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Chapter 161

The two of them got out of the car and ran all the way to the front.

When Cross Lixi saw this, his face changed, and he immediately greeted him.

He said in surprise: “Yue Ju, didn’t you go to the municipal party committee for a meeting? Why did you come back?”

Yue Zhishang saw Cross Lixi’s teeth with hatred.

He roared: “Cross Lixi, you have been fired!”


In a word, Cross Lixi was completely stunned, and looked at Yue Zhishang incredulously.

He looked at Levi again, and it seemed that he was calling.

I didn’t expect that I was actually fired.

Cross Lixi reacted and wanted to quibble.

The result was pushed aside by Yue Zhishang: “Go away! I don’t need to listen to any explanation! I know everything that happened!”

After arriving in the hall, Yue Zhishang ran to Levi and said with a smile: “Mr. Garrison, Mr. Logan, we all know the same about what just happened. First of all apologize to you on behalf of the staff!”

Yue Zhishang said to the staff again: “From now on, everything must follow the rules. If you have an appointment, follow the appointment. If you don’t have an appointment, just line up! Whoever opens the green channel in the future will be the same as Cross Lixi’s end! Priority is also the priority of our own compatriots!!!”

“it is good!!!”

At this time, everyone applauded.

“Immediately stop the business of these two people! If you want to handle it, just queue up!”

Yue Zhishang said coldly.

The business of these two foreigners is almost complete.

But Yue Zhishang personally came to the computer, destroyed the data, everything had to be done again.

“This is what we want to see!”

Everyone applauded.

Yue Zhishang arranged for someone to make up the procedure that Dale was torn up.

The two foreigners were dumbfounded, never expected that their attitude would be so tough.

Yue Zhishang came over and said coldly: “If you two don’t apologize, I won’t be able to handle any formalities for you! You will be departed within a time limit then! Think for yourself!”

The two foreigners looked at each other and finally bowed their heads.

Apologize to Levi and Dale: “We were wrong!”

“That’s all right?”

The two asked.

“You two apologized as an apology, but I don’t accept it!”

Levi’s words shocked everyone.

“If you encounter such a person, you should be deported!”

When Levi said this, everyone applauded.

“Yes! You should be deported! The beating will also tear up the formalities!”

“Such assholes should be driven out!”

Levi called Fu Xuejian and asked him to check the resumes of the two.

This investigation revealed many problems.

The two had many problems, and even the entry procedures were forged.

It is enough to constitute a condition for leaving the country within a time limit.

Soon, Fu Xuejian sent someone to order the two to leave the country within a time limit.

The deadline is one week, otherwise it will be forced to leave the country.

The two looked resentfully at Levi and Dale’s departure.

In the end, Dale got his wish and successfully completed the transfer.

Dale is full of praise for his son-in-law’s performance today.

“You are too smart. You can directly call the leadership line and the problem will be solved directly.

Dale smiled.

Levi was stunned.

I ordered them directly.

Besides, after the two foreigners returned to their residence, they were extremely angry.

Threatening to get rid of Levi!!!

At this time, a white man in a suit came and asked, “Treg, Trison, are you leaving the country within a time limit?”

Chapter 162

This person is Charles, the owner of Fick Catering.

His two younger brothers had just arrived, thinking about settling in the city, but something happened unexpectedly.

By this time Charles’s people had found the news.

“The person who bullied you today is my partner Sarah’s husband Levi!”

Charles said coldly.

“Brother, we must avenge him!”

Tregg and Trison clutched their puffy faces and said viciously.

A fierce light flashed in Charles’s eyes: “Very well, he bullies you, we bully his wife! Sarah’s figure is too hot, I will arrange a time to sleep with her tomorrow! You will come together at that time! Get revenge as you go!”


Tregg and Trison both showed lustful smiles.

“That’s it. Tomorrow night I will invite Sarah to participate in the name of a banquet, and then we will get her drunk…”

the next day.

