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Chapter 151


Very shocked!

This is definitely the most memorable thing in the life of a thousand people present!

Cox Yue, Porter Yutong, Cai Zhan and others never expected that they would see Levi here.

And he is the only king in the field!

Alton said again: “The general, please follow his subordinates to the forefront position, only there is it worthy of you!”

Levi nodded: “Yeah.”

At this moment, almost everyone reacted.

Alton slowly turned around and looked at everyone in the Xiao family and said: “Xiao Guopu, didn’t you ask who my mentor is? Then I will tell you that my mentor is the commander-in-chief of the Ninth War Regiment and the only five-star general in Velador. General God of War!!!”

“By the way, his name is Levi!!!”


Hearing this, Xiao Guopu couldn’t control a mouthful of blood congestion anymore, and it burst out suddenly.

Xiao Ruoyu’s eyes turned black, and his body staggered and fell to the ground.

Xiao Ruofeng’s blood pressure rose, and he could no longer control it and fainted.

There is one in the Xiao family, and they are all close to a state of collapse!

General God of War turned out to be Levi!

This is the last fact that the Xiao family wants to see!


The disaster of the Xiao family’s extinction is here!

When the Alton stood next to Levi, it meant that the Xiao family was destroyed!

Even the king of heaven can’t save the Xiao family!

“What? Levi is General God of War? I don’t believe it! I don’t believe it!”

Zhong Yao was unwilling to accept this fact in his heart.

A series of things just happened that made her feel happy and made her quickly make a comparison between Levi and Lloyd Lin.

Let her think that Levi can’t compare to Lloyd Lin in this life!

But in the blink of an eye, Levi turned into the god of war against Velador!

Lloyd Lin is not even a F*rt in front of him!

She couldn’t accept this huge gap!

The three men of Wang Xuelong were so scared that they were almost urinating, and the rubbish that they had fallen into trouble turned out to be a generation star!

The only five-star general!!!

The insults to them just now weren’t considered a thing at all.

Not because of fear.

It was because he didn’t bother to care about a few bugs crawling on the ground.

They are not even qualified to be trampled to death by Levi!

Lin Mei’s big eyes are incredible!

Everyone thought that the invincible man had fallen, and she thought so too.

Also tried to step on him to get pleasure!

But who would have thought that he was thousands of times stronger than he was at his peak six years ago!

Xiao Qin was all wet with cold sweat, looking at Levi in fear.

Levi touched her head and smiled: “Little girl, what are you nervous about? No matter what my identity, I’m still your brother-in-law.”


Xiao Qin followed Levi.

Under the attention of everyone, Alton led the way, followed by Levi and Xiao Qin, step by step towards the front.

Seeing Levi getting closer and closer to them, the hearts of Lin Mei and Zhong Yao almost flew out of their throats.

At this moment, the heart was extremely congested, as if it was about to burst.

Suddenly, Levi stopped in their row.

At this moment, Lin Mei and Zhong Yao all have the desire to die!

Their scalp is numb, and their faces are numb, as if electricity is passing by.

Even a gust of cold air from the soles of the feet rushed directly to the heavenly spirit cover, and the blood froze.

Levi said coldly, “Get out of the way!”

Upon hearing this, the people who excluded the five members of Lin Mei immediately left from both sides, exposing the five members of Lin Mei.

Chapter 152

Seeing Levi’s gaze, Lin Mei only felt short of breath, even out of breath.




The three of Wang Xuelong and West Bingxu could no longer resist such pressure, and all fainted to the ground, making a banging sound.

Lin Mei and Zhong Yao were nervous.

Now Levi’s identity can determine their life and death in one word!

Levi looked at the two women and smiled: “Just now you asked me if I regretted rejecting you back then?”

Lin Mei and Zhong Yao dared not look at Levi’s eyes.

“I tell you now, I have never regretted it! At any time, I will only choose Sarah! Whether she is poor or rich, young or old! I will choose her!”

Levi said.

At this moment, Lin Mei and Zhong Yao admired Sarah very much.

Six years ago, they admired Levi’s ability to get together with Sarah.

Now I am even more envious!!!

Even today’s Levi is at the pinnacle of the Chinese military, with power in the hands and invincible world.

Can be consistent, will not abandon his own wife of chaff.

This is the depth of love!

