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Chapter 1469

Before entering the devil prison, these people were either the killer king or the mercenary emperor, and they asked the North Demon to take over their organization.

The last one is an old man with gray hair and in his twilight years.

He excitedly held the North Demon’s hand: “North Demon, as long as you accept this card, one-tenth of Brandon Continent’s wealth will go to you!”

Before this old guy went to prison, Bill Gates, known as the Dark World of the East Continent.

His wealth is beyond description.

The North Demon took it down one by one.

These things are of no use in the Devil’s prison, but they are of great use in the world outside the prison.

Especially Black Dragon has already told him about the plan.

Take revenge on Morendam frantically.

These people still have material wealth and will be his greatest help!

He doesn’t need to be melancholy Morendam catching him again!

This is the truth he realized in prison.

He is powerful, but he is alone after all.

Single-handedly, he was finally framed.

He has other powers in his hands, making things even more handy.

He can be invincible!

The warden Bass Wang looked at the North Demon with a complicated expression.

His devil prison can contain everything in this world, but it can’t contain the killing machine in front of him!

Because he knew that the Northern Devil had been in prison for these years.

His strength is still improving.

If he wanted to leave, he could actually leave the devil prison long ago.

It’s just that he is waiting for an opportunity.

Now that the time has come, he will leave.

“The Devil’s Prison is numbered 0000, approved to leave the prison!”

Hades announced.

This time the North Devil goes out, the reputation of the Devil Prison will be greatly damaged.

But what can he do?

He reached a deal with Black Dragon.

The reason why he agreed to let the North Demon leave.

That’s because he knows that the Devil’s prison can’t hold him.

It might as well go hand in hand and make a deal with the black dragon.


The door of hell in the Devil Prison that could hold nuclear weapons slowly opened.

From the moment the North Demon stepped out of the gate, the myth that no one had ever gone out of the Devil Prison was shattered!

On the sea, several battleships floated.

There is also a helicopter hovering above.

The Northern Devil took a deep breath.

The black dragon on the opposite side led people to walk quickly.

“Lord Northern Devil, congratulations on coming out!”

Black Dragon smiled.


The North Demon responded.

When the black dragon learned that the North Demon possessed powerful wealth and the most powerful killer mercenary organization.

This is simply adding wings!

What is Morendam doing to stop him now?

“Lord Northern Devil, if necessary, the Avengers are on standby at any time!”

“And the road ahead has been paved! Just do it!”

Heilong said by the side.

The Northern Devil looked into the distance: “Well, I see.”

“But what happened to the East Demon Four?”

North Demon asked.

“After the war with you that year, the four of them became useless, and have disappeared since then. There is no news until now!”

“Even if they recover later, their strength will be greatly reduced!”

The North Demon waved his hand: “It’s okay! Even if the four of them are at their peak? I’m still not afraid!”

“I have been getting stronger all the time during the years when I was in the devil prison! I am at least three times stronger than myself in the past!”


Heilong and the others gasped.

Back then, the Big Xia Wulong and four of the North Devil could join forces to capture it.

Is now three times stronger than before?

Who can stop this?


The black dragon laughed wildly.

The situation is much better than expected.

Chapter 1470

Every step went beyond his plan.

Even God is helping him!

Originally, the black dragon just wanted to use the last madness to leave Morendam a big trouble.

But now it seems that this is not just trouble.

This is likely to lead to destruction from Colin and his ilk.

Because no one can stop the North Demon!

“But we still have to be cautious! In case Bass Dragon Guard hides some super power, such as the word side by side king that suddenly pops up!”

Heilong reminded him by the side.

Bei Mo looked cold and arrogant: “It’s okay! None of them are my opponents. Who else can Morendam do?”

The North Demon is provoking and ignoring the entire Morendam!

Of course he has this capital!

He had it back then!

Not to mention now!

Heilong said: “Lord Northern Devil, I will arrange everything for you. Then you only need to act according to my plan! I promise Morendam will pay a painful price!”

The Northern Devil’s cold eyes suddenly stared at the black dragon.

Originally in the depths of the ice sea, the temperature is very low and very low.

But at this moment, the black dragon felt the extreme coldness.

As if falling ten thousand meters under the sea…

“Don’t think what you are thinking, I don’t know! You spend such a big price, just want to use me to deal with Morendam!”

“It’s true that I want to retaliate against Morendam! But I never listen to other people! Who dares to order me, who I kill!”

The Northern Devil’s icy warning made the black dragon cold all over his body.

He is too strong!!!

The warlord behind the black dragon wears a black lion mask.

His strength can be ranked in the top five in the Avengers.

He looked at the North Demon disdainfully and warned: “Please pay attention to the tone of your words! This is the leader of the Avengers! Do you really take yourself seriously?”

In the Avengers, many people don’t know the North Demon very well.

I feel that his fame is greater than his strength.

There are many people who are dissatisfied!

The Black Lion is one of them.

Seeing the arrogant appearance of the North Demon, he had endured it for a long time.

“You don’t accept me?”

The North Demon suddenly stared at the black lion.

“Naturally dissatisfied!”

The black lion stared at the North Demon angrily.


Suddenly, the North Demon’s eyes shot two cold lights.

One move with one hand.

A terrible absorption force came out, and the black lion instantly sucked in front of him.

Even if the black lion is very powerful, it can’t resist this attraction at all.

It’s like a black hole, devouring everything.


The black lion screamed.

Numerous blood holes appeared all over his body and blood spattered.

His flesh and blood gradually disappeared, revealing his bones…

Was sucked to death alive.

In the end, the black lion was left with only bones, clothes and masks.


After witnessing all this, the members of the Avengers were frightened.

Including the black dragon!

The combat power of the North Devil is simply terrifying!

The Black Lion is the top five warrior in the entire Avengers!

Didn’t even have the power to fight back at all?

The end is so miserable?

The others bowed their heads.

Don’t dare to look at the North Demon.

At this moment, everyone was convinced.

The North Demon’s fame and strength match!

The big devil you can’t mess with!

“Is anyone else dissatisfied?”

The North Demon looked at everyone.

Cold eyes swept over everyone.

No one has any objections.

“Lord North Devil, apologize for my failure to say something just now! I am willing to follow your arrangements! If you have any instructions, I will be there anytime!”

The black dragon was also softened.

“Well, let me arrange it.”

Watching the North Demon board the battleship.

Everyone took a deep breath.

“Haha, I like it!”

Heilong smiled.

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