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Chapter 1624

“Yeah, it is definitely the Old City Lord! Otherwise, who has the ability to save Aubrey from the Black God Sect?”

“The Old City Lord made a move at a critical moment!”

“God bless Worenden People!!!”

Everyone shouted.

Everyone looked at each other.

Everyone was ecstatic.

Originally, all of them knelt down and wanted to ask the old city owner to come out of the mountain.

Unexpectedly, the Old City Lord would take the first step.

It turns out that the old city owner knows everything about Worenden!

They were worried for nothing.

“It’s great that Aubrey is saved!”

Everyone cried with joy.

Especially Sarah and Regina…

Everyone came to Aubrey’s room.

Aubrey was sleeping soundly, with a smile on the corners of her mouth, and whispered: “Dad! Daddy!”

Everyone smiled.

Sarah hugged Aubrey even more.

“It’s great! Aubrey is fine!”

Jero laughed.

Worenden was full of joy from top to bottom.

The festive atmosphere began to overflow.


At this moment, the spies from Worenden ran to report the major incident.

“Something…something big!!!”

“The Black God Sect is destroyed!!!

More than 800 congregations, as well as the leaders and vice leaders, were all k!lled! The Black God Mountain, where the Black God Sect is located, was flattened!”

“Black God Sect has completely disappeared from the world!!!”


After hearing the news, everyone was dumbfounded.

It turned out that it wasn’t just Aubrey who was saved.

Together with the Black God Sect was also destroyed.

None of the more than 800 people were spared!

This… this is terrible too!

What kind of strength is it to destroy the notorious Black God Sect? ??

“It’s the Old City Lord!!!”

“Only the Old City Lord has this ability!”

“Back then, the Old City Lord was in retreat, and when the news of his death was falsely reported, he was infinitely close to the Supreme Sixth Heaven. Now after so many years, the Old City Lord is definitely the Supreme Sixth Heaven!”

Jero shouted excitedly.

“Yes! Only the supreme-level sixth-tier genius can destroy the entire Black God Sect!”

“Definitely the Old City Lord!!!”

“My Worenden is about to take off. A strong man of the Six Heavens is sitting in town. How many enemies does Velador have?”

This is unprecedented good news for Worenden.

Aubrey, the genius was rescued.

There is another old town owner in charge!

In the future, Worenden is definitely aspiring to Velador!

But Wisen was completely dumbfounded.

They have done so much, aren’t they just trying to drive Aubrey away?

Why is she back?

How is this going?

The Black God Sect has also been destroyed…

Fall short!

Several people turned pale.

Very ugly.

Sarah and Regina were also happy in their hearts.

The stronger the Worenden, the safer Aubrey.

Good for everyone.

“Come, come with me to thank the old town lord!”

Jero led everyone to the tomb of the old city lord.

Everyone fell to their knees and shouted together: “Thank the old city owner for taking action and protecting the future of my Worenden!!!”

Jero even said: “I also hope that the old city lord can come out to meet us and guide us! Everyone misses you!”

However, there was no response from the forbidden area of ​​the grave.

Everyone knelt before the grave for half an hour.

There is still no response.

What they didn’t expect was that the old city lord who destroyed the Black God Sect in their mouth was lying in the tomb at this moment.

He has long since become a c0rpse.

Dead and transparent…

When he failed in martial arts training, he had already died tragically.

So they shouted for a long time without any response.

Even if they kneel for ten and a half days, the old city lord will not crawl out!

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