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Chapter 1652

After Lorengen left.

Immediately call the headquarters of Orion Group.

“The president is afraid that there will be changes. I think Roderick has other ideas. How can it be impossible for a smart person like him to not know his value?”

Lorengen was a little anxious.

“I also hope that the headquarters will immediately come up with a solution to this matter. If this batch of weapons falls into the hands of other people, especially Velador, it will be a big trouble for us!”

Lorengen said that he was anxious.

“Okay, have a meeting now!”

In Emperor’s laboratory.

“Mr. Wood, you didn’t directly agree, do you have other ideas?”

The assistant asked.

Roderick sneered: “Of course, I know better than anyone how valuable I am now!”

“So my choice is not just Orion Group!”

The assistant immediately said: “That’s true! If the news of our weapons goes out, it is estimated that the whole world will fry the pan! By then, you will become a celebrity looted by the whole world!”

“Yes, so I can have a variety of choices! Whoever gives the best conditions, who I will cooperate with! And I hope to cooperate with Velador!”

“I hope Velador meets all my conditions and makes me the top existence of the country. I don’t believe that woman won’t take a high look at me!”

Roderick looked expectant.

The assistant said: “In your capacity, Mr. Wood can’t get any woman you want. Doesn’t it have to be her? Not to mention that she has children!”

Roderick glared at the assistant and said, “They have called me paranoid since I was in school. I can’t look back if the things I believe are not completed!

Over the years, I was the only one who I failed to get, it is Sarah, and I have been brooding until now. “

“I don’t want to marry her or like her, I’m just fulfilling an obsession!”


The assistant gasped.

This kind of obsessive paranoia is the most terrifying!

It can even be said to be a devil lunatic!

Without this obsession, how could Roderick develop such a weapon.

It is this kind of extreme lunatic that will have terrible creativity.

“Sarah applauded Worenden. I want her to see the scene of Worenden surrendering under my feet! Let him understand that I can ascend to the Temple of the World as an ordinary person!”

Roderick wasn’t talking big.

With his ability, in a word, the supreme-level powerhouse greeted and embraced.

Worenden is nothing at all.

Jero could only fawn after him.

After all, he is the existence of the upcoming war, which is very likely to reverse the situation.

Two days later, Aubrey and Sarah returned to Worenden.

Levi went to the airport to pick up Rovena.

I haven’t seen it for a long time, Rovena has become more beautiful, but also colder.

There was a breath that turned away thousands of miles away.

But Levi always felt that she was a little different.

What’s wrong in detail, can’t tell for a while.

“Brother-in-law, you are here!”

Although Rovena saw Levi, she was pleasantly surprised.

Can deliberately suppress emotions.

The performance is relatively flat.

“Your sister and children have already returned to Worenden. I will take you there tomorrow!”

After getting in the car.

Both were a little embarrassed.

“How are the past two years?”

Levi asked.

“I’m pretty good! But I heard that brother-in-law seems to be in a lot of twists and turns! Now you are an ordinary person!”

Levi smiled and said, “It’s good to be an ordinary person! The child, wife, and mother are all here, it’s a blessing in life!”

“Hmm, very happy!”

Rovena seemed to think of something, and said with a smile: “Brother-in-law, I will get married soon too!”

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