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Chapter 156

Dale immediately said: “In fact, the stronger the big people, the more peaceful they are, the more they pay attention to morals and etiquette, otherwise they can sit in this position?”

Edith also nodded: “Yes, it is true, such big people are reasonable!”

Sarah felt that this matter was tricky, but couldn’t pick out anything.

In her eyes, after all, the gap between Levi and the Xiao family was too big.

“Next, we are going to attend your grandma’s birthday banquet. Gifts must be carefully selected! You have the number first, and we will pick it up when the time comes!”

Edith takes the matter of returning to her natal family seriously.

Dale is the same. As the son-in-law of the Mann family, it would be great if he could shine at the birthday banquet.

Now that the Xiao family has sent one hundred million, Dale and Edith are very confident.

Everything is back to normal, and Sarah’s project has improved.

Several companies have requested cooperation.

After all, after the development of the ecological park, there will be markets for catering, accommodation and so on.

Whoever is fast can seize the opportunity.

“By the way, I’m going to talk about cooperation in Levi this morning! A catering company with a foreign trademark wants them to do the Western Food Project in the Ecological Park! Would you like to go?”

In the morning, Sarah asked.

“You just talk about it, I have other things.”

Because today Levi does have business.

Wesley informed them.

Came to the manor where the Wesley people live.

Suzaku handed over a document.

“Report to the general that the Tianlong Legion of the Emperor Iron Brigade has successfully completed its mission and evacuated from the frontline battlefield. According to regulations, it is now withdrawing to the next-door provincial capital Jinling Military Region to rest! Please instruct!

Suzaku saluted.

Levi took a look at the file and nodded: “Okay, let the Heavenly Dragon Legion make adjustments first, and wait for my further instructions!”

As the commander-in-chief of the Ninth War Regiment, Levi has the right to mobilize the army at will.

But what he generally uses in the frontier battlefield is the pro-army that he has cultivated-the Emperor Iron Brigade.

The Emperor Iron Brigade is divided into several teams, and the combat effectiveness of the Tianlong Legion is at the forefront, super powerful!

The Dragon Legion has been fighting on the border for two years this time, so it’s time to take a break.

“Just a few days later, I’m going to the provincial capital Jinling to attend grandma Sarah’s birthday banquet, and then I will go to the provincial capital Jinling Military Region!”

Levi approached.

“That’s great, the soldiers of the Heavenly Dragon Army want to see you, General!”

Suzaku smiled.

After returning in the evening, Sarah told Levi that today’s cooperation had been negotiated.

Fick Catering Company directly put out a deposit of 30 million and finalized the cooperation.

This is the first money made by the project.

Sarah handed Levi a card.

“What are you doing?”

Levi was stunned.

“Didn’t you borrow five million back then? You should go and pay the money back!”

It turned out that Sarah always remembered this.

“Well, then I will accept it.”

After Levi accepted the card, he began to check Fick’s catering contract.

Turns out to be a member of the Case York Chamber of Commerce.

“This foreigner-owned company has a lot of preferential policies in place! This is much better than domestic companies!”

Levi sighed.

It seems that places are more supportive of foreigners’ development, giving great convenience and preferential policies.

Sometimes there are even green channels.

Sarah smiled and said, “You only know that? It has always been like this! These foreigners have privileges for what they do with us, there is no way!”

Levi’s face changed: “Are they superior? Ridiculous!”

Chapter 157

Sarah shook his head: “There is no way, they are superior! Everyone has acquiesced!”

Levi frowned, “I’m Yangyang Velador, when is it the turn of these people to be the best?”

“No way! Foreigners are welcome everywhere! Those international students are even better for welfare! And now many girls like foreign students, and when you see foreign faces, you can’t wait to dedicate yourself!”

“There are many such phenomena, and I feel unfair and there is nothing to do.”

Sarah was helpless.

This situation has been encountered many times over the years.