Levi just walked out of the gate of the Oriental Garden.

West Jingxuan actually waited at the door.

“Are you waiting for me?”

Levi looked surprised.

“Are you free tonight? I’ll invite you to dinner! Today’s salary has arrived. Thanks to the support of my old classmates, I have made a lot of money. I must invite you to dinner.”

West Jingxuan smiled.

West Jingxuan made a full eight million last month with the commission from Levi’s two suites, plus others!

West Jingxuan felt untrue.

“Well, you tell me the address, and I will be there at night.”

West Jingxuan was very happy when Levi agreed.

“The location is in Huanghao Hotel!”

“okay, got it!”

At this moment, Sarah in the company received news that Fick Catering would increase cooperation and held a dinner for Sarah to participate.

Because of Fick’s sincerity in dining before, Sarah immediately agreed.

And also invited Sarah’s secretary to come to participate, which dispels doubts even more.

In the evening, in the VIP box of Huanghao Hotel.

After Sarah arrived, he found that there were many people.

Charles introduced them one by one, and they were all his partners.

They all look forward to cooperating with Sarah.

Sarah’s wariness is almost gone.

At the dinner party, all spirits were used, and Charles thoughtfully arranged for Sarah and the secretary to be low-alcohol liquor.

Although the degree is not high, they can’t stand the toasting of these people.

So every time I take a sip, I get a little drunk.

Charles smiled and said, “Miss Logan, my partners are different from your businessmen in Velador. They are not very contemptible. You see how refreshing it is to drink!”

Charles is well versed in psychology and never actively persuades him to drink.

When people drink glass after glass of foreign wine, they have to give themselves some face.

Soon, Sarah drank dizzy.


After drinking for a while, Sarah finally couldn’t hold on, and fell to the table.

Charles gave a terrible smile.

Sarah’s little secretary also noticed something wrong, but she had been drunk long ago.

After drinking a little more alcohol, the little secretary also became drunk and unconscious.

Charles and the others showed ambiguous smiles.

It turns out that they had taken sober medicine before drinking.

Regardless of how much they drink, they are actually fine.

Charles made a call: “Treg Trison, you can come up!”

After hanging up, Charles admired Sarah’s beauty and smiled: “Baby you are ours tonight!”

Chapter 163

After the two of Tregg, who had been waiting in the lobby of the hotel, got the news, they immediately rushed to the sixth floor.

They can’t wait.

I just saw the picture of Sarah sent by Charles, blood was boiling, and I couldn’t wait for a moment.

At this moment, Levi and West Jingxuan just came to Huanghao Hotel, and they saw two familiar backs at a glance.

“What are they doing here?”

With doubts in their hearts, Levi and West Jingxuan chased after him.

After arriving on the sixth floor, the two ran into a box.

“There is definitely a problem!”

Levi stopped at the door.

“Is this Sarah? Isn’t it too beautiful?”

“I heard that Chinese women are beautiful, but I didn’t expect the first woman to fall asleep so beautiful?”

The voices of Tregg and Trison were trembling, and it could be heard that they could not wait.

“We slept her right here!”

Another voice came out, it was Charles.

Levi turned his head and said to West Jingxuan: “Don’t come in no matter what sound you hear!”

Seeing Levi’s terrifying and terrifying appearance, West Jingxuan nodded subconsciously.


When it was about to start, the box door suddenly opened.

Everyone saw someone come in.

And the man turned and locked the door.

Seeing Levi, Tregg and Trison immediately shouted: “My brother is him! He is the one who beat us!”

Charles’s eyes were sharp and sharp: “You are Levi!”

“Well, it’s me.”

Seeing that the other party recognized him, Levi understood that this was premeditated and he had come to avenge himself.

Charles sneered: “Alright, you have to pay the price for bullying my brother!”

“Tie you up tonight and let you see how we play with your wife!”


