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Chapter 171

Levi didn’t pay any attention to these little scumbags.

He continued to look at West Ting and asked, “Is there nothing? You were drunk last night, I saw it with my own eyes.”

“Impossible! I was not drunk last night! Mr. Logan and I attended a business dinner. It was you who came in and beat them and abused them! You warned me not to speak out!!!”

West Ting plucked up the courage, Levi did it!

“is it?”

Levi asked.

Seeing Levi approaching a few strong companions, West Ting was not afraid at all. She angrily said: “Levi, don’t try to play any tricks! I tell you, your charge is accurate! You are right! You can’t escape!”

Levi smiled: “You are so ungrateful. If I didn’t save you last night, you would have them ruined!”

West Ting thought of the scene last night, her heart trembled and her face was ugly.

But she bit her head and said: “Huh, it’s impossible! Mr. Charles is a famous gentleman, and he treats women according to etiquette! Not as dirty as you said!”

The ability to open your eyes and tell lies is terrible!

Levi silently took out his phone, opened the picture, and shook West Ting: “I filmed a video of your drunkenness last night. Whose hands are on you? Are these gentleman Charles’s? “

Seeing the video, West Ting’s eyes straightened.

Levi did take her video, which is enough to prove that the testimony she gave is false!

She is going to jail!

Suddenly, the blood on West Ting’s face disappeared and it became as white as paper.

“Deleted the video for me!”

West Ting reached out to grab Levi’s phone, but Levi’s speed was too fast and she dodged it all at once.

Levi got up to leave.

West Ting also hurriedly followed and shouted, “Give me the phone!!!”

“Why do you want to give me my phone?”

Levi smiled.

“Give her the phone! Right away, right away!”

Several of West Ting’s companions blocked Levi’s path and said coldly.

“Please, this is my phone!”

Levi said.

The headed man Jin Yangming said coldly: “I order you to hand over your phone! To be honest, the brother knife who covers this bar is my eldest brother! If you don’t hand over your phone, I promise you can’t eat it!”

With the backing of several companions, West Ting was obviously hardened: “Levi, if you don’t hand over your phone to delete the video, you will suffer a lot tonight!”

Levi ignored it. When he was about to leave, Jin Yangming had already stretched out his hand to grab it.


But Wesley didn’t know when, he had already appeared, punched Jin Yangming’s face, blood splattered.


With one punch, the other fell.

Soon, all six of West Ting’s male companions were knocked to the ground.

“Who the hell dare to make trouble in my place?”

A cold shout came.

Dozens of people rushed over. They were watching the security of the place, and to put it plainly, they were thugs.

When the situation just happened, the bar manager had already notified, so they came quickly.

Hearing this voice, Levi was a little familiar.

Isn’t this a knife for moving bricks at the plum dyeing site?

Lao Jiu’s men.

When the knife saw Levi’s face clearly, his face changed wildly.

“Just the fuck are you making trouble?”

With that said, the knife directly skipped Levi and Wesley, and came to Jin Yangming.


A slap on Jin Yangming’s face fiercely, Jin Yangming flew out without saying, spit out a bloody arrow in his mouth, mixed with several teeth.

Chapter 172


The knife slapped the other person’s face again.

The thugs behind him held Jin Yangming and a few others were beaten violently.

The bar manager was dumbfounded.

This is the most expensive guest in the bar tonight!

Why did the trouble become them?

“I have my own judgment! They are making trouble!”

The bar manager also wanted to explain, but the knife would not listen.

What made people even more shocking was that the knife took the initiative to come to Levi and said with a smile: “Mr. Garrison, I have dealt with all these troubles, and I will disturb you.”

“well done.”

Levi’s praise made the knife go to heaven with excitement.

West Ting and her companions were dumbfounded.

It was them who caused the trouble.

Levi shook the phone at West Ting: “I’m leaving now.”

Later, Levi and Wesley left.

West Ting immediately followed.

After all, Levi holds her deadly handle.

After rushing out of the bar, where are the two of Levi?


West Ting fell to the ground, looking up to the sky and crying.

If she knew she couldn’t find Levi, it would be over!

As long as Levi took out the evidence, she would likely go to jail.

West Ting was afraid and anxious.

After all, she just graduated, how can she go to jail!

Regret it!

She regretted it so much that she forgot everything when she saw a million.

On the other side, Suzaku has solved everything.

Check the transfer records and call records of several waiters.

Several waiters were so frightened that they all cried.

In a luxurious single-family villa in Case York.

On the bed was a woman with a hot body and a coquettish appearance. Du Renhe was smoking a cigar.

He glanced at the woman on the bed and sneered: “Don’t worry, you will be lying on my bed soon-Sarah!”

Many classmates coveted Sarah not a day or two.

Especially those who have achieved fame, are even more worried.