Sometimes when you participate in the bidding, the criterion for people’s choice is not your strength and prospects, but these foreigners.

Levi’s eyes flickered with cold light.

“By the way, I got the money. I’m going to buy a house for Dad! But the old house is still Dad’s name. He will go to transfer the old house to my mom tomorrow. What do you think?”

Sarah asked.

“The money you make yourself can be distributed by you.”

The next day, Dale came to the Housing Management Bureau excitedly.

There is a long line at the door of the Housing Management Bureau.

It took Dale an hour to get to him.

When Dale happily took the information and went in.

Suddenly, the two jumped in from the side and rushed over to stand in front of him.

“Hey, hey, what are you doing? You jumped in line!”

Dale shouted immediately.

The two tall figures in front of them turned their heads, and they were two foreigners.

They even raised their middle finger at Dale.

“Leave far away!!!”

Dale was stunned.

I spent an hour in line, but I didn’t say anything but was insulted!

This is pure bullying!

It’s not just Dale who is not happy anymore.

The people behind Dale did not agree.


Everyone is queuing up well, why do you jump in?

This was the peak time, and at least seventy or eighty people lined up behind Dale.

These two people jump in the line as soon as they arrive, or jump in the line directly in front, whoever gets angry!

“You come in line at the back! Don’t jump in the line!”

“Hurry down!!!”

“No matter what your background is, come and line up!”

A group of people shouted at the two foreigners.

They have aroused public outrage.

It’s just that the two foreigners were indifferent and didn’t even want to turn around.

Seeing so many people supporting him, Dale also plucked up the courage, and he stepped forward and pushed the two of them.

The two turned around.

One of them asked displeasedly: “What’s the matter?”

“You can’t jump in! Honestly go to the back to line up! Don’t you see so many people in line behind?”

Dale said coldly.

Others also echoed one after another: “Yes, let me queue up honestly! You have no privileges, you are the same as us!”

I saw two foreigners sneered: “Huh! We came to Velador, have we never been in line? We have priority in everything we do! What’s more, what we do is more important than you! Huh!”

“What priority? Is there any rule? You have to line up wherever you go! But things are more important than us? Hurry up and line up at the back!”

Everyone shouted.

“Next to me, you two will line up for me!”

Dale took the formalities one step forward and wanted to go in.

But it was blocked by two foreigners.

One of them snatched Dale’s formalities.


He even tore up all Dale’s formalities.

Chapter 158


In an instant, Dale was dumbfounded.

The same is true for others.

Never thought that these two foreigners would be so courageous.

He even tore up all the people’s formalities directly!

“Inferior!!! Get out!”

The two foreigners raised their middle fingers at Dale, cursing and pushing Dale.

Dale said angrily: “I fucking fight with you!”

Dale was certainly not the opponent of the two 1.9-meter men, and soon there were two more slap marks on his face.

It was a big mess.

The staff came out one after another.

The first middle-aged man said angrily: “I am Cross Lixi, the director on duty today, just tell me anything!”

Everyone hurriedly yelled: “They jumped in line! They had to tear up the procedures! They had beaten people!”

Especially Dale cried out his experience.

After Cross Lixi, he sent two foreigners into the hall for the first time.

“Two gentlemen, your business is important, please first!”

Just under the eyes of dozens of people, Cross Lixi actually did this.

This move naturally caused strong dissatisfaction among everyone.

“Why? They can go in!”

“Yes! Can they jump in the line? Do foreigners have any privileges?”

Cross Lixi pressed his hand to signal everyone to be quiet.

“Let me explain the reason! In a certain sense, people are privileged! People come to us to help us develop, and I don’t know how much income we have to generate. Compared to you, people’s things are the most important! What happened to the team? It didn’t affect you much!”

Cross Lixi explained.


“But what is it? Leave if you don’t want to do it!”

Cross Lixi’s attitude is very hard.

Now everyone lined up obediently, there was nothing to say.

