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Chapter 1455

“Little North!”

Levi said softly.

The Northern Heavenly King rushed up all by himself.

Although the strength of the Northern Heavenly King is not as good as Levi.

But in the Zhentian Temple is the Lord of martial arts!

Extremely horrible!

He rushed into the group of Lords of the three gate lords, killing the opponent without any power.

Occasionally some people rushed in front of Levi, but they were beaten out by Levi before they even shot.

These two people faced hundreds of Lords of the three big gate lords with ease!

Soon the ground was full of people.

The King of Beiliang, the King of Poison and the others were all silly.

What kind of combat power is this?

These are the top Lords of the three gate valves?

It’s the Western Shu emperor that they are not surprised.

Compared with the Battle of Jiulong Mountain, this is a F*rt.

“Emperor Tang, what are you doing in a daze? Ask your person to go up!”

King Beiliang shouted.


Don’t dare to give the Emperor Xishu a hundred courage.

“Useless things, bullshit! I’ll go on it myself!”

“Come on!”

The King of Beiliang yelled.

The people behind him tossed the North Liangdao high.


When the Beiliangdao was pulled out, a blast of cold air swept across the sky.

The surroundings seemed to be frozen.

Rumor has it that the Northern Liangdao was tempered in the extreme north, and it has been frozen for eleven years.

Once the knife is touched, it will be frozen to death by the cold air.

Beiliangdao is no less than Bass Sword!

“You and I will join hands!”

The Poison King of Southern Xinjiang’s clan also chose to take action.

Both of them are the top existence in the door.

“Xiao Bei retreat, I’ll come!”

Levi stepped forward.

“court death!”

The king of Beiliang held the Beiliang knife and slammed it down.

Before the knife arrived, a chill came over the sky.

There was a layer of frost on the trees and grass near the West Lake.

Levi didn’t move at all and took the knife abruptly.

A terrible cold invaded his body.

Soon Levi’s whole body was frozen.

The eyebrows, hair and face are covered with frost.

The cold air also rushed to the shore of West Lake.

The surrounding lake was also frozen.

It can be seen how terrible the cold of this knife is.

A smile appeared on the face of King Beiliang.

Levi would not be killed by the knife, and would have to freeze to death by the cold.


Unexpectedly, in the next moment, Levi exploded with terrible power.

The cold was swept away.


At the same time, the King of Northern Liang was also injured by this force and flew out.

“I come!”

The Poison King also rushed up.

The poison king naturally does not use conventional means.

He used various poisons and gu.

In one breathing time, he used hundreds of different kinds of Levi.

He only needs one or two to deal with other people.

But in order to kill Levi, he did everything he could.

Unexpectedly, Levi was unaffected.

The last time the blood king palace’s poison was lifted, his body was already invaded by the poison.

This time, after the First World War in Jiulong Mountain, his body became stronger.

Don’t be afraid of the poison of the poison king.

“Don’t be delusional!”

Levi was tossing around, slapped the Poison King flying out with a slap.

The audience was silent.

The top Lords of the two gate valves were so easily defeated?

What kind of freak is he!

The Western Shu Emperor and their faces were still calm.

After knowing that Levi had done Jiulongshan, he looked at other pediatrics.

At this time, Tang Beidao hurried over.

When the Northern Liang King and the Poison King saw them, there was hope in their eyes.

“Brother Tang, the four main gates depend on you, so quickly kill Levi!”

Several people shouted.

After Tang Beidao looked at them, he knelt down in front of Levi.

Chapter 1456



This sudden scene caught everyone off guard.

Did Tang Beidao, the number one Lord of the Western Shu family, kneel down for Levi?

What’s the matter?

Isn’t it crazy?

Tang Beidao is their only hope.

“Lord, I’m late!”

Tang Beidao said.

Levi smiled: “Fortunately, it’s not too late!”

“the host???”

The king of Beiliang doubted whether his ears had misheard.

Tang Beidao actually called Levi the Lord?

“Tangbei Road, what are you doing? You are losing the face of the clan of Xishu! You have lived two hundred years old, and you kneel down to a junior and call your Lord!”

King Beiliang shouted.

“Yes, Tang Beidao you are too embarrassed.”

Others also scolded.

“Can you beat him?”

Tang Beidao asked.


Everyone was stunned.

It is indeed not Levi’s opponent!

The hundreds of top Lords of the three gate valves are not Levi’s opponents.

“That’s not it! You are too stupid! I guess my nephew persuaded you!”

Tang Beidao said.

Everyone looked at the Western Shu Emperor.


The Emperor Xishu had been persuading him, saying that they could not provoke Levi.

But who would believe it?

Will the four big gate lords be afraid?


“So the Western Shu family surrendered to his feet from the beginning?”

Beiliang King thought of something, exclaimed.

“Well, that’s right! In fact, he is the real Lord of the Xishu clan now!”

The Emperor Xishu explained.

“So some time ago, 100,000 people from the Western Shu family moved because of him? Not because of you?”

“Well, that’s right! Besides, we need such a big action there!”

The Emperor Xi Shu nodded.

The Poison King was surprised: “No! I admit that he is very strong, but he won’t make you surrender, right? Even Tang Beidao would like to call him the Lord!”

“Is it true that what you said earlier? He…he is the king of the word side by side? His…”

The King of Northern Liang gasped.


The four main gates are crazy.

Eyeballs all fly out.

“How can you be the king of the word side by side? He is dead!”

Everyone looked disbelief.

Levi smiled and took out a ring.

Bass Ring!

Coupled with his terrifying strength.

Not one word side by side, can one person defeat the top Lords of the four main gates?

And Levi and Yizi King appeared at the same time in Star Country.

But only one person came back.

All kinds of clues indicate that he is!

After Xishu Emperor and Tang Beidao explained, everyone believed.

It turns out that Levi is the rumored king of the word side by side.

“It stands to reason that you all have to die, now I give you a chance!”

Levi smiled.

“What I admire the most is the Battle of Jiulong Mountain! Lord, I am willing to follow suit!”

The King of Northern Liang was the first to surrender to Levi.

“My southern princes also surrender to the lord!”

The Poison King and the Nanjiang clan also knelt on the ground.

“My Donghai clan is also willing to follow the prince!”

At this time, the East Velador Sea clansmen had to surrender if they didn’t surrender.

“Congratulations to the lord!”

“The four gate valves are under control!”

Xishu Emperor and Tangbei Dao congratulated together.

Levi smiled.

In his original plan, he just wanted to close the four gates.

That is simply adding wings.

Among other things, the ancient medicine and ancient medical techniques of the Four Gate Valves were used on the battlefield, resulting in a lot less casualties.

Unexpectedly, all the four gate valves came here this time.

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