Others were also very moved.

Regardless of Levi’s identity, the love between the two is enviable.

One will not leave and the other will not be abandoned.

Xiao Qin was the most envious.

Finally, Levi said to the two of them: “Just as Xiao Qin said-her brother-in-law was at the top six years ago, and now her brother-in-law is still at the top!!!”


When these words were finished, Zhong Yao and Lin Mei could no longer control their bodies, and they sat down on the ground with a thud.

They had been wet with cold sweat long ago, as if they had been drenched in the rain.

Levi and Alton came to the frontmost position, and Levi sat in the frontmost position.

Next to Alton and Xiao Qin, next to Wang Garrison, Shane Xiaohui and others!

When Levi appeared, they no longer had the word teacher in their eyes!

At this moment, everyone understood why Alton came in military uniform.

He didn’t come to the celebration.

He is here for a mission!

Levi waved his hand.

Alton immediately understood.

He yelled to the crowd: “Except for the Cho Xiao family, everyone else quickly took a stand! As for today’s affairs are kept secret, who dares to say that I will trouble anyone!”

At this time, everyone left the scene one after another as if they were amnesty, just as if they were fleeing for their lives.

The three of Wang Xuelong were taken away.

Lin Mei and Zhong Yao crawled away.

Soon after the clearing was over, Levi said to Xiao Qin: “Xiao Qin, you go to the living room and wait for me, I will take care of something.”

Xiao Qin also left obediently.

Afterwards, everyone in the Xiao family knelt in front of Levi.

Constantly kowtow begging for mercy.

“Where is the King’s Landing Group?”

Levi asked.

“You take it back! It was originally yours!”

“Where is the Garrison Family’s industry?”

Levi asked.

“It’s yours too!”

Levi asked again: “Where is the Xiao family?”

At this time everyone in the Xiao family hesitated.

But Xiao Guopu reacted and immediately said: “It’s yours too!”

Levi lit a cigarette and said with a smile: “Next, let’s talk about business!”

“Back then, you framed me, killed my brother, and even seized everything from the King’s Landing Group. Why?”

Levi asked.

“General, you moved the medicine and technology markets back then, and the Xiao family coveted your core technology before moving!”

The Xiao family answered honestly.

Levi took a deep breath and asked, “Name the other giants who participated in this matter back then!”

Chapter 153

The Xiao family answered truthfully: “General God of War, although he planned everything in the name of Xiao Tianlong. But my Xiao family actually benefited the least. I only got a small part of the core technology plus a Garrison Group! Most of them were still owned by the city. The Chamber of Commerce gave it points!”

“the city Chamber of Commerce?”

Levi frowned.

“Yes, it is made up of the four giants of Han, Qin, Yu, and Lei, and has absorbed a lot of business associations formed by rich people. In Case York, they are all over the world, fighting against the richest man of Case York, Shane Wansan!

Xiao Guopu said.

Levi knew about the Case York Chamber of Commerce.

The old overlord of the Case York business community.

It can be said that the Case York Chamber of Commerce holds nearly half of the economic lifeline of Case York.

The GDP contributed each year is simply terrible!

When Levi succeeded in starting his own business, the Case York Chamber of Commerce wooed him, but the condition was to hand over the core technology of Garrison Group’s medicine and technology.

Levi refused.

Thinking about it now, at that time, he was targeted by the Case York Chamber of Commerce.

Because of a single refusal, he was later imprisoned with a disability, his brother was killed, and his wife stayed alive for six years.

Shopping malls are like battlefields, even bloodier than battlefields.

Regardless of how decent a wealthy entrepreneur is on the surface, he is actually a Lord who cannibalize people without spitting out bones.

I don’t know how many people they killed secretly!

Even Levi was insignificant in their eyes, and many people had forgotten it.

Levi is not qualified to let them remember!

At this time, Wesley and Suzaku came and told Levi that those online products were from the Case York Chamber of Commerce.

“Da da da…”

Levi’s fingers beat the handrail rhythmically.

“In that case, the Case York Chamber of Commerce will disappear!”

Levi approached.

The Xiao family crawled on the ground, and no one would doubt Levi’s words.

The four giants of the Case York Chamber of Commerce believe that their wealth is in the sky, and the power industry is scattered in every corner of Case York, and no one can shake it.

