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Chapter 166

Sarah nodded: “Yes, it is estimated that they will have to compensate accordingly!”

Levi took a sip and smiled: “Well, it’s okay, they regret it!”

“What do you mean?”

The plum dye is a bit puzzled.

“Wait, someone will invest! And soon!”

Levi smiled.

“Do you have a way?”

Sarah looked at Levi suspiciously.

“Sarah, parents, you can rest assured that this matter will be resolved within today!”

Levi was sitting firmly on the Diaoyutai.

But this is the Case York Chamber of Commerce!

Anyone who does business in Case York knows the Case York Chamber of Commerce.

In addition to the four giants, the Case York Chamber of Commerce has eight directors.

The chairman behind Fick Catering is Fan Dacheng, one of the eight directors.

Now Fan Dacheng wants to avenge Charles.

In a word, the ten companies that invested in Sarah withdrew their capital.

The channels of Logan’s company were all cut off.

This is the terrible thing about Case York Chamber of Commerce.

This day, the Case York circle is spreading this matter.

Sarah’s husband injured someone, and they all demanded huge compensation.

And the Case York Chamber of Commerce released a message-no one is allowed to invest in Sarah, whoever invests is the enemy of the Case York Chamber of Commerce!

Originally, many companies were interested in the fat part of the Chengxi project.

Especially recently it has shown good prospects.

They want to invest.

As a result, as soon as the warning from the Case York Chamber of Commerce came out, everyone was quiet.


Being completely squeezed out of the industry, there is no room for a little bit of shelter.

Then there was bad news: Sarah’s employees resigned one by one.

Even the little secretary involved last night resigned.

And the little secretary issued a statement-Charles and the others did not drink alcohol last night, let alone do anything wrong, it was an ordinary business dinner.

The most important thing is that she saw Levi’s beating and abuse scene with her own eyes, and she was willing to be a witness.


After seeing this news, Sarah’s brain went blank.

It seems that the little secretary has been bought.

It turned out to be a false testimony.

She was obviously drunk last night.

If it weren’t for Levi, little secretary West Ting would definitely be ruined by Charles and the others.

Levi saved her!

On the contrary, grace will revenge!

The realistic version of the farmer and the snake!

Sarah couldn’t understand it very much.

This little secretary, West Ting, was specially selected by her from fresh graduates.

Unexpectedly, this is the case!

It is understandable for others to leave, but she…

Sitting in the office, Sarah looked dim and suffered an unprecedented blow.

Soon after, the office door opened.

A few people in suits and shoes arrived.

“Miss Logan, we’re from Dacheng Law Firm! My name is Liu Yufeng. We were hired by Mrs. Charles. I will inform you here. Since you and your husband Levi have caused great harm to the eight people including Charles, we I ask you to compensate 800 million! Look at it!”

Liu Yufeng handed the compensation book to Sarah.

Sarah’s face turned pale after reading it.

“If you don’t solve it privately, we will sue you and your husband, Levi! Now we have a lot of evidence, including surveillance video, witness evidence from hotel service staff, and evidence from your secretary, Miss West Ting, who were present at the scene. Given the testimony and injuries of our eight victims, our probability of winning the case should be 90%!”

“And Miss Logan, take a look at this injury report. Do you think you have a choice?”

Chapter 167

Dacheng Law Firm was opened by her classmate Du Renhe, a law firm with a high success rate in Case York.

Few of their cases were unsuccessful.

Sarah’s face was pale, and his heart was cold.

After receiving the injury report, Sarah was shocked.

Can’t imagine what method Levi used last night.

But the consequences can be imagined-she and Levi have a major event!

With this injury report and these witnesses, it was enough to make Levi and Sarah suffer!

Although Charles and others are doing something wrong with Sarah, there is no evidence.

Destined to be beaten up!

“In addition, Miss Logan, I can tell you that I am a gold medal lawyer in Case York. Since I came to Dacheng Law Firm, I have taken over 200 cases of large and small in ten years, and I have not failed once! You are no exception this time! Think about the consequences!”

