The Protector Novel Levi Garrison Chapter 1473 – 1474

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Chapter 1473

“what’s happening?”

Levi immediately stood up.

“An enemy suddenly attacked bases No. 3, No. 4, No. 7, No. 11, No. 15, and No. 19 at the same time, and suffered heavy losses!”

“In addition, the four major countries have also encountered challenges! The four guardians have been injured one after another! The first line of defense has been defeated!”

“Also, our spies and Lords exposed as a result of the Avengers operation suffered a heavy blow from the other side! The loss is heavy!”

“The most terrifying thing is that Yulong Laboratory and Yuhu Laboratory were destroyed! The opponent’s offensive was too fierce! Unstoppable! Now the position is completely disrupted!”

The people here will tell Levi and others what happened.


Everyone was stunned.

“What’s the matter? The Avengers aren’t we staring at it? How could they suddenly attack?”

Levi realized that something went wrong.

“It doesn’t seem to be from the Avengers! They come from overseas! Most of them are mercenaries and killer organizations! But they are as powerful as a cloud! Unstoppable!”

“Their leader is strong enough to explode! One person will knock down the three lines of defense!”

“Sure enough! The Avengers attack is a guise! Just to divert our attention! So that this group of people can suddenly perform killer moves!”

“The last madness of the Avengers really hired foreign aid! They are not the protagonists, the real protagonists are these people!”

“The last madness is here!!!”

Levi rubbed his head.

After all, it was not guarded.

Next, we can only reduce the loss as much as possible, and then destroy the enemy.

“Hurry up and find out who these are? Then mobilize all the power you can mobilize to stop them!”

“In addition, send someone to stare at the Avengers! At this time they should be running away! We must not let them escape Morendam alive!”

Levi was cold.

This time, no matter who the opponent is, he will be uprooted.

He is angry!

“At present, this group of people has entered Morendam! But the trace is still not traceable! No one knows where they will attack in the next wave!”

The Western Heavenly King has activated Skynet to check the traces of these people.

“As soon as there is news, notify me immediately and I will do it myself!”

“The Lords of the Zhentian Temple and the Four Gate Valves are on standby at any time. This is our trump card!”

Levi’s fighting spirit was boiling.

As a result, it suffered a loss.

Secondly, the other party is very strong.

This made him nervous.

At this time, Morendam and even the world were already boiling.

Because the news that major bases and laboratories have been hit hard has spread…

No one expected such a day to come.

Some are happy and some are sad.

The overseas is boiling.

Morendam has never seen such an embarrassment.

First, the king fell side by side.

Then there was such a big thing again!

Simply refreshing!

But for Morendam, it was a catastrophe.

This group is too strong.

Can’t stop it at all.

The four guardians of the country are all injured.

They have entered Great Summer.

Who knows what the next big move will be.

The most important thing is that now I don’t even know who the enemy is.

This is the most terrible!

Colin also used resources and strength to investigate.

But there was no result.

The moment is too tense, and people are panicking.

Everyone is as tight as a compression spring.

Suddenly at this time, a video was released.

The content of the video is also very simple.

“Morendam, my North Demon is back!”

Chapter 1474

North Devil.

A distant and unfamiliar vocabulary!

Not even a few people in this world know it at all.

That is to say, the hidden forces like the Four Gate Valves will know a little.

That’s the North Demon of Morendam Wulong!

Morendam Wulong is the ceiling and has the strongest combat power.

But the North Demon is the strongest of the strongest!

Back then, the other four of Morendam Wulong teamed up to be able to capture him.

Of course, it was done with various traps and tactics and hundreds of thousands of people around to help.

In fact, Bei Mo’s combat power was at least equal to the other four of Morendam Wulong.

It can even be said that the North Demon is above the other four.

Morendam Wulong is the ceiling!

But this person is better than the combination of the four ceilings!

This is simply terrible!

People are as they are.

He is like a demon!

His arrival is a disaster!

When the word “North Demon” appeared, Morendam’s various hidden forces and organizations such as Colin completely boiled over.

Everyone was horrified and sucked in cold air.

Unprecedented pressure surged into my heart.

Everyone knew that North Mordor was strong back then.

The killing is dim and dark, no one can stop it!

From the southern border of Morendam all the way to the eastern border, and then to the eastern continent.

It is totally unstoppable momentum!

He is the incarnation of catastrophe!

How much manpower and material resources it took to capture him.

The frightening thing is that Morendam didn’t even have a prison that could hold him.

Finally, he could only be sent to the devil prison.

Let him never come out!

But he actually came out?

“It has now been confirmed that the Northern Devil has indeed come out of the devil prison! Just a few days ago!”

“The actions in these two days were also done by the North Devil!”

Colin got the exact news.


Everyone took a deep breath.

This great demon was born.

Who can control him?

The most frightening thing is that the remaining four of Morendam Wulong have long since retired.

They were basically defeated in that battle.

This is the exact news from Colin.

Morendam Wulong could not participate in the war.

This means that no one can stop him.

The only way that could be thought of back then was them.

Now that the Northern Devil is back, there are a group of Lords around to follow.

Coupled with the alliance with the Avengers, it would be even more difficult to deal with the Northern Demons.

“Is this the end of Morendam?”

“He is too strong, who can stop him?”

Suddenly everyone stopped resting.

One after another thought of one person-Levi.

The battle at Jiulong Mountain pushed him to unprecedented heights.

Looking around, it seems that only Levi can fight the North Demon.

But despite Levi’s stunning performance.

But everyone is still not optimistic about him.

After all, the fear the North Devil brings to everyone is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

That’s the ultimate ceiling!

“I think we can ask the other four of Morendam Wulong, maybe they have any coup? After all, they were the ones who captured the North Demon back then!”

“It’s true! Although they retired, they know the North Demon best!”

Colin sent several people to find the other four of Morendam Wulong.

When the North Demon video appeared, everyone was confused at first.

The deeds of the Northern Demon gradually spread.

Everyone knows how terrible the Northern Devil is.

No one can stop the entire Morendam!

“It would be great if the king was alive side by side!”

“Yes, if the king wants to live side by side, I believe that the Northern Devil can be defeated!”

The people began to miss the word side by side.

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