Moving the Case York Chamber of Commerce is equivalent to moving the foundation of Case York!

But they never thought that the person who moved them would be General God of War!

Xiao Guopu asked: “General, do you transfer the properties of the King’s Landing Group and the Xiao Family to your name?”

“Transfer to Alton’s name!”

Levi approached.

Within a few hours, all the assets of the Garrison Group, the Garrison Family and the Xiao Family were transferred to Alton.

Kirin’s real name is Graham Nanxuan.

Since then, the new owner behind the Xiao Family Group has been Graham Nanxuan.

Levi wants to play slowly with the people of the Case York Chamber of Commerce, so that they will fall into madness, fall into fear, can’t want to die, want to live.

Levi’s eyes suddenly fell on Xiao Ruoyu: “You seem to say you want to kill me?”

Xiao Ruoyu suddenly peeed in shock: “Spare, spare…”

Levi stood up and said with a smile: “If the news is spread, it is said that Mr. Graham has become the new owner of Garrison Group and Garrison’s Enterprise!”


Xiao Guopu immediately said.

“By the way, tomorrow morning I hope to see Xiao Tianlong come to apologize to my wife!”

A touch of coldness flashed in Levi’s eyes!

Later, Levi left here and took Xiao Qin away.

Only when I came to the entrance of the venue, I met Xiao Ruomei and Mann Xuecheng back.

“Xiao Qin, why are you leaving?”

Xiao Ruomei asked curiously.

Xiao Qin’s expression is complicated: “Parents, the celebration is over.”

Mann Brown established Ma Dao: “Nonsense! It only started for half an hour, the celebration is four hours!”

Chapter 154

“It’s really over, you still don’t believe it!”

Xiao Qin said helplessly.

Xiao Ruomei glared at Levi and said, “Xiao Qin shouldn’t bring him on occasions like this in the future. You lose!”

“Yes! Why should he enter the celebration without relying on you?”

Mann Xuecheng left a sentence and entered the venue with Xiao Ruomei.

Xiao Qin wanted to tell them that the celebration was stopped because of Levi.

But parents ran too fast.

Upon entering the venue, both Mann Xuecheng and Xiao Ruomei were frightened.

There was no one in the audience.

In front, Xiao Guopu and others were kneeling, drenched in cold sweat.

How can I ask the Xiao family members without saying the reason?


Levi looked down at Xiao Qin, who was a little afraid of himself. He couldn’t help but said: “Are you afraid of what I do? I’m still your brother-in-law.”

At this time, Xiao Qin suddenly raised his head and rushed to Levi to kiss him.


Had it not been for Levi to hide quickly, Xiao Qin would have kissed him.

Levi looked at Xiao Qin with a surprised look: “You…what are you doing?”

Xiao Qin smiled and said, “Brother-in-law, you were so handsome just now!!!”


Levi almost vomited blood.

Wasn’t this Nizi afraid of dying just now?

How dare you kiss yourself in the blink of an eye?

The thinking of young girls is so strange now!

Until getting into the car, Xiao Qin still smiled and said; “Brother-in-law, you will be my male god from now on!”

the city discovered two strange things today!

First, the 40th anniversary celebration of the Xiaojia Group was suddenly interrupted. I don’t know why the stand of all the guests?

Second, there are economic news reports that a mysterious Mr. Graham took over the Garrison’s Group and the Garrison Group.

Regarding these two things, the Xiao family prevaricates: trade secrets.

“What is the Xiao family doing? Sending out the Garrison Group and the Garrison Family Group?”

“What is the Xiao family doing at this celebration? It’s mysterious?”

“Who is this Mr. Graham? What does it have to do with the Xiao family?”

Such a voice came from several luxurious villas in Case York. Obviously, this matter has attracted the attention of the four giants of the Case York Chamber of Commerce.

When Levi and Xiao Qin returned home.

Dale and Edith are both here.

Edith glared at Levi: “You, you have nothing to do all day. Do you have nothing to do with Bangzi dye? What kind of celebrations are you going to participate in? Are you qualified to go there?”

Mann Xuecheng snorted coldly: “Yes, that’s right. At King’s Landing, we would rather see you get this kind of celebration invitation by your own ability, rather than squeeze Xiao Qin’s face!”

Sarah also felt that Levi liked to join in the fun too much.

