The Protector Novel Levi Garrison Chapter 1639 – 1640

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Chapter 1639

Levi shouted at Xiao Feng and others: “You ask me the reason?”

“He stole things in Morendam’s museum and violated Morendam rules. That’s the reason!”

“The evidence is conclusive! He must be shut down!”

Hearing Levi’s roar, Xiao Feng and others were all frightened.

No one dared to move anymore!

“Hurry up!”

Levi shouted impatiently.

Seeing Xiao Feng and a few people about to leave, Jefferson immediately became anxious.

“Hey, you can’t go, let me out quickly, I’m still inside!”

“Boom boom boom…”

Jefferson smashed the iron cage vigorously.

The huge movement caused Xiao Feng and his party to stop.

Levi, who was feeding the dog, suddenly got up and opened the iron cage.


Jefferson knocked to the ground with a punch.

“Boom boom boom…”

Levi pushed him to the ground and beat him hard.

With blood spattered, Jefferson screamed frantically.

Not to mention that he dared not fight back.

Now his strength is sealed, and he can’t use it at all.

Can only be beaten.

“Try another sentence?”

Levi beat Jefferson to death.

“I… I beg for mercy! I beg for mercy!”

Jefferson lay on the ground begging for mercy, with blood gurgling from his mouth…

Jefferson could not imagine how fierce an ordinary person was.

“Let me hear your voice again, I will remove your iron shell for you!”

Levi glared at Jefferson.

Jefferson trembled with fright.

The machinery on his body is fused with flesh and blood.

If the machinery is removed, can he live?

“What are you looking at? Aren’t you leaving?”

Levi glared at Xiao Feng.

Xiao Feng and the others ran away in fright.

Jefferson’s tears came out.

Never thought that one day, it would be so miserable.

Still being abused by an ordinary person.

He couldn’t even imagine, why an ordinary person is so arrogant, even a group of supreme-level powerhouses listen to him?

He can only pray in his heart, hurry up and save him.

“What? Levi won’t let anyone go?”

After Colin learned the news, he was also very surprised.

“Yes, logically speaking, this person can’t be let go!”

“But there was no loss in the first place. In the second place, the war Eagle Nation requested that we have to let go in order to calm things down!”

“What does Levi mean?”

“Go, let’s go and release the people ourselves!”

Colin’s Wang Qian and Yifan hurried to Jiangbei.

The two saw Jefferson being locked up in a cage and were frightened.

If this matter spreads out, it will be very troublesome.

“Levi, what are you doing? Quickly let the people go!”

“Do you know who he is? An important figure in the War Eagle Nation! He must be released. This is Colin’s order!”

Wang Qian shouted loudly.

“I can finally go out! I can finally get revenge!”

Jefferson immediately became excited when he saw the person who could take the lead.

Sitting there, Levi said faintly: “Where is the key to the iron cage!”

Levi pointed to the key not far away.


Jefferson was relieved.

Sure enough, this kid still obeyed orders.

Wang Qian and Any Fan also smiled.

It seems that Levi is not as tough as Xiao Feng and the others said?

Even Xiao Feng and others behind were surprised.

Lord just let people go like this? ? ?

Either fan rushed to get the key, but when they first touched the key, a thunder-like voice sounded: “Who would dare to move?”


Everyone was stunned.

“The key is there, but who would dare to move it?”

Chapter 1640

Levi suddenly raised his tone, making everyone present abruptly.

Especially for Wang Qian and Any Fan, the calves were shaking.

Either Fan even retracted the hand that had touched the key.

Obviously the key was in front of them, but Wang Qian and Any Fan could only watch them, but they didn’t even dare to stretch out their hands.

This is Levi’s aura.

No one dared to move his words.

Even in everyone’s cognition, he is an ordinary person.

“Garrison…what do you mean by Levi? Do you want to intervene in Colin’s affairs?”

Wang Qian asked tremblingly.

“Is this just Colin’s business? This is Morendam’s business, and this is a matter for every Morendam citizen!”

“You hurry up, it’s impossible to let him go with me here! You don’t speak for Morendam, I will speak for Morendam!”

“I Morendam is not afraid of anyone! If a foreigner commits a crime in Morendam, I have to bear the consequences!”

Levi expressed his attitude.

“Levi, you are crazy!”

“Today I really don’t believe in this evil, so I just want to open the iron cage and let him go!”

“What can I do with you?”

Wang Qian resolutely picked up the key and walked to the iron cage.

“You can try!”

Levi smiled.


Wang Qian opened the iron cage.

Jefferson was released.

“Mr. Jefferson, you are free and safe now!”

Wang Qian smiled.

Jefferson was almost crying with excitement.

Free at last.

But at this moment, he saw Levi walking toward this side quickly.


Jefferson’s heart sank and his face changed drastically.

“You…what are you going to do?”

Wang Qian felt the murderous Levi approaching, and asked subconsciously.


Levi ignored him and kicked Jefferson directly.


Kick him directly seven or eight meters away.

Levi deceived him, and pressed Jefferson with another blast.

Jefferson screamed…

Both Fan and Wang Qian were frightened.

“Dare you leave without my consent?”

“Do you think I dare not remove your iron shell?”

Levi’s eyes opened wide, staring at Jefferson.

“Believe! I believe it!”

Jefferson nodded quickly.

“Go back by yourself!”

Levi cursed.

Jefferson returned to the iron cage in a desperate manner and closed the door himself.


Wang Qian and Yifan were completely stunned.

Why was Jefferson so scared by Levi?

He is an ordinary person!

Jefferson is a supreme powerhouse…

Of course, Levi was really ruthless!

I can see that they are stunned.

“Levi, you are presumptuous! How dare you hit Mr. Jefferson? You are deliberately trying to make things big!”

“Yes, now Colin has ordered him to be released! You can’t control it!”

“Yes, Levi is an ordinary person, how can he interfere with Colin’s affairs! Don’t be foolish! People must be taken away today!”

Wang Qian and Any Fan also expressed their attitude.

Levi returned to his seat and sat down and waved his hand: “Whatever, the people are there, you can take them away!”

Wang Qian and Yifan came back to the cage and opened it.

“Mr. Jefferson is gone, we will escort you away!”

The two smiled.

“No, no…”

It’s just that Jefferson shook his head madly, and his body squeezed in.

Don’t dare to come out at all.

At the same time, he looked at Levi in horror.


Yifan and Wang Qian were completely dumbfounded.

“Come on, Mr. Jefferson, come out, what do I think he will do to you?”

The two do not believe in evil.

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