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Chapter 1449

“Now we should have exposed some clues! If we shoot again, maybe we will be targeted!”

Black Dragon Road.

Hei Phoenix nodded: “I have this feeling too! Even though I can let go of activities now, the probability of exposure has greatly increased.”

Heilong’s eyes are full of madness: “So we have to speed up our movements. After completing the ultimate plan, we will escape from Morendam forever.

Prince William has arranged for us eighteen islands and a dependent country, and knighted us and gave us our status. As long as we escape from Morendam, Morendam will have no choice but to take us. “

“Okay, I will make arrangements as soon as possible to solve Levi’s matter first.”

Black Phoenix already has a plan.

In these short three months, the Four Gate Valves and many other hidden forces have basically taken a firm foothold in modern cities.

Families all over Morendam are under their control.

Together with Nick, several people entered and exited the most high-end celebrity venues.

I also got acquainted with a lot of people from the Northern Liang family and the Nanjiang family.

Their circle is expanding step by step, and their identities are becoming more and more noble.

They have long abandoned the previous circles.

How can those people be worthy of them?

Don’t say anything else.

Even if Levi was the god of war in God of War, they didn’t even give face.

At present, they are a small group of people standing at the top of Morendam.

As time goes by, their shelf is getting bigger and bigger.

No one cares anymore!

Even the priceless Erick Group became rubbish in their eyes.

“What is Levi? He is just a rubbish fee!”

This is their usual tone.

Wherever they go, everyone is holding the moon.

Just because they belong to the clan of Western Shu.

Little did they know that all of this was given by Levi.

The four gate valves are slowly getting a little uneven these days.

A few days ago, seven people suddenly disappeared from the gate clan of Beiliang.

Today, someone found their bodies somewhere.

Then is the real beginning.

Suddenly, 17 people of the Xishu clan were brutally murdered!

Including the nine god-level powerhouses.

In southern Xinjiang, a Lord-level powerhouse and seven were killed, and their corpses were thrown into the wilderness.

The bodies of 34 people floating in the sea at the gate of the East Velador Sea.

However, everything is still going on.

A big clan under the clan of the North Liangmen disappeared overnight.

A family under the Western Shumen clan suffered heavy losses.

There are more and more floating corpses in the East Velador Sea.

Many people in southern Xinjiang were assassinated.

These all happened without warning.

Makes the four gatekeepers panic.

Not afraid at first.

But they gradually threatened them, and now it has become an uncontrollable situation.

The four gate valves are extremely angry!

Threatening to get the murderer out!

Logan family ancestral house.

The Western Shu emperor frowned and looked surprised: “What the hell is going on? Who did it? Did you eat the guts of the bear?”

“Grandpa, do you need to ask the king side by side with the word?”

Tang Yanran asked.

At this moment, a message came.

“Lord, according to the news from the Northern Liang Family Clan-Levi did all this! They have found conclusive evidence!”

The emperor of Xishu glared at him and said angrily: “It’s ridiculous, it’s ridiculous! How could the prince kill his family?”

“Yes, but the Northern Liang family cliques insisted that it was the prince who did it, and they wanted to punish the prince in the name of the four Lords!”

Chapter 1450

“What? Killing the prince? Isn’t this nonsense?”

“This is obviously someone who framed the prince and wanted to kill someone with a knife!”

The emperor of Xishu was so angry that he blew his beard and stared.

If he doesn’t understand the situation, forget it.

The key is that he knows clearly.

Anyone is possible, Levi is impossible.

The West Shu gate clan belongs to him!

“Lord, this is a secret letter from the king of Beiliang, who is at the helm of the gate of Beiliang! Inviting you to participate in the action to kill Levi!”

The servant handed a secret letter.

The content of the secret letter is very simple-a gatekeeper order.

The gate valve order was negotiated by the founders of the four gate valves.

Once the four gate valves encounter great danger.

The gate valve order appeared.

As soon as the clan order comes out, the four clan clan groups will unite together to resist foreign enemies.

The ultimate consequence is-the four gate lords use all their power to kill this person, even if they chase it to the ends of the world.

Just want to die endlessly.

Now that the four main gates are killed and injured every day, it is indeed a dangerous moment.

As soon as the gate valve order is released, the four gate valves must be brought together.

This is the rule!

Don’t want to comply, unless you want to be removed from the four gate valves.

“Naughty, it’s just ridiculous! Why should you use a celebrity order for things that are clearly misunderstood?”

“I have to go to participate, I will talk to them well then!”

Western Shu Emperor Road.

The gate valve order was issued by the Beiliang gate valve, and the other three gate valves received one after another.

Fan Tianjue, known as the Poison King, the helm of the Nanjiang clan, went personally.

The helm of the Donghai Clan Sect did not come, but sent Long Aotian, the first genius of the Donghai Clan Sect.

The Western Shu gate was led by the Western Shu emperor himself.

The Avengers.

“Beiliang’s clan has long wanted to kill Levi, they don’t care if Levi did it this time, they want to kill him.

What’s more, we have produced a series of evidence to prove that it is Levi, the four gate lords will definitely never die with him! “

Heilong smiled and said.

Black Phoenix praised: “This trick is really a second to kill with a knife! And Levi can’t stop the four gates!”

“Well, after all, everyone is not one word side by side!”

The four gate valves meet on the bank of West Lake in Jiangbei.

Hundreds of people from the gate of Beiliang were waiting here.

The middle-aged man headed by the white clothes Shengxue.

Can sit there domineeringly.

But there is a majestic momentum that swallows mountains and rivers, and I am alone without a king.

Behind him stood a young man about fifteen or sixteen with a long knife in his hand.

The scabbard was engraved with all kinds of old seals, and the simple and vast aura exuded.

What’s more terrifying is that this knife exudes a forcing chill all the time.

The surrounding temperature has dropped for it.

This is a token of the gate clan of the North Liang, and the treasure of the town family-the North Liang knife.

The Nanjiang clan came soon.

Fan Tianjue, the poison king, didn’t wear fancy clothes, just like a normal person.

But no one dared to approach.

Legend has it that Poison King himself is Poison!

There are thousands of Frank poisons on his body.

If you are not careful, even a Lord-level powerhouse will be poisoned.

This is the terrible place of the Nanjiang clan!

Soon after, the Donghai clan also came.

Leading the team is the prince Long Aotian, the prince of the East Velador Sea, who is the son of the current helm.

The gate valve of the East Velador Sea generally lives on islands and the sea.

So everyone has excellent water quality.

Especially Long Aotian, who is rumored to have the power of a dragon.

Invincible in the world!

Never met an opponent.

After the Emperor Xishu came with someone, he immediately said: “My dear friends, hurry back! Let’s forget about this thing!”

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