Putting aside the grievances with the Xiao family, Levi didn’t make much sense to attend this kind of celebration, and it didn’t match his identity.

Levi smiled: “Parents, Sarah, I went to Xiao’s house to solve a problem!”

Dale and Mann Xuecheng asked in confusion, “What’s the matter?”

“I went to resolve the grievances between me and Xiao Tianlong!”

Levi said.

Sarah was terrified.

She was afraid that what Levi would do would be very troublesome if the Xiao family thought about it.

Sarah told his parents what happened that day.

“What? It turned out that Xiao Tianlong planned everything! But what did you do to Levi? You almost killed Xiao Tianlong? Don’t you want to live anymore?”

“You don’t want to live, don’t hurt us!”

Dale and Edith said angrily.

Sarah asked worriedly: “What did you do to the Xiao family today?”

Levi said, “Tomorrow the Xiao family will bring Xiao Tianlong to apologize in person!”

Chapter 155


After hearing this, Dale and Edith laughed.

“What are you talking about? The Xiao family came to apologize? Are you drunk?”

“The Xiao family is a real rich man in the city, with tens of billions of assets, and spitting can drown people, and come to apologize to you?”

“Do you really think of yourself as a big man? If you beat Xiao Tianlong, people will apologize to you?”

Dale looked at Levi like a fool.

Things that are absolutely impossible in their opinion!

Sarah won’t believe it either!

Even Levi, who was at the peak six years ago, didn’t have this ability!

Xiao Qin was suffocating a smile when everyone didn’t believe it.

Thinking of Levi’s confession at the celebration, she looked at Sarah enviously, she was the happiest woman in the world.

But one thing she has an advantage over her cousin is that she knows the identity of Levi.

Thinking of this, Xiao Qin felt sweet in his heart.

Sarah looked at Xiao Qin and asked, “Is there anything like this to Xiao Qin?”

Xiao Qin shook his head: “I don’t know!”

She was in the meeting room at the time, she really didn’t know.

Levi said, “I talked with the Xiao family alone at the time, and Xiao Qin was not there.”


“What’s your status? Are you qualified to talk to the Xiao family alone?”

Dale and Edith both laughed.

Sarah was also talking big when Levi did not take it seriously.

In the evening, Dale and Edith stayed in the Oriental Garden.

Early in the morning, I was awakened by a knock on the door.

After Sarah opened the door, he looked incredible.

Xiao Guopu, Xiao Ruoyu and others came, pushing the wheelchair and sitting on Xiao Tianlong.

“You are…”

Sarah looked puzzled.

Dale and Edith, who followed them, were extremely puzzled.

“Miss Logan, today my Xiao family came to apologize on a special trip! We apologize to you for Xiao Tianlong’s stupid behavior!!!”

Xiao Guopu, Xiao Ruoyu and others bowed deeply.


At the same time, Xiao Guopu kicked over the wheelchair.

The disabled Xiao Tianlong lay on the ground and said tremblingly: “Miss Logan, I…I was wrong, and I…don’t dare anymore…I beg your forgiveness!”

At this moment, Sarah’s brains went blank.

They never expected that the Xiao family would come to apologize!

What Levi said is right!!!

“In order to show our sincerity, we specially paid Miss Sarah 100 million in mental damage fee! Now the money has reached the account of Huating Company!”

Xiao Guopu said.

Sarah’s cell phone rang, and the company’s financial account sent him 100 million.

“You guys get up quickly!”

This tens of billions of people stood in front of him, Sarah’s heart pounding nonstop.

Dale and Edith were even more frightened.

Xiao Guopu asked: “Will Miss Logan forgive us?”


Plum dyed.

“Great, goodbye Miss Logan!”

The Xiao family left in a hurry, and Xiao Tianlong was dragged away.

At this time, Levi drank a cup of hot milk and walked out slowly: “Apologize?”

“How did you do it, Levi? Oh my god, Xiao Guopu, who is worth tens of billions, actually came to apologize!”

Dale and Edith looked at Levi curiously.

Sarah also felt more and more miraculous.

“It’s very simple. Explain things clearly to the Xiao family. They are also reasonable people!”

Levi said lightly.

It is indeed reasonable to talk to others. Yesterday’s scene is equivalent to putting the barrel of a gun on a person’s face. Can it be unreasonable?

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