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Chapter 1471

The stronger the North Devil, the better!

Morendam is more unable to parry!

The Northern Devil was not able to go to Morendam.

But in various regions of Dongfangzhou.

He wants to integrate the resources given to him by the criminals in the prison.

The North Devil is a wise man.

People who know the Avengers are unreliable.

Must rely on himself.

Only by taking power in his own hands, he has no worries.

After the North Demon came out of prison, it was like disappearing.

So during this period, the wind is calm.

Since the Devil’s prison and the Avengers have strictly sealed the news, Morendam and even the whole world did not know about the North Devil’s release from prison.

Levi is here, using all resources to check the information of the Avengers members.

As soon as the power of the four gate valves was added, it was significantly improved.

“Recently, has there been no news from the Avengers?”

Levi found that the Avengers had been a little too quiet recently.

It stands to reason that after getting rid of the “one word side by side”, he will continue to make big moves to attack Morendam.

It can’t be so quiet.

“No action for the time being! Even said that they are all hiding! Something is probably brewing…”

Xitian Wangdao.

Levi rubbed his temples: “The tranquility before the storm, they are definitely brewing a big move! Not surprisingly, they are going to run away, this is their last madness!”

King Xitian nodded: “It is indeed! Prince William has given them 18 islands and land for a dependent country! They should be fleeing from Morendam!”

“That’s it! They want to escape. It is estimated that before they leave, they will make the biggest move! While attacking Morendam, let them escape Morendam smoothly!”

Everyone looked at Levi: “Hall Lord, what will their last madness be?”

“It is estimated that this time he will directly attack Morendam! Destroy Morendam to the greatest extent!”

“That’s right, the last time I dealt with you was to dampen Morendam’s vitality and morale! This wave is about to begin a substantial destruction of Morendam!”

Everyone agreed with Levi’s statement.

Levi showed his sharp edge: “If this is the case, it means that Morendam is already in danger! We can’t sit still and wait! Sometimes we even have to take the initiative!”

“However, the Lord, we have only confirmed half of the members of the Avengers, and the others are still being determined. Especially the identity of the big boss can not be determined at all. If you act without authorization, you may be surprised!”

“It’s too late, once the Avengers attack. We will suffer a huge loss!”

“Give me an order-all ministries must be assembled on standby, ready to fight at any time!”

“The four gate valves take out all the main forces and stand by at any time!”

That night, Levi assembled all the forces that could be assembled.

Just waiting for the Avengers’ final counterattack.

But he has been uneasy in his heart.

Because I don’t know what the Avengers’ actions will be.

Especially know that this is the last madness.

The Avengers are definitely ready for a big wave.

This makes people even more headache.

In case the prediction is wrong, or not well controlled.

Then Morendam would be bad.

The people will suffer along with it.

Levi would die of guilt.


The Avengers will never be inactive!

Levi hurriedly called everyone together again.

“Impossible! They definitely move!”

“We have not controlled those people right now?”

Levi asked.

“The most important person is the leader of the Avengers-Black Dragon!”

Chapter 1472

“Even though we found him when we stared at the black phoenix, he came and went without a trace, and couldn’t catch it at all!”

“Almost we can control the others, but he is the only one.”

The King Xitian replied.

“That’s the problem. We can’t capture the whereabouts of the leader of the Avengers! He is the real brain of the Avengers!”

“We have not captured the information of the people who really control the situation!”

Levi took a deep breath.

“Although we are prepared, we don’t know how the enemy will attack! This is the biggest hidden danger!”

“And I faintly feel something is wrong!”

Levi suffered from insomnia that night.

He felt the pressure.

It was as if a pair of eyes were staring at him in the dark.

It is located in the temporary Avengers base somewhere in the capital.

The heads of the black dragon and black phoenix gathered together.

“Has the North Demon not moved yet?”

Black Phoenix asked.

“It will be there soon. During this time, he has integrated all his strengths.”

“And he asked them to act first to let us divert our attention, and then he attacked unexpectedly and completely interrupted Da Xia’s position.”

Black Dragon smiled.


“The North Demon actually used tactics?”

Everyone was taken aback.

Back then, the North Demon single-handedly fought in and out in Morendam.

No one has followed, let alone trickery.

“In the past few years, he should have understood that it is impossible to stand alone!”

The black dragon smiled.

“What exactly do we need to do then?”

Black Phoenix and the core members of the Avengers can’t wait.

“Listen to my orders… act in the early morning!”

The wee hours are when people are most tired.

Suddenly all over Morendam, the Avengers took action.

Caught off guard.

Destructive attacks were launched on some important bases and laboratories.

Fortunately, Levi took precautions in advance.

Stop it for the first time, minimizing the loss.

Levi, located in Jiangbei, also received the news immediately.

“There are enemies in the South!”

“There are enemies in the East!”

“My department has stopped! Fully pursued!”

“The same goes for my department!”

This is the benefit of pre-deployment.

Almost every loss suffered.

The results of this day are simply fruitful.

The Avengers suffered heavy losses…

But basically all the people deployed by Levi were exposed.

Because all the attention is on the Avengers.

As soon as they appeared, they were all exposed naturally.

In addition to Quezhen Tiandian and the four gate valves.

Everything else is equivalent to transparency.

“Hall Lord, they still couldn’t hold back their actions after all…”

Everyone smiled.

The key is that they are prepared in advance.

Let the enemy insert without a gap.

Levi frowned, “No! Nothing!”

“Why is something wrong?”

Everyone looked over.

“This is not the style of the Avengers!”

“If this is the last madness of the Avengers, they will use everything to destroy it. It will never be such a small mess!”

Levi analyzed.

“Yes! At the end, there is no big wave, it’s not their style!”

“But what is the real big move?”

Everyone is puzzled.

“I can’t think of it temporarily…”

Levi rubbed his head.

But the next moment, someone ran in with a shout: “It’s not good, the big thing is not good…”


Levi’s hearts sank.

A bad premonition emerged in my heart…

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