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Chapter 839

“Who saw him hit you?” Peter asked rhetorically.

The fourth child’s face paled in shock for an instant, and he couldn’t help but swallowed, “I, I say everything, don’t do it.”

Harrison curbed his movements, instead of not moving him, but waiting for him to finish talking before moving his hands, coldly curling the corners of his lips, “Let’s talk, if there is a little concealment, I will make your death very painful.”

The Fourth said repeatedly, “I dare not, I dare not, I must finish saying a word, but I say, can you let me go?”

“I will let you out from here.” Harrison said.

The fourth breathed a sigh of relief. If he can get out of here, he still have hope to live. This group of people are like lunatics.

He was really afraid that he would die here, so he didn’t think much about it. He opened his mouth and said, “I really want to be strong. She, she is very beautiful, I made a little bit of money on her, and she was very enthusiastic at first.”

“I thought she was willing to be with me. When I untied the rope for her, she attacked me with a candlestick. She stabbed me all the injuries. I didn’t succeed. Really, I said it all. Can you let me go now?”

Harrison gave an angrily laughed, “You want to strengthen her, now you ask me to let you go, are you talking in sleep?”

He planned for the worst in his heart, thinking that even if Alecia was really ruined by this ba5tard, he would not dislike her, and would try to take care of her in the future. Now that she is still innocent, he feels lucky from the bottom of his heart.

After all, if she was really troubled, it will cause a lot of damage to her soul, and those with weak willpower may not be able to survive.

The fourth child couldn’t help but widened his eyes and said loudly, “How can you say nothing, but you promised to let me go out here, besides, I told the truth.”

Harrison squatted down and grabbed his chin, and sneered, “Is Dexter blind? Reusing you as an idiot, indeed I mean let come out here, did I say let you go out vertically? The same goes horizontally. Get out.”

The fourth child was frightened, got up from the ground and knelt on the ground to kowtow to Harrison, “Your lord, let me go, I know I was wrong, I won’t dare again next time.”

The fourth child was originally a cartilage, bullying and fearing hard work. If he had the ability, he would have been reused. It was Dexter’s left-hand manager who had been jailed for Dexter’s crime.

Only then did he have a chance to come forward. He is not very capable, but he can just flatter him. North showed his face in front of him and was reused.

It’s just that he didn’t live up to it, so the scenery stabbed the basket within a few days.

Harrison rolled up his sleeves and said viciously, “Say, which hand touched her?”

The fourth child hurriedly shrank his right hand, realizing that his movements were too obvious, holding both hands in his arms, and cried loudly, “I was wrong, please let me go, I’ll act like a cow for you till death.”

“Right hand, right?” Harrison grabbed his hair and pulled back, “Are you stretching it out, or I do it?”

The fourth child’s crying nose snorted, without any masculinity, cowardly and timid.

Harrison scolded him in disgust, and pulled his hair against the wall behind him a few times. The fourth child screamed in pain and howled like a pig. Peter couldn’t listen to it, so he found a piece of tape to pass it to Harrison.

“Isn’t the soundproofing of the interrogation room the best?” Harrison didn’t realize what he meant for a while.

Peter didn’t bother to watch the fourth child, he was unworthy as a man.

“It’s too ugly.”

Harrison knowingly took the tape, and the fourth child took the opportunity to crawl into the corner, “Woo-please let me go.”

“Help me catch him.” Harrison winked at Peter.

Seeing Peter coming over, the fourth child would be k!lled if he wanted to run or not. However, after only two steps, he was kicked to the ground by Peter, twisted his arm on his back, and blocked his mouth.

Harrison wrapped the tape around his mouth a few times and even stuck his face. He threw the used tape aside and said to Peter, “Give me his right hand.”

Peter pressed the fourth child’s right hand on the ground, and Harrison lowered his head and patted the fourth child’s face, “If I don’t abandon you, I am not worthy of being a man.”

The fourth child couldn’t make a sound, his face was pale and blue in fright, but he couldn’t get away. He watched Harrison step on his hand.

There was a sound of cracking bones, and the old fourth’s painful face became a mess.

Harrison twisted his ankle, his fourth finger in leather shoes changed shape under his feet, Peter released him and stood aside.

The fourth child’s body was shaking, his crotch was wet, and he didn’t know when he was urinating.

Harrison stepped on his face, “D*mn, it’s the first time I see a man peeing on his pants in reality, you are really not a man.”

Peter confessed to Harrison, “Don’t k!ll him, it’s still useful to keep him.”

He is the person next to Dexter, and he should know about Dexter’s affairs.

Harrison didn’t say a word, he really wanted to k!ll the fourth child immediately.

