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Chapter 1451


When the Western Shu Emperor said this, everyone was stunned.

“Just forget it??”

Long Aotian asked incredulously.

The whereabouts of the Donghai clan were so secretive that so many people were killed and injured.

He couldn’t bear this matter.

“Right? Why do you just let it go? You killed so many people, don’t you give me an explanation?”

The Poison King also spoke.

Beiliang King said coldly: “Even if I say forget it, Beiliang Dao won’t agree!”

“Beiliangdao doesn’t agree!!!”

“Three hundred thousand men in Beiliang didn’t agree!!!”

Hundreds of people in Beiliang’s clan shouted.

“Give me a reason!”

King Beiliang stared at the Emperor Xishu.

“Actually, all of you were deceived! It is not the case at all! Levi was not the one who killed! Someone framed him!”

The Western Shu emperor explained palely and weakly.

“What do these evidences say?”

King Beiliang waved his hand.

The subordinates handed over all the evidence.

This is evidence forged by the Avengers.

But it showed that it was Levi’s hand.

So the Emperor Xi Shu couldn’t refute it at all.


As soon as the Western Shu Emperor was about to open his mouth, the Beiliang King sneered and said, “What? Are you trying to say that this is false evidence?”


The Western Shu Emperor choked to death with a word.

Poison King and Long Aotian also said in unison: “We also have enough evidence to prove that Levi did it!”

“Not only that, I was killed by Levi, Fu Shenlin, the clan of Beiliang, and four of my apprentices! Later, dozens of others were injured by him! This one can’t even run away!”

“Now that Levi’s strength has recovered and he has massacred my people, how can I bear it?”

The voice of the King of Northern Liang was full of chills.

“Yes, that’s right! Levi should be killed!”

“The four of us jointly issued a feudal order! Don’t die!”

Poison King and Long Aotian also roared.

The Western Shu Emperor was anxious like an ant on a hot pot.

But Levi’s true identity is confidential.

Especially after the First World War in Jiulong Mountain, it has become a secret among secrets.

He can’t talk nonsense.

“Don’t you think about it, why does Levi have to kill someone?”

The Emperor Xi Shu shouted.

“It’s very simple! Levi wants the four gate valves to work for Colin!”

“Now he has returned from injury, but he has no identity. He needs merit, if he forces me to work together for the Bass Guard.

This feat is enough to restore him to his original status, no, it is no exaggeration to say that he can be crowned king! “

“This is Levi’s purpose!”

The King of Northern Liang’s analysis makes a lot of sense.

The Emperor Xi Shu couldn’t say anything at all.

“Today, in the name of the four gate lords, a sect command was issued-to kill Levi, never die!”

“I agree with the Beiliang gate valve!”

“I agree with the Southern Frontier!”

“I agree with Donghai Clan!”

Next, the three of them all stared at the Western Shu Emperor.

King Beiliang sneered: “What are you waiting for Emperor Tang? Don’t you agree?”

“Yes, I don’t agree!”

“For the safety and future of the four gate valves, we don’t want to provoke him! Because we can’t provoke him!”

Said the Emperor Xishu.

“Hahaha, we can’t afford him? When were you so unconfident?”

“Will my four big gatekeepers be afraid of him?”

King Beiliang smiled directly.

The Poison King also smiled and said: “If he is the King of Words, we turn our heads and leave! But he is not!”

“Who said he was not, he is the king of words side by side!”

The Emperor Xi Shu was anxious and couldn’t help shouting.

Chapter 1452

But this way, it attracted everyone’s ridicule.

“Emperor Tang, when did you become so conscientious? Only Levi scared you like this?”

“Do not hesitate to make up the absurd thing that Levi is the king of the word side by side? Are you stupid or are we stupid?”

King Beiliang asked rhetorically.

“Yes, the king of the word side by side has fallen in Jiulong Mountain! It is impossible to live!”

“Even if you are alive, how can you get involved with Levi?”

The Poison Kings also questioned.


The Western Shu Emperor was completely at a loss.

No one believes the truth.

This is nothing that can be done.

He wanted to prove that he couldn’t prove it.

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t agree, anyway, the three agree! If you don’t agree, you have to agree with the clan!”

The King of Beiliang sneered coldly.

After all, this is the rule.


“Don’t blame me for reminding you, you are totally in trouble for your troubles! Seeking your own death!”

The Emperor Xishu sighed.

“Hmph, I don’t believe it, how far can he go against the sky? Can he fight the four main gates?”

The kings of Beiliang had an attitude of not believing in evil.

“My grandfather really didn’t lie to you! You leave now! Don’t mess with him! Don’t mess with him!”

Tang Yanran was also trying her best to persuade.

“I want to mess with him today!”

Several people were firm.

It can’t be stopped at all.

“Come here, bring Levi here in the name of the Four Big Doors to accept trial!”

King Beiliang ordered.

Several Lords left immediately.

In the villa.

It’s not just Levi and Plum.

Even Concubine Mann Jun is here.

“Sarah, we advise you to go out and walk more. Look at us now, we are the celebrities in the top circle of Morendam. We got acquainted with the gate clan of Beiliang, which was not accessible before.”

“Yes, look at these top-notch existences that you have been with us now. Our grade is obviously higher than you!”

“You should go with us more, it will be good for your business.”

It turns out that several people have come to show their identities specially.

“Look at Levi again, even if he recovers? Without that level of identity, he is just a reckless man.”

At this moment, a dozen people rushed in.

The guard Tang Beidao was the first to be alert.

“Who are you? Dare to trespass here?”

“Levi comes out!!!”

Several people scolded.

Afterwards, Levi and the Northern Heavenly King walked out.

They naturally know what happened to the four gate valves recently.

I also know that this is the Avengers who blamed him.

This matter has to be resolved.

So he has been waiting.

“who are you?”

Levi asked.

“We come from the command of the king of Beiliang, the helm of the gate of Beiliang!”

“Come with us? Don’t force us to do it!”

Several people in the North Liang gate indicated their identities.

“Well, then I’ll go with you!”

Levi didn’t hesitate at all, and was about to leave with a few people from the North Liang family.

“Look, Levi has recovered, he is just a coward! If he is called to go, he will go?”

“Is there any dignity? He is a traitor! I now suspect that he exchanged potions with others, and the condition is to cure him!”

“Yes, how else would Levi recover? It’s definitely for the potion!”

Everyone was aloof, staring at Levi contemptuously.

There is a world of difference with them.

“Don’t worry, the Lord is fine.”

Tang Beidao comforted.

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