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Chapter 1623

“You two must die too!!!”

Levi didn’t talk nonsense and directly attacked the two of them.

Sure enough, the powerhouse of the Supreme Level Fifth Heaven is strong enough!

The two leaders of the Black God Sect took action together.

It can be called earth-shattering.

Soon the mountain where the Black God Sect was located was battered and flattened.

It is an effect that can only be achieved by cruise missiles.

These two actually did it!

This is the terrible thing about the Supreme Power…

However, the exercises and spells of the two were of no use to Levi.

Levi took all this abruptly.

And unscathed.


With a punch, he smashed the deputy leader into blood mist…

Immediately afterward, he flew the Black God away with a punch.

The black god began to crack apart, with bloodstains.

Just now Levi used another force, he definitely wanted to explode.

He kowtowed on the ground and begged for mercy: “It’s not me, Lord, I didn’t do it!”

“It was the news revealed by Jero’s big apprentice Wisen, let me arrest your daughter!”

“Please forgive me! I will listen to you in everything!”

Levi didn’t expect that Jero’s great apprentice planned all this.

“Okay, I get it.”

“But you have to die too!”

After speaking, Levi blasted the Black God with a punch.

At this point, the entire Black God Sect has been wiped out!

The Black God Sect, who was full of evil in the martial arts world, was so scared that Shifall did not dare to breathe, and was destroyed by one person.

If it spreads out, who will believe it?

The most important thing is that the Black God Sect leader is close to the existence of the Supreme Sixth Heaven.

Even this kind of character can be destroyed.

too strong!

Just because Levi’s daughter was moved, it was instantly wiped out.

Dragons have inverse scales, and they will die if they touch them.

Aubrey is Levi’s inverse scale, and also a taboo that the enemy can’t touch…

The Black God Sect was destroyed, but Aubrey was still asleep.

“Sleep, kid, it’s a dream!”

Levi picked up Aubrey and left Black God Sect step by step.

The other side.

All the help Worenden was looking for ran away because of fear of the Black God Sect.

Jero was also helpless.

Sarah was still begging.

Even people in Worenden told her the address of the Black God Sect, and she went to save her herself.

“By the way, City Lord, there is another way!”

The third elder suddenly thought of a way.


Jero asked.

“I beg the Old City Lord to come out of the mountain!”

Said the three elders.

Jero’s expression immediately changed: “You are kidding! The old city lord has been dead for decades! You tell me to ask him to come out of the mountain?”

“No, isn’t it rumored that the old city lord is actually not dead, but is practicing a method of Nirvana rebirth?”

Said the three elders.

“Yes, I have also heard that, I feel that the Old City Lord is not dead!”

“Yes, I feel that Old City Lord is definitely alive!”

The senior elder and the second elder all said.

Jero hesitated and sighed, “Well, you all have heard this secret!”

“Then tell you the truth, the old city lord is indeed not dead! He is cultivating a technique! He specifically asked me not to disturb him, he will naturally come out when he leaves the customs!”

This is the greatest secret of Worenden.

Only Jero knew about it.

Others just heard it.

“But the city lord cares so much at this moment? Aubrey is the hope of Worenden!”

“Presumably the old city lord does not want the monarch to fall into the hands of the black gods, let’s go and ask the old city lord to come out of the mountain!”

“It is good.”

Immediately, Jero led everyone to the grave buried by the old city lord and begged him to come out of the mountain.

“Aubrey is back!”

At this moment, there was good news.

Jero was overjoyed: “Old City Lord made the shot! He definitely made the shot!”

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