Liu Yufeng sneered.

The assistant next to him also smiled and said: “I also heard that your husband Levi has just been released from prison. He has a criminal record!”

“Yes, if you go to court, your husband will go to jail again!”

These lawyers controlled everything in order to force Sarah to death.

“Well, Miss Logan, think about it, we wait for your reply!”

Liu Yufeng and others left.

Leaving Sarah, I was about to cry.

Try it with Du Renhe.

He had pursued himself before, but was rejected.

Sarah struggled to find Du Renhe’s phone and made a call.

“Oh, what made us call Logan Dahuahua?”

A surprised voice came across.

Sarah smiled reluctantly: “Hello old classmate, I just said it directly, I ran into a problem today…”

“Well, I know, it was your husband Levi who beat Fick Dining Charles and others?”

“Yes, yes, whether old classmates can help me fight this lawsuit, the price is easy to say!”

Sarah pleaded.

Du Renhe smiled and said, “Well, I know this lawsuit. My gold medal lawyer took it! It might be a little difficult for you to win the lawsuit!”

“Sarah, because of the face of an old classmate, I would advise you to say something! If you don’t want to live with a scum like Levi, let him go to jail, and then you will find a good man to marry you! Among these classmates, who is not better than him? Just say me, my Dacheng Law Firm has been flourishing in the past ten years! There are several gold medal lawyers!”

Du Renhe persuaded.

Sarah immediately defended: “It was not Levi who deliberately beat people last night. It was Charles and the others who got drunk on me and wanted to do something wrong! Levi didn’t do anything until he arrived.”

Du Renhe immediately said: “Impossible!! Mr. Charles and I have been friends for many years. As far as I know, this is a gentleman! He will never do those things! His friends are also gentlemen! Not to mention you say nothing. Yeah!”


Sarah didn’t expect his classmate Du Renhe and them to wear a pair of pants.

“Sarah, don’t worry! I will urge lawyer Liu Yufeng to fight this lawsuit and try to sentence Levi to life imprisonment! Then you will get rid of this scumbag!”

Du Renhe smiled presumptuously.

“You don’t need to worry about my affairs. Besides, you are not qualified to evaluate my husband’s character!”

Sarah hung up angrily.

On the other side, in the office of the director of Dacheng Law Firm.

Du Renhe in a suit put his legs on the desk, holding coffee in his hand.

Chapter 168

After learning about Sarah last night, he took the case as soon as possible and also helped Fan Dacheng make suggestions.

He smiled and said: “Tell Mr. Fan Dacheng, let him use his relationship to order all law firms in Case York not to take Sarah’s case!”

The standing assistant nodded: “I see.”

Soon all major law firms in Case York received an injunction: “No one can take over the case of Sarah.”

Sarah is still looking for major law firms stupidly to bring her a lawsuit.

As a result, every one heard that it was Sarah and directly refused.

This is true for more than a dozen companies in a row!

Sarah immediately realized that this was premeditated.

Forcing myself to desperate!

If she wanted to send Levi in, she had to ruin everything.

She immediately called Levi.

After Levi arrived, he was taken aback. He didn’t expect that the problem would be so big.

He underestimated the background of Charles Case York Chamber of Commerce.

It was even unexpected that a Du Renhe would be inserted temporarily.

“Levi now either compensates 800 million or goes to court! But I have looked for all the law firms just now, and no one is willing to take the case.”

Sarah cried.

“You don’t have to think about it, people have blocked all your back roads. You are forced to desperate, and then there will be a follow-up call, believe it or not?”

Levi’s smile grew thicker.

Sure enough, people from Fick’s Catering and Legal Department arrived soon.

Sarah is required to pay 300 million in compensation.

The reason is that Sarah not only assaulted the chairman of Fick Catering, but also failed to start the cooperative project on time.

It did breach the contract.

The contract says ten times the compensation for breach of contract!

Before Sarah could catch his breath, Fan Dacheng from the Case York Chamber of Commerce sent people.