Peter patted him on the shoulder, “If we really want to k!ll him, we don’t need to do it. It’s not worth it to get dirty for this kind of”

Harrison grumbled reluctantly.

Peter walked to Ryan’s side, “Let’s wait outside.”

Ryan gave a light hmm, and walked out first and came to the room where Carla was next door.

She sat on the chair and looked at what Harrison was doing over there. She could feel Harrison’s anger. This anger reflected his feelings for Alecia, and it was quite deep.

But outsiders can’t intervene in emotional matters.

Knowing that Alecia hadn’t lost her body, the stone in her heart was also put down.

“Are you going back now?” Ryan came over, Carla turned to look at him, shook her head, “Wait a moment.”

Peter asked, “Do you want to see how Harrison fixes people?”

Carla answered the wrong question, “Peter, have you been promoted?”

This question was asked too suddenly. Peter looked at her for two seconds and said, “Yeah.”

“Congratulations, I will host a banquet to celebrate in the evening. You and Harrison will come to the villa together.” Carla said.

“Not worth it…”

“Why not worth it? Being promoted means you are capable, and we are also happy for you.

I didn’t mention this person because I haven’t caught this person before. Now that have caught this person, I have forgotten one thing, although with Dexter The problem has not been completely resolved, but there is still time for everyone to have a meal together.”

“You have said so, then I won’t refuse, thank you sister-in-law.” Peter said sincerely.

“You’re welcome, if you’re okay, you can come over there soon.” Carla laughed, and there was a deep meaning in her words. Peter didn’t hear it and said, “Okay.”

“Then I’ll go back first.” Carla stood up from the chair, and Ryan asked her to wait a while, “I have a few words with Peter, you wait for me outside first.”

Carla nodded and said, “Okay.”

After speaking, she went out.

After she left, Ryan and Peter planned what to do next, leaving Fourth in one breath. One was to try to find out from him about Dexter’s crimes, and the other was that they wouldn’t do it themselves, even if they were old. The life of a sinner will only k!ll with the knife.

Regardless of whether the Fourth moves or not recruit Dexter, as long as they have the evidence of Dexter’s violation of the law and say that the fourth one betrayed him, then if they don’t do anything, Dexter will have to k!ll the traitor himself.

Peter said, “I understand, leave this to me.”

Ryan glanced at the screen. The fourth child lay on the ground and pumped. Harrison didn’t stop, as if the anger in his heart hadn’t come out. He quickly retracted his gaze and walked out.

Carla said that she wanted to go home, so Ryan asked her to go to the company with her.

“Come with me for dinner at noon, and I will take you back.” Ryan buckled her seat belt.

Ryan started the car and asked, “Are you trying to match Harrison and Alecia?”

Chapter 840

Carla turned her head to look at Ryan and asked, “Is it so obvious what I did?”

“What you did is very vague, because I know you too well.” Ryan smiled at her, “Are we in the spirit?”

Carla, “…”

She looked straight and didn’t talk to him, “I think Harrison still has feelings for Alecia.”

“He hasn’t changed, just made some mistakes in the past.” Ryan still wants to say a word for his brother, “You persuade Alecia.”

“I don’t understand her thoughts.” Carla said frankly. She also wanted someone to take care of Alecia.

Rather than find another one, she would still prefer Harrison. Although he had made mistakes before, it was obvious that he had learned a lesson.

But Alecia’s attitude towards Harrison was too cold, and he was not willing to give Harrison a chance at all.

She said that it was sincere to congratulate Peter. After all, Peter’s ability and character were qualified for this position, and she really wanted to invite Harrison to the villa to create opportunities to get along with Alecia by celebrating Peter.

“Everyone has his own life, and you don’t have to worry too much.” Ryan didn’t want her to bother about other people’s affairs.

Carla understood what he meant, “I will not interfere, but I will create some opportunities for Harrison within the scope of my ability. He will persuade her. If she still has feelings for Harrison, she will see that Harrison is good. If there is no feelings, no one can persuade her.”

“It’s good if you understand.” Ryan agrees with this.

He doesn’t like to take care of other people’s emotional matters, and hopes that Carla will not interfere too much.

Everyone is an adult and has his own ideas, assistance is fine, but it is impossible to impose his own ideas on others.

When they spoke, the car drove into the company’s underground parking lot. Ryan stopped the car and pushed the door down. When she was about to come over to give Carla the door, she pushed the door and walked down by herself, and Ryan took her hand.

Carla struggled a bit, “Will she be in bad?”

After all, she had been on the Internet before, and her identity had been speculated about, and there were rumors that she was an 18th line star or something.

