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Chapter 1616

The surrounding temperature dropped rapidly.

Everyone couldn’t help but shudder.

Looking at Jero in horror, for fear that he would be troubled.

No one knew that Levi fought against each other: “Yes, you are not qualified!”

“I’m not qualified???”

Jero suddenly raised his tone, like a billowing thunder, exploding in the air.


The earth began to tremble, and the whole Worenden began to shake vigorously.

Everyone was shaken.


What was even more frightening was an invisible force exuding from Jero’s body.

This terrible force is pressing all around.

The dense bamboo forests around Worenden burst into pieces at a speed visible to the nak3d eye.


It keeps spreading out!

The bamboo forests around Worenden for dozens of miles were all battered…

Not only that, the sky in Worenden is about to get dark.

Billowing clouds are coming, and a storm is coming.

Sarah and Regina were shocked.

Although they gradually learn about martial arts, they have never seen such a scene.

This is the aura of the Supreme Level Five Heavenly Powerhouse!!!

As soon as his momentum came out, the world changed color.

Not to mention he did it.


“Boom boom boom…”

Soon, Jero’s palm twirled, unexpectedly a group of tornado storms gathered.

The tornado storm is getting bigger and bigger.

A terrible wind swept all around.

It’s the same to bring everyone up to heaven.

The tornado storm is getting bigger and bigger.

There is a tendency to cover the entire Worenden.

While controlling all this, Jero asked Levi: “Now, am I eligible?”

Jero did all this to prove to Levi how strong he is.

Levi squinted his eyes, not timid at all.

When he was about to answer, Aubrey’s voice sounded: “Lord! Dad!”

Aubrey is a sensible child.

She was afraid that her father would fight with the Lord.


The two men answered at the same time.

Jero also reduced his momentum.

“For now, you are okay! But Aubrey is growing up very fast, and I will have to take it away after a few months. At that time you can’t teach her, you will only waste her talent!”

Levi left here holding Aubrey.


Jero’s other apprentices were so angry.

An ordinary person, dare to provoke their supreme Lord like this?

Several people wanted to k!ll Levi.

“There is no need to care about an ordinary person!”

Jero waved his hand to indicate that it didn’t matter.


Everyone was taken aback.

Jero has never done this before.

It is an ordinary person who should be like trampling an ant to death in his eyes.

As a result, he was so patient with Levi.

Mainly because of Aubrey.

“But Lord, he is so provocative, and I have the face of Worenden People…”

Jero’s big disciple Wisen was just halfway through when he was slapped and flew out by Jero.

“Are you teaching me to do things?”

Jero’s cold voice came.

“Lord, the disciple dare not!”

Wisen immediately knelt on the ground.

However, Wisen wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and clenched his fist tightly.

His eyes were red and murderous.

He was hailed as the first genius in Worenden before, and Jero’s most beloved disciple.

Set thousands of favorites in one.

Worenden treats him as a treasure.

But when Aubrey came, everything changed.

Everyone’s attention went to this little kid.

He was ignored by everyone.

No one cares about him anymore, pays attention to him anymore.

The Lord hit him unexpectedly.

“No! Worenden is mine, and I must never let a child get involved!”

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