Said that he is willing to buy Sarah’s company, including the project of Chengxi Ecological Park, for a price of 300 million.


There was a thud in Sarah’s mind.

Everything is planned.

The mall is like a battlefield.

The tricks of these people move one after another.

Even the bones and scum that will swallow people will not be left.

Fan Dacheng is the largest shareholder of Fick Catering. He acquired Sarah’s company for 300 million.

Then Sarah returned three hundred million to Fick’s catering.

It is equivalent to dyeing plums with everything worth more than a billion without spending a penny.

But if Sarah does not sell, the company will stop functioning, the capital chain will be broken, and the employees will run out.

The longer the projects and companies of more than one billion are placed in the end, the lower the price.

Three hundred million is considered a good price!

Fan Dacheng and Du Renhe’s move was absolutely perfect. They took everything Sarah had and successfully sent Levi to prison.

The person sent by Fan Dacheng smiled and said, “Miss Logan needs to pay 300 million for the liquidated damages. It just so happens that our acquisition capital is 300 million. If Miss Logan agrees, we will go through the formalities on the spot!”

Sarah hesitated. The three-billion-dollar penalty is a certainty.

I can’t help it.

She really wanted to agree.

“Miss Logan, don’t think about it. By tomorrow, your company and project are estimated to be worth only 200 million.”

The man urged.

Just forcing Sarah to agree.

At this time, Levi suddenly said: “Isn’t it just three hundred million? Can’t afford it!”

Everyone was shocked as soon as Levi said this.

Including plum dye.

Isn’t it just 300 million?

This tone is too big!

“Don’t worry, I can afford 30 billion! Just wait for tomorrow!”

Chapter 169

Sarah looked at Levi and asked, “Do you really want to pay it back? Where did you get the money?”

“Who said to pay back the money? Why! It’s not our fault!”

Levi smiled.

“But people have reasons and evidence, we have no choice but to pay back!”

Sarah rubbed his temples with a headache.

“As for you, work honestly now, start the project and everything about the company normally! Someone can resign, but you can send a statement-as long as the person who resigns and leaves, don’t want to come back again!

After the crisis is over, you will increase wages and benefits for the employees who stayed this time! “

Levi arranged.

“But now the company is about to stop operating, no one invests, no money. What’s more, the Case York Chamber of Commerce has imposed a ban. Who dares to invest is against the Case York Chamber of Commerce! Who dares?”

Sarah hesitated.

“Just listen to me, someone will invest today!”

Levi approached.

Sarah still trusted Levi very much.

She issued a notice-employees who resigned and left will never be hired by the company.

After the announcement was sent, it caused a lot of abuse.

“I won’t come back even if the company hires me!”

“Yes, it’s going to go bankrupt! What are you pretending to?”

For these infamy, Sarah silently endured.

At this time, a Maybach parked in front of the office building of Huating Company.

A few people walked out of the car, and the leading man was wearing a suit and sunglasses.

It was Alton who was not an instructor today and came to serve as the president of the company.

“Hello, please tell Ms. Sarah and say that Graham Nanxuan, the chairman of Garrison Group, has something to look for her!”

After Kirin’s secretary told the receptionist, he immediately told Sarah.

Then Sarah came to greet him in person.

The unicorn leads the soldiers to fight, and there is a set of training soldiers. But this kind of business negotiation is unskilled.

He went straight to the point and said: “Miss Sarah, after hearing about your company’s project, I am willing to invest and develop together!”

“Invest 300 million in the early stage! If possible, Ms. Sarah will sign it directly!”

Alton waved his hand, and the secretary handed the contract directly to Sarah.

After reading the contract, Sarah was shocked.

It’s an investment, but it’s actually sending money!

Alton said again: “Then we have a pharmaceutical project. I heard that your company also has this business, so this project is also handed over to Ms. Sarah.”

The secretary gave another contract.

Although this project is only 100 million, it is mainly due to the limited capacity of Sarah’s company, which can only eat so much.