Although she didn’t care, she didn’t want to be talked about, and looked at some ugly words.

Ryan glanced at her, “What’s wrong?”

They are veritable couples, Carla is not stealing anything, he is not a lover, they are upright, and the more they hide, the more conjecture they are.

Carla couldn’t help him, so she could only let him take her hand to the elevator.

The online posting was too hot, and it spread in the company. Seeing them appear together at the company, it was more enthusiastic than usual to say hello.

The elevator stopped with a ding sound, and soon the elevator door slid open to both sides. The two walked out one after another, passing by the secretary Ryan and asked, “Are you thirsty?”

Carla nodded, “I’m a little hungry.”

She didn’t eat anything in the morning, and now she feels very hungry.

“What do you want to eat? Secretary will buy it.”

“Egg yolk pumpkin, Shahe cake, caramel pudding, and red bean cake.” Carla said a bunch of desserts, and now thinking about these foods, she almost drools.

Ryan glanced back at her. They were all sweet, but if she liked it, buy it. He told the secretary to buy it all, “Buy freshly squeezed juice by the way.” He added, “Fresh orange juice.”

He was worried that those sweet ones would taste greasy, and the sourness of fresh orange juice could dissolve the sweetness.

The secretary replied, “I’m going now. When I was at work, the Manager of Public Relations came and asked me to call her when you come. Let her come now?”

Ryan gave a faint hum, “Let her come.”

After speaking, he took Carla into the office. The secretary watched the boss treat Carla so considerately.

Thinking of the slander of some keyboard guys on the Internet, he couldn’t help but want to laugh at the people who don’t know why they don’t know, and they like to guess.

After entering the office, Carla said, “Do what you should do. I will wait for you in the rest area.”

Ryan did have work to be busy with, so he asked her to wait for him in the rest area, “If you want to sleep, just sleep on the sofa for a while.”

Carla responded, but repelled in her heart. It seemed unsuitable for her to sleep here where he worked.

She sat on the sofa and took a book casually.

After a while, the office door was knocked, and Ryan looked up from the documents he was reading and said, “Come in.”

Soon the Manager of Public Relations opened the door and walked in. She inadvertently saw Carla sitting on the sofa. She smiled and said hello, “Mrs. President.”

Carla gave a smile, and politely nodded towards her in response.

“What’s the matter?” Ryan put down the file in his hand and leaned back on the back of the chair.

“Did you read the news about you?” the Manager of Public Relations asked sharply.

Ryan gave a light hum.

“Our officials are almost falling, I think you need to explain.” The Manager of Public Relations said.

Ryan frowned, what does the official have to do with him personally?

The official is the corporate official, not his personal account.

“What’s the matter?”

The Manager of Public Relations explained, “That’s it, haven’t you seen that our official follower number has reached 70 million?”

Ryan leaned lazily, “Isn’t this the business of your public relations department?”

The Manager of Public Relations laughed, “Yes, this is a matter for our department. It is just an enterprise that cannot attract so many people’s attention.”


“So I usually put some photos of business owners.” The Manager of Public Relations said truthfully, “So many people are concerned, not the company, but the people, the company is just by the way.”

Ryan glanced at her, always trusting her abilities. He really didn’t pay much attention to public relations. He occasionally took a look at the official Twitter without paying too much attention to what they posted. After listening to her, he browsed the official website. Past updates on Twitter.

However, don’t know it. Was shocked when saw it. It was all his personal photos.

“You are more attractive as an individual than a business, so you can be regarded as advertising for the company.” said the Manager of Public Relations.

Ryan pressed his eyebrows with a headache, “So you made troubles for me?”

The Manager explained calmly, “Where do I dare to cause trouble for you, I think you can take this opportunity to disclose the identity of your wife, and let us as employees also have a glass of your wedding drink.”

Ryan raised his eyes in a mocking tone, but there was a smile on his face, “I have to thank you for listening to you?”

“If you think it helped you, send a big red envelope to our employees when you get married.”

The Manager is very knowledgeable, knowing that Ryan is not angry before she dares to say that, “You have been single before, now Suddenly showing up with your wife in the eyes of everyone, it naturally attracted attention, because we did not know that you were married before the wedding, and there were many speculations about the identity of your wife.”

“There are good and bad, and of course the good and the good, and the bad. It’s ugly enough, I think you should give your wife an identity.”

She said this last sentence from a female perspective. Although she could see that Ryan treated Carla well, she did not have a legitimate identity and would always be speculated.

Why doesn’t Ryan think? He had an idea for a long time, but a lot of things happened and were delayed, and now she is pregnant again.

“I know about this. Go ahead.” Ryan listened.

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