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Chapter 1445

Tang Yanran, who was next to him, fell to the ground in fright after seeing Levi clearly.

Frightened silly!

How can a dead person come back?

Is this a ghost?

Everyone was so scared that their faces were pale and bloodless.

This is impossible!

It must be a ghost!

Tang Yanran looked at Levi in horror.

Sarah, the old lady and others all looked at the Emperor Xi Shu and them.

Everyone’s eyes were full of surprise.

What’s the matter?

Levi’s appearance was indeed exaggerated.

But there is no need to scare the head of the Xishu clan into this way, right?

Is this mental quality too bad?

Can’t understand!

“What are you doing in a daze? Help people up quickly!”

The old lady called out quickly.

Everyone reacted and quickly helped the Emperor Xi Shu and others up.

“Big brother, what’s wrong with you? Why is the reaction so big?”

The old lady’s eyes were filled with disbelief.

The others also looked at the Western Shu Emperor.

“I was so shocked, I didn’t expect him to come…”

The emperor of Xi Shu gasped for breath.

Up to now, he is still in shock.

“Yes, a person who would not appear suddenly appeared, it was too scary.”

Tang Yanran answered with lingering fears.

Although what the two said is reasonable.

But everyone always feels something is wrong.

They were also scared.

But I didn’t kneel down!

What seems to be the problem inside?

But for a while, I really don’t want to come out.

Levi smiled: “What? My appearance scared you?”

“Do you really want me to die?”

These two sentences were directly spoken to the Western Shu Emperor and the others.

“No… how dare we?”

The Western Shu Emperor’s subconscious way.

But when he finished speaking, he realized that he had made a mistake.

Everyone in Logan and Mann’s family looked at him with strange eyes.

The emperor Xishu had a cautious expression and tone just now.

As if Levi is his Lord…

“I just don’t want Junjun to lose his father and Sarah to lose her husband!”

The emperor of Xi Shu hurriedly added.

Tang Yanran agrees: “Yes, no matter how you say it, a child can’t live without a father!”

Everyone is relieved!

It turned out that the Western Shu Emperor considered it from this perspective.

“Yes, we are very happy to see you alive! At least for Junjun and Sarah!”

The Emperor Xishu expressed his feelings through these words.

Levi was still alive, they were really happy.

This is true both in public and private.

Tang Yanran forcibly held back, not letting herself cry.

Levi smiled silently on Junjun’s little head: “Don’t worry, how can I fail to say what I promised?”

“Sarah, Junjun, I will pick you up now! The March period is here!”

Levi wanted to pick up the two.

“Hold on!!!”

Suddenly Nick gave a cold cry.

“Pick up? Levi, have you forgotten something?”

Nick asked.

“Yes, Levi, you forgot the most important thing!”

Cross Wentao also shouted.


Levi asked.

Even the Emperor Xi Shu and Tang Yanran were stunned.

But immediately thought of what it was.

But how dare they!

Even the clan of Xishu belonged to others.

“Have you forgotten the conditions for picking up people? You have to be qualified to pick up people away!”

“The qualification is very simple-to reach the position of God of War War God and above! You are qualified to pick up people!”

Concubine Mann Jun stated the conditions.

Everyone stared at Levi.

“Levi, let me ask you, are you qualified?”

The old lady stared at Levi and asked.

Sarah also looked at Levi.

His eyes were full of expectation.

Chapter 1446

He is now recovered.

Should be qualified?

“Sorry, I am not yet the God of War!”

Levi approached.

Sarah’s face quickly faded.

The others burst into laughter.

“So I’m not qualified! Just want to take people away? Impossible!”

Everyone immediately said.

“But I am better than God of War!”

Levi added another sentence.


“Levi, are you dreaming? You weren’t Woodrow’s opponent before you were injured. Now that you have recovered from the serious injury, they are no longer your opponent? Who are you lie to?”

Everyone questioned.

The old lady looked angrily and stared at Levi and asked, “Apart from this, do you have any other achievements?”

“There is, but I can’t say!”

The matter of one word side by side is now the highest level of confidentiality.

How could he tell people casually.

“That’s no more?”

There was an edge in the old lady’s eyes.

“That’s it!”

“Then what qualifications do you have to pick up your wife and daughter? Do you think we are a fool? How are the rules set?”

The old lady was angry and snarled directly at Levi.

Levi smiled and looked at the Emperor Xi Shu and Tang Yanran, “I have to ask them if I am qualified!”

Everyone immediately looked at the Western Shu Emperor.

Waiting for his answer.

The Emperor Xishu’s Adam’s apple slipped and swallowed, “Okay, let’s pick it up!”


At this moment, everyone was dumbfounded.

He actually agreed?

how can that be?

Is he qualified?

“Big brother, what’s wrong with you? Levi is not qualified! Didn’t meet the rules you set!”

The old lady hurriedly said.

Everyone looked at the Western Shu Emperor incomprehensibly.

The Emperor Xi Shu nodded: “He is qualified to take his wife and daughter away!”

“First, he is back! Break the doubt!”

“Second, he has recovered physically and is able to take care of his wife and daughter!”

“I am not an unreasonable person, I only hope that the junior can be happy! So he is qualified to take people away!”

Two reasons given by the Emperor Xishu.

It sounds ridiculous.

But if you think about it, there is nothing wrong.

“The kid is dyed a little better, or I’ll make trouble for you.”

Since the Western Shu Emperor had spoken, the old lady no longer tried to stop him.

But the old lady always felt that the Western Shu Emperor was different from before.

Everyone can only watch Levi leave with Sarah and Junjun.


Although Nick and the others are unwilling.

But helpless.

I can’t go against the order of the Western Shu Emperor!

“You said that Levi has recovered, can’t it affect us in the future, right?”

Mann Jun asked.

“I think so. Levi is a very smart person. He is very likely to make a comeback through the power of Xishu. You can just take us at that time!”

“He can’t think about it!”

“It’s up to everyone’s efforts. We must put an end to this!”

After Levi left, the Emperor Xi Shu broke out in sweat and fell limp to the ground.

Are these people crazy?

Want him to stop Levi?

Are you looking for death?

In the battle of Jiulong Mountain, Levi showed the power that even he could not imagine.

He is definitely better than Morendam Wulong!

Or five people can unite and fight him, right?

Levi returned to the villa with his wife and daughter.

Tang Beidao and the Northern Heavenly King immediately greeted them.

Sarah didn’t say much when seeing the two of them.

If you let her know that this “door guard” is higher than the position of the Western Shu Emperor. It would be frightening.

Calling Levi to a remote place, Sarah asked, “Can you tell me why you went to Star Country?”

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