“I don’t know what Miss Sarah wants?”

Alton asked.

“Mr. Graham, of course I am willing to sign, thank you!”

Sarah said excitedly.

But he looked at Alton with a puzzled look: “Mr. Graham doesn’t know if there is something I should not ask! Why did Mr. Graham choose to invest at this moment? I really can’t think of a good reason!”

Alton smiled and said: “First, I am optimistic about the prospects of your project. After all, the Case York Municipal Administration is the main focus.”

“Secondly, I am not afraid of the Case York Chamber of Commerce.”

“Then what is the relationship between Mr. Graham and Levi?”

Sarah asked suddenly.

Kirin replied subconsciously: “He is mine…I am more optimistic about the talent! The medicine and technology of the Garrison Group were outstanding at the time, and I was rather a pity. That’s why I bought the Levi and Yejia! Today is the investment. There are reasons for this!”

Chapter 170

“Oh, then I understand.”

The mysterious Mr. Graham’s investment in Huating Company quickly spread throughout Case York.

Especially spread to the ears of Case York Chamber of Commerce.

In an office building, Fan Dacheng, who was bloated and fat, was smoking a cigar.

“What is the background of Graham Nanxuan? Why have you never heard of it before?”

The assistant behind him said: “We have checked, and his information is literal and can’t be found at a deep level.”

“I don’t know what’s going on with the Xiao family. I actually gave him the Garrison Group and the Garrison Family Group!”

“Go check the transaction between the Xiao family and Graham Nanxuan!”

Fan Dacheng Dao.

He turned to smile and said, “How about Sarah’s investment? At least Levi can’t keep him! If you dare to touch my godson, it’s death!”

No one thought that Charles turned out to be his son.

After Sarah received the investment, the company was operating normally.

But liquidated damages and compensation are still payable!

Without so much money for a time, Levi still had to be sent to prison.

Still worried!

Levi and Wesley are now together.

Wesley laughed out loud after hearing the incident.

“Haha, anyone dares to send you general to prison these days?”

Levi smoked a cigarette: “The main reason is that I didn’t expect these foreigners to come from the Case York Chamber of Commerce!”

“What should the general do?”

Wesley asked.

“The first one, let the perjured testimony be found one by one! The second is to settle the lawyer, and third, to show evidence to deport these foreigners!”

Levi approached.

“Evidence? But I heard there is no evidence!”

Wesley was stunned.

Levi laughed.

Wesley reacted immediately.

Everything is in Levi’s calculations.

Levi on the battlefield is not only strong in fighting ability, but also with ten thousand enemies.

He is also a resourceful military division.

This is a trivial matter to him.

Obviously, he left evidence of what happened last night.

In the evening, Suzaku, the waiter who testified in the restaurant, went to look for it.

Levi and Wesley went personally to West Ting, Sarah’s little secretary.

Regarding his wife, Levi must do it himself.

At the moment in the space bar in Case York, young people swayed their bodies to the fullest with the music.

Today, after West Ting received the one million reward from Fan Dacheng, she invited friends to the bar to cheer up.

Not only the card seat is VIP1, but also a Shenlong package worth 180,000.

When Levi arrived, West Ting and the others were washing their hands with a bottle of tens of thousands of Red A Champagne.

Levi sat beside West Ting with a calm expression, and said with a smile: “Is it cool to squander the money given by Fan Dacheng?”

West Ting was stunned by Levi’s words.

When is there an extra person next to him?

“Why are you Levi? What are you talking about?”

West Ting realized that after recognizing Levi, her face changed drastically.

Levi smiled and said, “You were drinking at the bar at this time last night? I remember you were drunk. I saved you and arranged for someone to send you back.”

Hearing this, West Ting’s face changed wildly, and she denied it: “What are you talking about? I was not drunk yesterday! There is no scene from you to save me!”

“Edit, continue!”

Levi smiled.

At this time, several of West Ting’s male companions had stood up and gathered around Levi: “Who are you kid? What’s the matter?”

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