The white and black people all over the room showed lewd smiles.

In their opinion, Levi was alone, and the eight of them would definitely take him.

Charles and others walked towards Levi step by step.


Charles was suddenly pulled down by Levi, kicking him in the leg with a cracking bone.

He let out a scream like a pig and fell to the ground.



Tregg’s wrist was broken abruptly!


Trison’s arm was also removed.

I heard the sound of broken bones and screams.

West Jingxuan could not imagine what kind of tragedy it was!

Levi lifted Charles and stuffed his face into the hot oil pan.

Charles died of pain directly.

“Do you like to drink? Okay, let you drink enough!”

There is still a lot of wine in the box.

Levi picked up a full bottle of wine and poured it into Tregg’s mouth.


Despite the struggle, Levi pressed him and poured bottles of spirits into his mouth.

As soon as he was about to vomit, Levi slapped him in.

After not knowing how many bottles, Tregg’s stomach was already swollen, and he spit out blood from his mouth when he lay on the ground and rolled with pain.

Obviously, drinking too much alcohol has caused stomach bleeding.

Tris was also given wine by Levi, and finally he fainted from his stomach bleeding.

The same was true for the other five people.

After all this, Charles just woke up.

Pulled in front of him by Levi, a pot of oily soup was poured into his stomach.

Charles’ throat, stomach and other organs were severely wounded.

He was so painful that he couldn’t even make a sound.

Levi is very angry tonight!

Chapter 164

They dare to dye plums!

Just looking for death!

Of course it was too cheap for them to die, so Levi used this method.

After West Jingxuan waited for a long time, Levi finally came out.

However, she carried Sarah on her back and dragged her little secretary.

“Tonight’s meal is not ready. I will invite you to dinner next time! You help me send this person back!”

Levi gave the little secretary to West Jingxuan.

“Okay, don’t worry.”

Before West Jingxuan left, she took a look at the box, what kind of scene it was, with blood all over the floor…

Soon after Levi left, the sound of the ambulance resounded here.

Charles and others were carried back to the hospital one by one.

Drinking caused massive bleeding in the stomach, severe burns in the throat, and destroyed organs…

Everyone can’t imagine that drinking can drink like this?

Sarah did not sober up until midnight.

Seeing Levi next to him, he breathed a sigh of relief.

After knowing the situation, Sarah was extremely angry!

Levi’s face was gloomy. This time Charles and the others touched Levi’s inverse scales!

Being able to live is already Levi’s greatest gift.

Sarah asked worriedly; “You didn’t kill them, did you?”

“Don’t worry, it’s just a small lesson.”

The next day, early in the morning, someone knocked on the door.

After Sarah opened the door, he found that it was Doug, Dale and others.

“Something happened! Are you still sleeping?”

Doug said angrily.

“What’s the matter?”

Sarah’s face changed.

“It’s all the good things you and Levi did last night!”

Doug glared.

“Last night, Levi abused eight people including Charles from Fick Catering to drink to the point of severe gastrointestinal bleeding. Charles even suffered serious damage to his organs. Everyone was in danger!”

“Huh? Really?”

After listening, Sarah’s face turned pale.

This is what Levi said about the small punishment?

“It’s not good for you to offend someone! You want to offend such a person!”

Doug spread his hands: “It’s all right now, it’s a big disaster! Your Huating company is over, and all the companies in my Logan family are over!”

Sarah asked anxiously, “What’s the matter with Grandpa?”

“Don’t you know? Fick Catering is a member of the Case York Chamber of Commerce!”

“Now Fan Dacheng, the chairman of Fick Catering, has issued a ruthless statement and retaliated against us fiercely! At present, the Logan family’s capital chain is broken, and all channels and partners have been broken. Your Chengxi Ecological Park project is also over!

Doug said.

Sure enough, Sarah received the call soon.

It was Wang Hongyuan, the previous investor in the Chengxi Ecological Park project, who actually withdrew his investment!

