The Protector Novel Levi Garrison Chapter 1467 – 1468

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Chapter 1467

Everyone was taken aback.

Shocked with fright.

Unbelievably exclaimed: “The last madness the leader said is to release the Northern Demon?”

“This is terrible too! He is the most terrifying killing machine in history!”

“Now once the Northern Demon is released! I will definitely retaliate against Morendam. Who can control Morendam at that time?”

“Yes, the other four of Morendam Five Dragons are all useless. Who can stop him? The Northern Devil is invincible, and no one can control it!”

“Hahaha, I have imagined Morendam falling into a panic situation! It’s refreshing! Colin, you didn’t expect that the Northern Demon could come out!”

The members of the Avengers all showed excitement and crazy expressions.

Isn’t this exactly what they want?

Before leaving, throw to Morendam such an unstoppable disaster.

The power of the North Devil.

Even they themselves feel terrified.

Hei Fenghuang smiled: “If the king was still standing side by side before, maybe he could still stop it! What a pity…”

As soon as the word side by side was mentioned, the eyes of the people in Heihu changed.

Who is truly terrifying!

How many people were defeated in the battle of Jiulong Mountain?

If he were there, he might be able to stop the Northern Demon.

It’s a pity that he died.

“Is it all in the leader’s plan?”

Everyone exclaimed.

“That’s right! Everything is under the control of the leader! First get rid of the king of the word side by side, and severely inflict Da Xia. Then release the Northern Demon, so that no one can control the Northern Demon! For the Northern Demon, Da Xia will have nothing! No way!”

Black Phoenix laughed.

“Deputy leader, but the Northern Devil is in prison, how could Da Xia release it?”

This is your question.

It took so much effort for the North Devil to catch it, how could it be easily released?


“But what you don’t know is that the Northern Devil is not locked in any prison in Morendam!”


Everyone was taken aback.

Black Phoenix explained: “Because it is difficult to kill him with the strength of the Northern Demon. Secondly, he is likely to escape from prison!

The major prisons in Morendam have not been confident that the North Demon can be held, so the North Demon is locked in the most terrifying demon prison in Brandon Continent! “

“That’s the prison where there is a legend that no prisoner has ever gone out?”

The black tiger took a breath.

“Well, that’s right! The most mysterious demon prison in Brandon Continent houses the most vicious prisoners in Brandon Continent and the whole world. Once these prisoners are put in the devil prison, they will never come out again. Until death!”

“The guards of the Dongfangzhou Devil Prison are extremely strict, and for more than 300 years, no one has successfully escaped from it!”

“So it is the safest to keep the Northern Demon in the Devil Prison! It is equivalent to the Northern Demon being unable to get out in this lifetime!”

Black Phoenix nodded.

“Now, the leader is spending a lot of money to reach an agreement with the Devil Prison to release the Northern Demon!”

Everyone was shocked: “There has never been a history of people going out in the Devil Prison. I don’t know what price the leader paid to let them agree to let them out?”

Hei Fenghuang smiled: “This is the power of the leader! He can do what others can’t do!”

“Now the leader has gone to the Devil’s Prison to pick up the Northern Demon! We can wait quietly now! At that time, let’s see what Morendam can do to block the Northern Demon?”

The Avengers are already very much looking forward to this matter.

Soon, the North Demon was born, a catastrophe on earth.

Chapter 1468

The northernmost depth of the sea in Brandon Island is in the vast ice-bound sea all year round.

There is a forbidden area that does not exist on the map!

The place where the navigator and adventurer would not go to death.

Because here is the strongest cage in Eastern Continent.

The strongest prison in Dongfangzhou that cost 100 billion and took a hundred years to build!

This prison was built in the depths of the ice sea, one kilometer above sea level.

The huge airtight prison is made of the hardest alloy in the world and cannot be destroyed at all.

The defense of the prison has reached the tenth highest level.

There are 100,000 heavily armed guards guarding here all year round, and even the most advanced weapons in the world are installed.

There is even an aircraft carrier above the prison.

No one has escaped since the construction of this cage for more than 300 years!

Every prisoner in it is an existence that scares Brandon Continent and the whole world.

Criminals are also divided into different levels.

S-class prisoners are generally wanted internationally.

SS-class prisoners can affect the safety of the world.

SSS-class prisoners will bring disaster to the world.

SSS-level prisoners are the highest-ranking prisoners in prisons in various countries, and each country is estimated to have at most one or two prisoners.

The scary thing is that there are hundreds of SSS-level prisoners in the devil prison!

This is definitely the strongest prison in Dongfangzhou!

The most terrifying thing is that there is an SSSS-level prisoner in the devil prison!

He is taboo for the world!

The Devil’s Prison is known as the eighteenth hell.

As the name suggests, the prison is divided into eighteen floors.

The lower the prison level, the more terrifying criminals are being held.

Only one prisoner was held on the eighteenth floor of hell, and that was the Northern Demon.

The only SSSS-class prisoner in Dongfangzhou!

Thousands of SSS-level prisoners are recognized as the SSSS-level demon king.

It is also officially recognized as the strongest king in the Devil Prison for more than 300 years!

There is a saying in the devil prison-there are two things in this world that cannot be looked at directly, one is the sun and the other is the northern demon.

Because he is too strong and too strong, and his risk factor exceeds that of all criminals, he was defined as an SSSS-level prisoner and locked in the eighteenth layer of prison.

Today, this prison has never been out, but because one person broke the rules.

That is the North Demon.

“Kang Dang!”

The eighteenth floor of the prison, after the cold special door opened.

A man in black stepped out slowly.

There are no chains on him.

Because no one can trap him in prison.

Over the years, he has freely entered and exited the prison every day, and even occasionally left the prison to get some air.

As for the eighteenth prison, it became a joke on him.

Black Dragon, the leader of the Avengers, came to pick him up.

Today is the day he left the devil prison.

“Congratulations to the North Demon!”

“Congratulations to the North Demon!”

At this moment, everyone in the eighteenth-floor prison made religious gestures and shouted titles.

In the cold prison, these criminals looked at the god in their hearts with crazy and awe-inspiring eyes!

Send off the King of Kings in the Devil Prison with their highest courtesy.

After arriving on the first floor, the warden of the Devil Prison, nicknamed Hell Hell, has already brought hundreds of people waiting.

There are dozens of criminals wearing labor uniforms nearby. They are representatives of hundreds of sss criminals and thousands of criminals below sss.

“North Demon, the strongest killer organization in the Eastern Continent will be available to you in the future!”

“North Demon, the strongest mercenary group in the Eastern Continent will be used by you in the future!”

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