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Chapter 1453

Sarah is still a little worried.

“How did he offend Beiliang’s clique?”

She had heard from the old lady that the North Liang family clan was the strongest.

Xishu sects can’t mess with it.

West Lake.

The four gate valves have been waiting.

“Everyone, there is a super Lord next to Levi. He has been protecting him during his disability period!”

“So it will take a bit more time to deal with him later!”

The King of Northern Liang arranged to say.

“Don’t worry, it’s not easy to deal with two people!”

The four gate valves gathered together, and everyone was full of confidence.

After all, this force forced Colin to make concessions back then.

Their strength is too strong.

“I’ll say it again one last time, everyone stop! Don’t target him!”

The Emperor Xi Shu reminded again.

“It’s because of Levi and your sister’s grandson-in-law? Just like that? I already gave you face last time! It’s impossible this time!”

Everyone thought that the Emperor Xishu had defended Levi in this way because of his relatives.

“No, it has nothing to do with relatives! He is really an existence we can’t afford!”

The Western Shu Emperor wanted to cry without tears.

“Tang Emperor, I don’t think you are suitable to be the helm of the Western Shu gate valve anymore. Let’s change one!”

The King of Northern Liang suggested.

Western Shu Emperor: “…”.

He was no longer the Lord of the Western Shu family.

It’s Levi!!!

The others said: “Yes, change as soon as possible. You are completely different from before, which disappoints us too much.”

“Bring Levi!!!”

At this time, a long howling sound came.

I saw that the Lords of the Northern Liang family came to the field with Levi and the Northern Heavenly King.

Suddenly, thousands of eyes in the field looked at Levi and the others.

The Western Shumen clan bowed their heads one after another.

The expression seemed to say-we have nothing to do with this matter.

The Emperor of Western Shu didn’t even dare to look at it!

The Northern Liang King’s indifferent gaze swept over and fell on Levi’s body.

“Levi, do you know that you are guilty?”

King Beiliang shouted loudly.

Levi smiled and said, “What’s the crime? Besides, who are you? What right do you have to ask me a crime?”

“Listen well, I am the king of Beiliang, the head of the Northern Liang family! Am I qualified?”

“Before you killed five people from my tribe, Fu Shenlin, and wounded my disciple! Now you have slaughtered the four main gate lords again and again! Are you still not guilty?”

The King of Northern Liang stared at Levi.

After Levi listened, he looked at other people: “Are you here to ask sin too?”

“Of course! You killed so many of our tribesmen. Today, we are here to inquire and make you pay for it!”

Long Aotian roared angrily.

“Why do you insist that I did it?”

Levi smiled.

“Because of the evidence!”

“Hehe, these evidences are too obvious? Since I was a sneak attack, why should I leave so much evidence?”

Levi asked rhetorically.

“Are you a bunch of idiots?”

“Levi is leaving sophistry! Do you admit to murder?”

King Beiliang shouted anxiously.

“I killed Fu Shenlin and his four disciples because they betrayed Morendam! Your disciples were also injured by me because they ambush me!”

“As for the recent…”

As soon as Levi was about to explain the recent events, he was interrupted by the King of Beiliang: “Everyone heard that? He admitted that he was the one who killed him! We don’t even need evidence!”


Even Levi was stunned.

“Well, now that I admit it, then pay for it!”

Chapter 1454

The rattling atmosphere was on the verge of breaking out, and the Emperor Xi Shu couldn’t control this situation at all.

Finally came to this step.

Levi smiled: “Come on then!”

After the Battle of Jiulong Mountain, his mood and strength have all made a qualitative leap.

“kill him!”

“kill him!”

The four gate lords shouted together.

“Okay, let’s kill Levi with a clan order!”

The King of Beiliang shouted.

He desperately wants revenge!

At this time, Long Aotian stepped forward and said, “Seniors, can you give this opportunity to juniors?”

“Okay! It is rumored that Aotian has the power of a dragon! With one punch, he blows everything up! He is the strongest genius of the Donghai clan in nearly a hundred years! Even my Beiliang clan can’t be compared with him! I am optimistic. you!”

The King of Beiliang was not stingy in words, and praised Long Aotian loudly.

The Poison King also agreed: “Yes, not only is it invincible among peers, but many old monsters who live one or two hundred years old are not his opponents!”

“The most exaggerated thing is that he can survive underwater for a month without any pressure at all! That’s why the flood dragon goes out of the abyss and is in the body of a divine dragon!”

Although the Donghai gate valve is low-key.

But everyone knows the strength of Long Aotian.

Otherwise, the Donghai clan will not send him to participate in the decision of the clan order!

Obviously he wanted him to be the head of the next East Velador Sea clan.

So everyone praised Long Aotian.

Of course he has this qualification!

Facing everyone’s praise, Long Aotian confidently accepted.

He sneered: “Predecessors, today I, Long Aotian, must be the murderer, and I will return the hatred of the four main gates!”

The Western Shu emperor could only sigh.

Swords facing each other is really not what he wants to see.

Immediately, Long Aotian walked towards Levi.

“Are you conscious of death?”

Long Aotian looked at Levi playfully.

He is invincible among his peers.

Levi is no exception.

Levi had no words, but when Long Aotian was approaching, he suddenly raised his right fist.

Like a heavy artillery, it smashed into Long Aotian with a thunderous momentum.

Long Aotian couldn’t react at all, and smashed his head firmly.

The brain quickly deformed and dented in…


A dull sound, like a heavy cannon.


As for Long Aotian lying straight on the ground, there was no response.

Defeat the strongest genius with one punch!

Levi said lightly: “Next!”

Simply neat!

Overbearing invincible!


Everyone present was dumbfounded.

There was a dead silence in the field, and the sound of cold breath was endless.

Long Aotian couldn’t even hold a punch?

This is also terrible!

Long Aotian didn’t even have a chance to be shocked, so he fainted.

Levi defeated Long Aotian with a punch.

Even more fiercely drew the face of the Donghai clan!

Together with the King of Northern Liang, their faces slapped!

What shit genius, isn’t it just a punch?


Strong outrageous!

Long Aotian is a strong Lord for more than a hundred years!

Can’t stop a punch?


Everyone’s eyes fell on Levi’s body.

“Let’s go together!”

Levi hooked his fingers at everyone.

Levi acted like this and provoked the four main gate lords, which made them furious.

“You asked for it!”

“Kill! Kill him for me!”

King Beiliang shouted.

Suddenly, the top Lords of the three main gates all came out and killed Levi.

“Beiliang knife is ready, I will kill him by myself!”

King Beiliang ordered.

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