Dale said angrily: “What about me, give me an explanation! The procedures are all torn!”

Cross Lixi glanced at the waste paper on the ground and sneered: “If the procedure is torn, I will re-do it again!”

“What do you say about hitting me?”

Dale pointed to his face.

Cross Lixi sneered: “My people saw that you did it first!”


Dale was going to explode.

At this time, a staff member ran out and quietly said a few words in Cross Lixi’s ear.

Cross Lixi’s expression changed a little when he heard it. He glared at Dale and said, “Do you still want to handle business?”

Dale was stunned: “What do you mean?”

“The two gentlemen were very angry at your rude behavior just now! They ask you to kneel down and apologize, and they will forgive you!”

Cross Lixi said.

Dale looked incredible: “What? They obviously jumped in and beat someone to tear my contract, and in turn asked me to kneel down and apologize? Is there any reason?”

“Hehe! It’s really your fault!”

Cross Lixi said seriously.

Dale was stunned: “My fault?”

“Did you know? These two people have a great background! Their companies don’t know how much money they want to make and how many employment problems they solve. This is good for Case York for you! They have precious time, so what happened to them? “

“You waste other people’s things, isn’t you wrong?”

Dale was shocked by this false reasoning: “What do you mean? Me?”

“What are you? Do you still want to make up the formalities? I tell you clearly, if you don’t apologize to others, you don’t want to do this formality! I will hold you up for the rest of your life, believe it or not?”

Cross Lixi is a naked threat.

Chapter 159

Dale was completely dumbfounded.

I didn’t expect this to be the case.

I never expected Cross Lixi to treat his compatriots so cruelly!

Others also dared not speak.

If anyone said more, Cross Lixi would not do business.

Everyone can only open one eye and close one eye.

“What do you think? Say!”

Cross Lixi asked sharply.

“I choose to apologize and go through the procedures!”

Dale bowed his head after all.

In order to have a new house to live in, he chose to apologize for the successful transfer.

“Well, those two gentlemen just have time today, and they said you should go to the last line now! When you get to the top again, let you apologize to them! When they are satisfied, I will go through the formalities and business!”

Cross Lixi patted him on the face.

Dale was about to explode.

I also said that time is precious, but now I am leisurely watching him line up.

“Okay, I promise!”

Dale repeatedly forbeared, and came to the end to line up.

The two foreigners inside laughed.

He also raised his middle finger at Dale, still cursing.

Cross Lixi smiled and served two foreign uncles, serving coffee here and there.

Dale stood behind, his face pale with anger.

The more I think about it, the more angry.

I can’t just forget it!

“By the way, ask Levi what he can do!”

After receiving a call from Sarah that Dale had something wrong, Levi went straight to the Housing Management Bureau.

Found a long line at the gate of the Housing Management Bureau!

Dale stood at the back with an angry face and two red handprints on his face.

Levi walked to the front and asked, “Dad, what’s wrong with you?”

“Levi, I was beaten…”

Dale seemed to have grasped the life-saving straw and told Levi everything.

After Levi listened, he was about to explode.

He was still discussing this issue with Sarah last night, but he didn’t expect to encounter it today, it was his father-in-law.

Levi pulled Dale towards the front.

“Go, Dad, let me ask you for an explanation! How can this matter be forgotten like this!”

Levi said angrily.

Dale also had courage in his heart, and rushed up with Levi.

“Who hit? Come out for me!”

Levi stood at the door and said angrily.

At this time Cross Lixi and the staff came out one after another.

When I saw Dale, he immediately said angrily: “What are you going to do? Didn’t I let you line up outside?”

“I ask you who beat me?”

Levi asked in a cold voice.

“Yeah, the rescuers are here! I tell you, your procedures can’t be done in this life! I’ll hold you for the rest of my life!”

Cross Lixi’s face changed abruptly, and his anger was raging.

Dale was shocked.