With another call, Nie Siyuan also withdrew his investment.

Soon all ten investors asked for withdrawal.

Suddenly, the plum dyed his face like ashes.

That’s it!

This is all over!

Once these people withdrew their capital, the eco-park project would be abolished.

She even had to compensate a lot.

And the big trouble with Fick’s catering…

Tears flowed down unsatisfactorily.

Obviously it is Charles and the others who want to do something wrong with themselves, so why should they take responsibility for themselves.

“The Case York Chamber of Commerce! That is from the Case York Chamber of Commerce!!!”

“Everything was done by Levi! Levi!”

Injustices have their heads, but the debts have their owners.

Everyone came to Levi for the first time.

“Levi, what did you do? Do you know it in your heart?”

Doug wanted to slap Levi a few times.

Chapter 165

Levi naturally heard it clearly. He was brushing his teeth and said indifferently: “It’s okay, what are you afraid of.”

“What does it mean to be okay? All companies in the Logan family are paralyzed! Even your wife’s company has stopped functioning!”

Doug said angrily.

Mike said coldly: “It’s just because of you that we are like this now. What should you do?”

“It’s okay, it will be solved!”

Levi didn’t care.

“Good, good! That’s okay, we have a way to solve our problem!”

Doug angrily took the Logan family away.

Dale looked at his son-in-law helplessly.

The first two days were very good, especially for foreigners.

But now I am a bit disappointed.

It’s right to save Sarah, but you can teach it casually. As for torturing people like that?

Did you get into trouble now?

Seeing Edith talking about Levi, Sarah defended: “I don’t blame Levi for this thing, but I’m so careless if I’m to blame!”

“But what can I do if something happened?”

Dale was ready to go to see the house, but in the end, the money was gone, and he would lose money if he didn’t say anything.

Sarah was also anxious: “I will find a way.”

Only Levi was like a okay person.

Soon after, the company’s financial account suddenly called and told Sarah that Doug had taken away one billion from the company’s account.

It is the spiritual damages compensated by the Xiao family.

“Dad is bullying. The Xiao family compensated Sarah for this money. What right do they have to take it away?”

Dale was about to cry with anger.

Sarah and Edith were even more aggrieved.

Dale took the initiative to call and ask.

“It was Levi’s fault! Levi should pay compensation! Isn’t it an exaggeration for your family to bear this compensation?”

Doug said coldly.

Dale clenched his fists in anger: “Dad, this is a bit unreasonable? What’s more, before you quietly moved away, this is embezzlement of public funds, right? If I go online, you are illegal!”

Doug said coldly: “Okay, then you go to the police and arrest me.”


Dale was silent.

How can you not call the police to catch your own Laozi?

What’s more, Doug is also one of the directors of Huating Company, and there is no obvious share setting.

Even litigation is troublesome.

Immediately afterwards, Doug sneered: “Then don’t forget, when you stole the real estate certificate and the company’s property to gamble on money, if I take out the evidence, will you be over?”

“Dad, I… Anyway, you are too unkind to do things!”

Dale was so angry that he hung up the phone.

After the Logan family took away 100 million, their crisis was easily resolved, and they could earn extra money.

But Sarah’s company was in desperation.

Edith sighed helplessly: “No way, they have always been like this. We are all used to being bullied. They have been eyeing this money for a long time and will take it away sooner or later.”

Many people have experienced it, and often the last to cheat is their relatives!

When you are good, they are envious and jealous of infatuating with you, and talk about blood ties with open mouths.

When you lose, no relatives will help you. Not only will they try to step on your foot, but they will even squeeze out your remaining money.

Dale and Edith have experienced too much of this matter.

Because they regard Doug as their father and other people as relatives, they can’t save face and dare not resist.

At this time, Levi finished washing.

He poured a cup of hot milk and asked, “Sarah, all ten companies have withdrawn their capital?”

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