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Chapter 1475

But what everyone didn’t expect was that the king was really alive side by side!

“Don’t mention it, I heard. Even if the king lives side by side, it’s useless! It’s not an opponent of the Northern Devil!”

“But the king living side by side is always a hope, now can you find a second person to deal with the Northern Devil?”


The great parents’ silence for a long time!

In this era, there is no one who can fight the North Demon at all!

The most terrifying thing is that after hearing that the North Demon was released from prison, Colin and the Lords of Morendam’s major organizations were all afraid.

That is the fear from the depths of the soul!

After just hearing the name, you frightened.

This is the terrible part of the North Devil!

“Who wants to play?”

The dragon group, phoenix group, wolf group and so on under Colin’s command held a meeting.

I want to form a death squad and go to the front line to fight against the North Devils.

After the words came out.

All silent!

No one wants to play!

Facing the North Devil, self-confidence was gone.

Everyone fell into the fear of being dominated by the Northern Devil.

Even Colin is like this.

Not to mention other people.

As soon as they heard the name North Demon, everyone’s legs became weak in fright.

Let alone fight against him.

Today, the North Demon holds the strongest killer mercenary organization in Eastern Continent, and the Avengers are here to assist.

The fear brought to everyone is magnified.

It’s not just them.

Even people like Tangbei Dao and Beiliang King were scared when they heard that the Northern Demon was released from prison.

They all regard the Morendam Five Dragons as gods.

Not to mention the strongest North Demon among them.

They spent all resources to train the successors of the Great Xia Wulong, and no one knew how powerful the North Demon was better than them.

It is impossible for his successor to be cultivated.

His power cannot be copied.

There is a Tianshan base in the northern desert.

The Shura army led by Woodrow stood here.

They were hit hard just now and suffered heavy losses.

But I still held it here.

“Boss, only God of War Railway Brigade is okay at the moment! The others have suffered heavy losses!”

“Especially Fan Shengnan’s War God’s side! Not much better than us!”

Seven kills counted the casualties and the battle conditions of other bases.

“Be sure to hold on to me! Otherwise, Woodrow, as the god of war in God of War, can’t afford to lose this person!”

Woodrow shouted.

The Tianshan base has a steep terrain, and they can still defend by relying on the terrain.

“Are there any traces of the Northern Devil?”

Woodrow asked.

Because after the North Demon announced that he had returned, he never appeared again.

However, his subordinates appeared everywhere.

“For the time being, there are no traces of the Northern Demon everywhere! Some people predict that the Northern Demon may go to the capital! It will not appear in the Northern Territory!”

Breaking the army was very sure.

“I hope they can find a way to deal with the North Demon as soon as possible? He is a demon, we are humans, and we can’t handle it at all!”

As a member of the Northern Liang family, Woodrow was also extremely afraid of the Northern Demons.

Far more than the average person.


At this moment, the birds and beasts ran away, roaring through the sky.

An extremely suppressed breath surged.

All of them had a dull chest, short of breath, particularly uncomfortable, and uncomfortable.

Let all your negative emotions flood into your heart.

There is even the urge to commit suicide…

As if the world became black and white.

Dead still.



That kind of feeling really makes a person depressed to the extreme.

Can evoke the deepest fear in your heart.

“North…the North Demon appeared…he actually appeared in the north…”

Chapter 1476

The appearance of the North Demon changed the colors of the world.

Let this world become a ruin.

This is what everyone feels deep inside.

He is like a god in charge of killing.

His appearance makes people insignificant like an ant.

Including Woodrow, who have experienced many battles.

In front of the Tianshan base, a black figure walked slowly.

Behind him is a dark crowd.

The North Demon is here.


When he saw that lonely figure, Woodrow’s head was about to explode.

He actually appeared in the north.

Not the capital!

Everyone’s prediction is wrong!

The Northern Devil did not directly attack the capital.

It’s over.

This time is completely over!

As a family member, Woodrow knows how terrifying the Northern Devil is better than anyone else.

But the seven kills and the soldiers behind him are fearless.

“Boss, we will do our best to defend the Tianshan base! At that time we will definitely be famous for Morendam and the world!”

“Yes, guarding the Tianshan base in the hands of the North Demon, how prestigious is it to spread out?”

The seven kills are still fantasizing.

But Woodrow looked gloomy.

Still want to hold?

Is it a defensible question now?

Now the Shura Army has a few questions about being able to go back alive…

But the Shura Army can’t retreat!

He can’t retire either!

“Where is the Shura Army?”

Woodrow shouted.


The Shura army shouted together.

“Swear to the death and hold here!”

Woodrow raised his arms and shouted.

“We occupy high ground and terrain, and we want to break through the line of defense, it’s not that easy!”

Woodrow’s mouth flicked fiercely.

Only in the next second, there were bursts of exclamation from the crowd.

“Where is the man? The man is gone?”

Everyone looked to the front one after another.

The Northern Demon, who had walked single-handedly just now, had disappeared.

It disappeared under the noses of thousands of people.

“not good…”

Woodrow exclaimed.

The next moment, he felt like he was being spotted by a poisonous snake.

The scalp is numb, and the cold sweat is swishing.

The Northern Devil appeared among them…


There was a scream.

Turning around, the Shura army suffered heavy casualties.

The North Demon easily broke through the line of defense.

The North Demon’s men rushed over like a flood…

“Take him! A good opportunity to become famous!”

Seven kills of the three are like tigers coming out of the cage.




Only three people flew out.

Even the North Demon couldn’t catch a single move.

Woodrow shot a cold light in his eyes: “You can never back down! Swear to stay here!”

“Ignorant boy, can you hold it?”

The Northern Devil appeared in front of Woodrow and bombarded with a punch.

Woodrow vomited blood and flew out.

“God of War? But so!”

Woodrow, who was lying on the ground, stood up again.

“Come on! Go on!”

Although he is inferior.

But even if he died, he would die on the way to charge.

“Don’t be silly, withdraw quickly!”

At this time, Fan Shengnan suddenly led people to the court and insisted on pulling Woodrow back.

“No! I haven’t defeated Woodrow! I’m the God of War!”

Woodrow looked stubborn.

“Not to mention that you are not worthy of the God of War, so how do we deal with the North Devil?”

“I have received Colin’s order to retreat! Don’t make fearless sacrifices!”

Fan Shengnan shouted.

“Hey! Retreat!”

Woodrow ordered a retreat.

Soon, the Northern Demons occupied the Tianshan base.

Several surrounding bases were all lost.

The Northern Territory collapsed…

The North Demon stood at the highest point.

Looking into the distance, he laughed and said, “Morendam, can you stop me?”

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