Levi glanced at his badge and said coldly, “Cross Lixi, right?”

“Yes, what’s wrong with me? Do you want to complain about me or something?”

Cross Lixi pointed to Levi’s nose and roared.

Levi ignored him, but took out his mobile phone and dialed a number.

“Hey, Lao Porter asked the Director of Housing Management Bureau to come! Ask him if he knows someone named Cross Lixi!”

Levi said coldly.

Dean wiped his cold sweat on the other end of the phone.

The first secretary Cross Xiaoliang asked: “What’s the matter with the mayor?”

“Hurry up and notify Yue Zhishang of the Housing Management Bureau to go to the Housing Management Bureau. A man named Cross Lixi has provoke God of War General!”

Dean immediately said.

When Cross Lixi saw Levi hang up, she sneered, “What? You finished the call? Are you going to kill me or fire me?”

Chapter 160

Levi pushed him away and went to the hall, his eyes fell on the two foreigners: “You hit someone?”

Upon seeing this, the two foreigners stood up.

Step by step towards Levi.

“Yes, we did it! Do you want revenge?”

The two foreigners spoke fluent Chinese and looked at Levi with disdain.

“Apologize! You must apologize if you hit someone!”

Levi ordered.

“Apologize? Impossible! How could we apologize to a yellow-skinned monkey?”

The two foreigners were extremely arrogant.

Levi and Dale were inferior in their eyes.

Didn’t pay attention to it at all.

“Apologize for beating!”

Levi’s attitude was firm, and a trace of chill was released from his body.

The two foreigners were very dissatisfied with the way Levi looked at them. Because they were taller than Levi, they looked at him condescendingly.

He even reached out to push Levi.


But Levi’s feet were like electricity, and a kick hit this man’s knee.


Suddenly, the man fell to the ground and cried out bitterly.


The other person ended up in the same way, kneeling on the ground and screaming.

The two were struggling to get up, Levi stepped on their shoulders with both feet, and the two of them seemed to be discouraged by the ball and couldn’t get up again.

Kneeling obediently!

“Dad, how do they slap you, how do you slap them!”

Levi said to Dale.

Dale hesitated for a moment before stepping forward.


Several consecutive slaps on the faces of the two of them made a crisp sound.

Dale let out a bad breath.

“it is good!”

“It’s great, so happy!”


The people in line outside applauded.

Who can bear being bullied by others in your own territory?

It’s so cool now!

“Remember, this is Velador! You are equal to us at most, this is not a place where you can engage in privileges!”

Levi said coldly.

The two foreigners stared at Levi disdainfully: “Inferior monkey! Just wait for things to happen! You’re done!”

Cross Lixi also agreed: “Yes, you are done! Do you know what you are doing?”

“Am I asking them to apologize what’s wrong?”

Levi approached.

He kicked two foreigners angrily: “Apologize!”

“First, I apologize for jumping in line!”

“Second, I apologize for tearing up other people’s procedures!”

“Third, I apologize for beating you!”

At this moment, Dale felt that the son-in-law was too domineering.

Where is the waste?

Dale also shouted: “Yes! Apologies!”

“Hey, do you know what you are doing? You have a big deal!”

Cross Lixi shouted immediately.

But Levi didn’t care at all. He looked at the angry two foreigners and smiled: “No apology, right? Very good! I have a way to make you apologize, and you will be expelled from Velador.”

“Do you know what you are doing? You are dead! You are completely finished!”

Cross Lixi warned.

Levi smiled and said, “Why? I’m not happy to see your uncle foreigner kneeling? I heard that it was the privilege you gave! I want to ask you, what qualifications do they have to have privilege? Line up and let these people jump in! Are you kneeling and unable to stand up?”

“Anyway, let me tell you! Your formalities will never be completed!”

Cross Lixi threatened.

“Haha… Then I’ll wait and see!”

At this moment, a white car stopped on the side of the road.

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