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Chapter 1443

The language is not surprising and endless.

Levi said this.

Everyone in the room was stunned.

One word side by side?

Didn’t he just fall from Jiulong Mountain in the star country?

How can you still be alive?

Or is it Levi?

This is impossible!

However, Qisha and Pojun frowned.

I think this is entirely possible.

First, Levi’s strength lies there.

Second, Levi happened to be in Star Country.

Third, the various tactics that Levi said before.

These are not impossible!

Or on the contrary, there is a high probability!


At this time, Fan Shengnan and Woodrow spoke in unison.

Everyone looked over.

It seems to be asking why they are so sure?

After the two glanced at each other, Fan Shengnan said: “Because of a coincidence, we have seen the true face of the word side by side king!”

What they said was of course Tangbei Road.

“Yes! The real face of the king is a middle-aged man…”

Woodrow described the appearance of Tangbei Dao.

“So you can’t be one word side by side!”

The two were sure of it.

“If we haven’t seen it, if you say so, we still barely believe it!”

“But we have seen the true face! You can’t be!”

Levi smiled helplessly.

These two people do not believe it.

What can he do?

“But I really am the king of the word side by side!”

Levi Lin Tan Tan Tan Shou.

“Well, don’t say anything, I admit that you are better than me! But the gap between you and the king is the same as the gap between me and you!”

“Don’t say anything like this anymore!”

Woodrow roared.

Fan Shengnan looked at Levi and asked, “Then how do you prove it?”

“No need to prove to you! I’m leaving!”

Levi smiled.

Then leave here.


Woodrow looked up to the sky and roared.

This is the most humiliating day in his history.

His position as God of War of God of War was given to him by others!

He was dissatisfied.

But there is no way!

He didn’t even have the courage to stop Levi!

The news of Levi’s return soon reached Colin’s ears.

He is still alive!

The hero who carried the Great Xia National Destiny is still alive!

The blessing of the country!

God still favors Morendam!

Colin sent the whole country to celebrate.

But this secret has to be kept.

Zhentiandian also learned the news of Levi’s return for the first time.

He is still alive!

Their efforts were not in vain!

The king is alive side by side!

Morendam was not hit at all!


It was the March period agreed upon by Levi and the Western Shu family.

“Don’t wait! Levi is already in Star Country, it’s impossible to come back!”

“Yes, now he is a traitor. How many crusades will he accept when he comes back? Isn’t it good to enjoy life in the star country?”

“Sarah, are you still waiting for him to come? He has abandoned both of you, mother and son!”

The Logan and Mann families rushed to persuade.

Sarah stood at the door of Logan’s ancestral house holding Junjun and waited.

She believes that Levi will definitely be back today!

“Don’t wait any longer! He can’t come back!”

The old lady roared angrily.

“Yeah, don’t wait! He won’t be back.”

It was the Emperor Xishu and Tang Yanran who were talking.

Their meaning is different from others.

Because they knew that “Levi” would not be back.

How can people who have died come back?

Sarah shook his head: “No, you don’t understand him! He will come back if he agrees!”

Chapter 1444


The Emperor Xishu sighed.

They also hope that Levi will come back.

But this time I really can’t come back.

Under the bombardment of Jiulong Mountain, it is impossible to live.

They can be regarded as people who know the “truth” directly.

As for the old lady and Logan Mann’s family, they all agreed that Levi was a traitor and would never come back anyway.

“Sarah, hurry back! What’s the point of waiting for him in such a cold day?”

Dale and Edith also persuaded.

A series of evidences show that Levi is a traitor.

“No! I want to wait! The March period doesn’t arrive before the early hours of the morning!”

Sarah held Junjun and waited resolutely.

“Why are you?”

Everyone sighed again and again.

“Don’t wait! How dare Levi, a traitor, come back?”

“Maybe Levi hugs the left and the right at this time!”

Katie and Concubine Mann Jun ridiculed.

Sarah ignored her, holding Junjun and continued to wait.

From the afternoon until eight o’clock in the evening.

The person hasn’t appeared yet.

The sky is completely dark.

“Don’t wait, he won’t show up!”

“Even if you wait until tomorrow morning, he won’t be back.”

Someone came to dye the plum again.

“No, I just have to wait!”

Sarah’s eyes were firm.

One hour.

Two hours.

Four full hours passed.

A few minutes have passed since the latest deadline.

At this time the old lady showed up with everyone.

“Wait! The person hasn’t appeared yet? Tell you, you don’t believe it! He won’t appear anymore!”

“Some people just don’t die if they don’t reach the Yellow River!”

The old lady sneered.

Sarah smiled miserably.

Did she still not wait?

“Yeah, there is only one minute left.”

Cross Wentao glanced at his watch.

“He can even abandon this country, can he care about your mother and daughter? Without you by your side, I don’t know how many beautiful women he would find!”

“Only you are waiting for him stupidly!”

“Okay, the time is up, let’s go back!”

“He never dared to come back!”

Just when everyone was pulling Sarah to leave.

Suddenly a voice sounded: “Who said I dare not come back!”


Everyone was taken aback.

Why is this sound a bit familiar?

“Dad, daddy…”

When the others reacted, Jun Jun had already ran over.

Levi took advantage of the situation and hugged Junjun.

Sarah’s eyes burst into tears.

She also ran to Levi and hugged him tightly: “It’s so hard for me to wait for you!”


The others are dumbfounded.

Levi is back?

Didn’t he defect from Morendam?

Dare to come back?

and many more!!!

Why is he standing?

Where is his wheelchair?

Is he alright?

Suddenly, everyone found a big problem-Levi was standing.

Sarah also realized afterwards and looked at Levi with an incredible expression.

“You… how are you doing?”

“Don’t you want me to be well?”

Levi smiled.

“No…no, of course I hope you are good. This is too sudden. You will be fine in more than two months?”

Sarah’s eyes were shocked.

Others were equally shocked.

What did Levi go through, he actually recovered.

“What are you arguing about? Who is back?”

Emperor Xi Shu was noisy by this movement and came out with Tang Yanran to take a look.

He glanced over.

This look almost killed him.


He sat down on the ground.

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