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Chapter 1447


“Recover your body!”

Levi answered two points.

But I really didn’t deceive Sarah.

He did these two things in Star Country.

“You can recover? It’s amazing, isn’t it?”

Sarah still doesn’t believe it.

Next, life is as usual.

However, the story of Levi’s return to Morendam spread.

The traitor dare to have a face to come back?

Ling Chi should put the traitor to death!

All kinds of speeches appeared frequently.

Levi still had a hard time in Morendam.

Carrying the infamy of “traitor”.

Even Ollie was also affected.

For some time to come, Levi will have to bear infamy.

Only in this way, the enemy’s eyes will not stare at him.

Prince William and they will not find anomalies.

At this moment, Levi devoted himself to the pursuit of the Avengers.

It is estimated that it will not be long before Prince William finds that the medicine is fake.

He had to settle this matter before that.

The Western Heavenly King took the thick materials and went to Levi.

“Hall Lord, I still found some things after more than two months of investigation!”

“According to your request, investigate the suspicious criminals who have committed heinous crimes in the past century!”

“That is, people who committed a major crime and were not convicted in the end, or who died and disappeared.”

Xi Tian Wang explained.

“Frank Xiuwei used to be the head of the first family in the Southern Territory. He was known as the richest and invincible country, but the family disappeared overnight and he died. Before, he secretly sold treasures overseas and was discovered. He is about to be determined. Sinful.”

Levi touched his nose: “This man is suspicious. He died just as he was about to be convicted? The family was destroyed? Has his body been found?”

“No! Because I didn’t find it, so I can’t stop it!”

“Wang Chenzhe! Forty years ago, he was a specially-appointed coach and instructor for the North Border Team! Not in the establishment, but in charge of training.

Finally, the training method and other secrets of the Morendam Warriors were leaked. Just a few days before the conviction, committed suicide! But then the body disappeared! “

Levi nodded: “This is also suspicious!”

“Shane Tianjing, the righteous son of the head of the Beihong Sect, he should be the head of the post if there is no accident. But he burned, killed, plundered, and committed all kinds of evil! He committed all kinds of heinous crimes.

Being expelled from the teacher’s school by the Lord is even more condemned by Morendam! The night before he was arrested, he fled Morendam and went overseas, and he is still missing! “

“Yeen, go on!”

The Western Heavenly King listed a few more characters.

These are very consistent with the setting of the Avengers members.

If Morendam does not hold them accountable, they are all human beings and will lead an extremely luxurious life.

So they are extremely angry with Morendam.

They all felt that Morendam had ruined everything about them.

They rallied to avenge Morendam.

The characters mentioned by the Western Heavenly King are basically in line with them.

“It is estimated that these people are all from the Avengers! They have the strength, and they have network resources!”

Levi approached.

“Next, Xiaoxi, you only need to correspond to these people one by one!”

Levi said.


The Western Heavenly King took out another stack of materials.

She sucked in a cold breath and said, “The last person’s information is terrifying!”

“Still a woman!”

When mentioning women, Levi immediately thought of Black Phoenix.

“What a terror law?”

Levi was interested.


After Levi finished reading it, his expression also changed.

Chapter 1448

“This woman is so cruel?”

Levi said.

“Yeah, I was taken aback when I found it!”

The Western Heavenly King was also shocked again and again.

Because this information shows terrible.

Compared to this woman’s heinous crime, the crimes committed by those people before were all pediatrics.

The level of danger for this woman is sssss level!

Crime 1: I used to launder money fifteen times in the South, and the sum totaled 13 trillion! He is the person who laundered the most money in the history of Morendam!

Crime 2: This woman cheated Morendam’s thirty-nine super-rich in five years, and every rich man started with a value of hundreds of billions.

Crime three: She turned into a politician. She once designed to provoke the war of the Seven Kingdoms including the Boyd Kingdom and the Leopard Kingdom, causing huge losses.

Crime 4: She used beauty and charm to kill 18 gods of war overseas, shocking the world in one fell swoop.

Crime 5: She stole all the secrets of the world’s most advanced technology company on new weapons research through various means.

Finally, seven trillion coins and various jewelry and other things were found in her lair.

It’s just that she didn’t move away.

It is estimated that all add up to ten trillion!

The wealth she possessed is enough to be called the richest woman in Morendam.

This woman is really terrible.

Everything you do is a sensation all over the world.

So she is completely sssss class.

Even if Morendam hunted down again and again, she had no place to stand in Morendam.

But she disappeared again and again.

Escaped any hunt.

In the end, this matter will not be over.

But I believe this woman hates Morendam deeply.

She would have been the richest woman in Morendam and even Dongfangzhou.

Because Morendam ruined everything about her.

Let her live in the dark now, wearing a mask all day long.

It’s probably disfigured long ago…

How can she not hate Morendam?

“That is basically the Black Phoenix! I underestimate this woman!”

“The Avengers are scarier than I thought!”

Levi took a breath.

“Send all our resources and contacts to continue to check! Use my authority to call up all the dusty files! Quickly match the Avengers members one by one!”

“The black phoenix is ​​so terrifying, I want to know how terrifying their leader is!”

Levi was looking forward to it.

“It is estimated that the identity will be revealed, and the whole world will exist in fear!”

Said the West Heavenly King.

“Also let our people increase their strength to stare at them, and stare at as many Avengers members as possible!”

Levi gave the order.

However, what Levi didn’t expect was that the Avengers were also preparing for action.

And it was aimed at him.

He was in a wheelchair before and did not target him.

But after coming back this time, he unexpectedly recovered.

This is something the Avengers never want to see.

After all, they knew that Levi’s threat was second only to the word side by side king.

The action to get rid of Levi was designed by Heilong and Heifeng.

“According to the information we have found-Beiliang Clan Clan took the initiative to tear up the agreement mainly because Levi killed the Beiliang Clan Clan’s people and he provoked first!”

Black Phoenix said.

Heilong smiled: “What I said, no wonder the four gate valves tore up the agreement together! This is the reason!”

“By the way, did he kill the people from the Northern Liang family?”


“Well, to deal with him, you only need to borrow a knife to kill someone!”

A flash of cold light flashed in the eyes of the black dragon.

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