried to plot against me, I will do it…”

Levi talked about what happened last time.

However, he would not talk about secrets such as Zhentian Temple.


After hearing the truth, Woodrow and the others were going crazy.

So they are just a small pawn in the plan?

It turns out they have been blinded.

Levi could defeat him at that time!

“You, you, you…you…poof…”

Woodrow attacked his heart with energy and blood, spouting out a mouthful of blood.

Fan Shengnan was elated.

The man she fell in love with was really scary!

It turned out that he was not defeated at that time!

“Am I so weak?”

This is the thought in Woodrow’s mind.

“Actually, I defeated your Lord and four senior brothers a long time ago! You are not as skilled as others, and you are mainly playing for Morendam, so you can take the position of God of War!”

Levi smiled.

Woodrow was shocked.

At that time he would be able to defeat his Lord and four senior brothers.

“Well, Levi, let me ask you, you are so strong! Why treason? Isn’t it good for Morendam with such a strong strength? Do you have to go to Star Country?”

Woodrow asked.

At present, only in this respect can I condemn Levi.

Levi smiled: “Who said I was treason?”

“Then you go to Star Country?”

“Because I am the king of the word side by side!”

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