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Chapter 1656

Then the Domination Alliance contacted the major areas around Velador.

Mainly in places like East Island.

The ancient forces on the East Island have also surfaced one by one.

Historically, Yangard and Velador have been at odds, especially since the warriors are enemies.

Hearing that it was Velador who they were dealing with, these forces joined one after another.

Red Army Mansion!

Black Dragon Road!


All join in one brainstorm.

The atmosphere is getting more and more tense.

So far.

The army to dominate the alliance is basically assembled.

All preparations are in place.

The four rulers met for the first time.

The time for the offense was set.

The rattling atmosphere is on the verge.

Countless strong people look forward to the moment of the earth-shattering battle…

After Levi and his party returned to Case York.

Rovena gathered everyone from the Bell family and announced that she was going to get married.

Even Dale and the others are here.

Ruomei Bell and Willis were shocked when they heard this.

“You…who are you going to marry?”

The Bell family eagerly wanted to know.

Levi and Sarah also want to know.

“In the past few years, I have actually followed Bayler’s veteran doctor, and I have known several other teachers. I have not learned much ancient medicine!”

Hearing this, Levi understood.

Why did she always feel a little strange when picking up Rovena at the airport.

It turned out to be learning medicine, especially ancient medicine, and the whole temperament has become different.

“Not long ago, I met Marty Bates, the future heir of the medical king family! I want to marry him!”

Not knowing what was going on, Levi couldn’t feel Rovena’s happiness, but was rather helpless and sad.

“What family of medical kings? A few days ago, Velador was named the family of medical kings of Zenger medical king!”

“Much more powerful than Worenden!”

“Rovena, you are too arrogant!”

Ruomei almost burst into tears of joy.

With the help of Aubrey and Sarah, the family of Logan and Mann thrived, and the Bell family was envious.

Now Rovena wants to marry a family of medical kings.

The Bell family is about to rise.

“The wedding is just seven days later! Mom and Dad, you guys are ready to prepare too!”

Rovena said blankly.

But when he said, he was looking at Levi.

Levi felt that something was wrong.

“Well, the wedding will be held in seven days, and you will surely marry out gracefully!”

Don’t mention the Bell family’s excitement.

Immediately announce this to the whole city.

They want the grand ceremony of this wedding to be known to all of Velador.

The medical king family also released the news.

Echoing with the Bell family.

For a while, Case York was full of news that the Bell family girl was about to marry into the medical king’s family.

After the incident, Levi contacted Mr. Bayler.

Ask about Rovena and Marty Bates.

This kind of detached power from the family of medical kings will never want to marry you just because you are beautiful.

It is also such a powerful force, the more strict the hierarchy is.

They think that their blood is noble, and they were born on top.

Therefore, Levi felt that Rovena was not so simple in the family of medical kings.

“As for why the family of medical kings can look at Rovena and marry her? The reason is simple, Rovena is a genius in medicine!

Since she followed to study medicine, I discovered her talent. Introduced her to a few old friends, and they have the same evaluation!”

“Rovena has learned ancient medicine in the shortest time to the extent recognized by the family of medical kings, which shows her talent!”

Bayler explained everything to Levi.

Levi smiled and said, “That’s pretty good, she is so talented, the medical king family is her best home!”

“Hey! She’s all for you!”

Bayler, who hung up, sighed.

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