His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 2052

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Chapter 2052

Daniel Ye lived alone in the villa. He didn’t expect someone to come up and knock on the door in the middle of the night. When he opened it, he saw a face that was indistinguishable from the “dead wife”, scared. One jump, two steps back, “Why are you here?”

Wen Lizhi said gloomily, “Can’t you come?”

Daniel Ye leaned at the door, not planning to give way, holding his hands on his chest and looking at Wen Li. Stop, “Nothing does not go to the Three Treasures Palace…”

Wen Lizhi rubbed his pajamas with his shoes, “Get out of the way.”

“My house.” Daniel Ye stretched out his finger and poked the floor under his feet, “You have you This kind of forcibly breaking into the homes?”

“If you let me go in and sit down, will I die?” Wen Li’s face turned blue with anger, “I’m going to be bitten by mosquitoes at the door!”

Daniel Ye did not I saw a visitor who made his home his own. Wen Lizhi’s face was not very good when he came in. He took a sip of Daniel Ye’s water and then sat on the sofa.

Daniel Ye stood in the living room dumbfounded, holding the water glass in a daze.

What’s going on here?

Daniel Ye thought of a way to speak, “What did you encounter?

Was it irritated?” Wen Li stopped staring at Daniel Ye with an expression that was difficult to express. He was silent for a long time and asked cautiously-“You…

…How did the wife get over it when she ran away with someone?”

Daniel Ye’s hate! Why do you ask this kind of death question when you are forced to come to the door! Step on thunder as soon as you come!

So he gritted his teeth and said, “Why are you asking about this?”

Wen Lizhi’s hands trembled, and suddenly his voice lowered, “In the beginning, how did you confirm that you have feelings for someone?”

Daniel Ye The water cup in his hand was almost cracked by him, thinking that Wen Lizhi, who was shameless every day, knew to poke his wounds, but after a glance at Wen Lizhi’s expression, he found that he was not stupid, but Looks like… Tiandou collapsed.

Taking a deep breath, Daniel Ye put down the water glass and looked at Wen Lizhi, knowing that he was definitely not joking, and sighed. “With your sister?”

Wen Lizhi’s face turned pale. He didn’t expect Daniel Ye to speak so directly, “How do you know?”

Daniel Ye sat there with his back stiff and indifferent expression, “You can guess it.”

Who We all know that Wen Lizhi is not particularly interested in women. The main reason is that he has a bad temper. There are indeed many women who stick to him, but Wen Lizhi is also quite indifferent.

Perhaps because he lost his sister in childhood, he was particularly resistant to feelings, because it was too sad to lose an important person, so he didn’t want to experience the second heartbreaking pain.

So Wen Lizhi never fell in love.

Daniel Ye thought he didn’t plan to get married.

But Wen Mingzhu can be called “national beauty and heavenly fragrance.” Wen Lizhi didn’t want to get married, but it’s fair enough, but for so many years, Wen Mingzhu hasn’t found any boyfriend.

Daniel Ye was also curious about whether the Wen family brothers and sisters are all indifferent by nature?

Now that Wen Lizhi came to the door in such a panic, he could find some reasons.

Ye Tong scared eyes of some deep, he knew then kidnapped things, but also know that this Pearl of temperature and temperature ceremony ended no blood, no wonder they do not how rumored feelings, turned out to be ……

Ye Tong scared trying to say “Do you like Wen Mingzhu?” The word ” like ” pierced Wen Lizhi’s eardrum like a needle. He wanted to refute when he opened his mouth, but he hesitated at this moment.

Why would he hesitate?

Perceiving Wen Lizhi’s hesitation, Daniel Ye said meaningfully, “It seems that too many things happened when I didn’t know…”

In order to save face, Wen Lizhi said forcefully, “I hate her! “

Daniel Ye raised his chin, sexy beautiful, look at his eyes narrowed temperature ceremony ended with the seam,” really? “

Really…for so many years, the hatred for Wen Mingzhu has been driving Wen Lizhi to do so many excessive behaviors towards her.

He believes that Wen Mingzhu owes himself not only to himself, but also to the entire Wen family. His mother has been depressed because of the last blow. The young Wen Lizhi left the kidnapping case alone with grief. Come out, and all this is caused by Wen Mingzhu’s father.

“I think it makes sense for me to hate her. No one can accuse me…” After taking

a breath, Wen Lizhi murmured, “But recently I, seeing Wen Mingzhu, can no longer feel at ease…”

He seemed unable to continue to avenge Wen Mingzhu fearlessly.

This is because… Is his hatred shaken?

Still being invaded by other emotions…

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