The Protector Novel Levi Garrison Chapter 1653

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Chapter 1653


Levi was taken aback.

Hastily braked the car.

There was a harsh brake sound.

Levi looked at Rovena in shock.

In his impression, Rovena was still a little sister.

Why did you get married?

But Levi didn’t ask anymore, and continued to drive.

Rovena has the right to pursue happiness on her own, so he can’t ask too much.

the next day.

Levi took her to Worenden.

When the two sisters met, naturally there was a lot to talk about.

Levi couldn’t see Aubrey again, so he could only wait by the side.

Suddenly, he saw a familiar figure-Roderick.

The crowd was surrounded by stars and the moon.

Obviously, the audience is all supreme-level powerhouses, but they turn around Roderick as an ordinary person.

Even Jero, the lord of Worenden, bent his waist to follow.


Even Levi couldn’t explain everything in front of him.

He knows Roderick’s family background.

How did he do it?

It happened that Roderick also saw Levi.

He brought a large group of people here.

When Sarah and others heard the movement, they all leaned in.

“Why are you doing here Roderick? Have you come to Worenden?”

Sarah seemed to be struck by lightning.

She couldn’t imagine Roderick, why an ordinary person could come to Worenden?

“Yeah, let me have a look!”

Subsequently, Roderick sneered: “Jero?”

“What’s the matter with Mr. Wood? Please order!”

A scene that surprised everyone in Worenden happened.

Saw Jero crouching around his waist and approaching Roderick like a pug with a smile on his face.

Flattery and obsequiousness can be seen by anyone.

“Sarah is a good friend of mine, do you know how to do it?”

Roderick said.

Jero said hurriedly: “Understand, it is Mr. Wood’s friend, and that is the guest of Worenden!”


Everyone feels crazy!

Jero actually did this to an ordinary person.

The most surprising thing was Sarah.

Is this still the nerd back then?

What is his identity?

Let Jero look like a dog.

Jero himself didn’t want to be ashamed in front of everyone.

But Roderick is terrible!

He now has eight Supreme Level Five Heavenly Powerhouses around him, and there are more other powerhouses around him.

He also heard that there are several supreme-level Sixth Heavenly powerhouses following this ordinary person.

Even if the Old City Lord came out, it would not help.

Annoyed others, Worenden was destroyed with a backhand.

“What the h3ll is Roderick?”

Sarah asked tremblingly.

Roderick looked proud: “I want you to know that the supreme powerhouse I said at the party that day is true that I am not afraid of it, even I can step on Worenden with my feet at any time!

He glanced at Jero.

The latter nodded immediately: “With Mr. Wood’s ability, Worenden can be stepped underfoot at any time!”


Hearing this, everyone showed an incredible expression.

Is this ordinary person so powerful?

“Come with me!”

Roderick looked at Sarah.

Sarah looked at Levi subconsciously.

Roderick smiled: “Let them follow along!”

Levi also wanted to know what Roderick was going to do.

Several people followed Roderick to a remote place.

“Sarah, do you know who I am now?”

He said with a smile.


Levi smiled.

“As long as I say a word, I can immediately become protector of the country! They have to provide for me!”

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