Du Renhe finally had such an opportunity, he was bound to force Sarah to submit.

He wants to taste the taste of the woman who rejected him back then?

At this moment, someone rang the doorbell.

Du Renhe cursed, put on his bathrobe and opened the door.

After opening it, it turned out to be Levi.

“Oh, isn’t this Levi, the man of Jiangsu and York? Old classmates are here, welcome!”

Du Renhe did not drive Levi away, but welcomed him into the villa.

“Old classmate, you came here for your case, right?”

Du Renhe smiled.

“Yes, classmate Du, you are the director of Dacheng Law Firm! Wouldn’t you ask about your situation?”

Levi smiled.

“What’s the situation?”

Du Renhe asked deliberately.

“When Sarah wanted to fight this lawsuit and went to the major lawyers to find a lawyer, why didn’t any lawyer dare to take it?”

Levi asked.

“Haha, tell the truth! I arranged it, and no one in the entire legal profession will pick up your orders!”

Du Renhe directly confessed that he was not afraid of Levi’s arrival anyway.

In his opinion, Levi is here to beg him tonight.

“It’s you?”

Levi pretended to look incredible.

“Yes, that’s right! I just want to kill you and Sarah! Let you have nowhere! Let you kneel in front of me and beg me! No, are you begging me now?”

Du Renhe smiled.

Levi asked, “In other words, you and Fan Dacheng planned everything?”

“Yes! I even arranged those witnesses! Everything I arranged was perfect! Levi doesn’t ask me, you have to wait to die!”

Chapter 173

Du Renhe smiled presumptuously.

After all, he controlled everything, and Levi came to death.

“It turns out that you are operating!”

Levi pretended to be angry.

“Yes! When the Case York Chamber of Commerce found me, it was Sarah’s case with you, I immediately agreed!”

“Back then, when I was pursuing Sarah, I was severely rejected by her and said that a scum like me was not worthy of her! Now, you are finally planted in my hands!”

Du Renhe has always been brooding about what happened in the past, and he can’t find opportunities.

Now Sarah finally got into his hands.

He has to play with it!


Levi pretended to be scared.

Du Renhe leaned close to Levi and sneered: “Levi, now I control everything. As long as you fight a lawsuit, you will definitely lose! Then go to jail!”

“It’s not my fault, they got wronged, they hurt me even more, I’m a legitimate defense!”

Levi pretended to cry anxiously.

“Hmph, of course I know that those guys in Charles are sex monsters, they have been playing with women all these years! They are revenge for Sarah, and they have done something wrong with her. They want to tie you up and watch them play with your wife! But Do you have a way? You have no evidence at all!”

Du Renhe smiled.

“Then what should I do, old classmate? Help me!”

Levi pretended to plead.

Du Renhe smiled sinisterly: “It’s very simple! First, 200 million; second, you send Sarah to me, and you will be returned in a week!”

“Very simple terms, right? Sarah has someone invested now, two hundred million can be obtained! Besides, she accompanies me to sleep for a week, and you don’t have an accident. Isn’t it worthwhile?”

Du Renhe patted Levi on the shoulder: “Brother, think about it, if these two conditions fail, then you are done, I promise you will betray you for a life sentence! In this life you don’t even want to get out of prison!”

After hearing Du Renhe’s threat, Levi laughed suddenly.

He sat on the sofa with Erlang’s legs tilted, took out a special cigarette for the military area to light it, and smoked it.

It was completely different from the attitude of begging someone to do something just now.

Du Renhe was stunned, and looked at Levi incredulously.

Shouldn’t it be for yourself?

How come you have become an uncle.

“Levi, what do you mean? You are looking for death!”

Du Renhe roared.

At this time, there was a sudden sound of footsteps in the room.

Du Renhe thought it was the woman, and said coldly: “Didn’t you tell you not to come out?”

“Can’t I come out?”

Hearing the man’s voice, Du Renhe turned his head in fright and saw Wesley walking slowly holding the camera.

“Who are you? What are you doing in my room?”

Wesley ignored him and went straight to Levi: “General, all the shots are ready!”

Seeing the camera, Du Renhe’s body trembled fiercely, and asked in horror: “Have you taken everything just now?”

At this time, Du Renhe realized Levi’s purpose.

On the surface, he pretends to be begging for himself, but in fact he is playing other words.

Now that’s all right, I have explained everything myself.

The key is that Levi is too weak in his eyes, he will only be desperate to beg for himself.

I would never have thought that he was deliberately talking about it!

Underestimated Levi’s arrival.

Levi checked the content of the camera and said with a smile: “That’s right, I wanted to use a voice recorder at first, it would be better if I think about it!”

Chapter 174

Upon hearing this, Du Renhe exploded.

If this video goes out, I will definitely scrap it.

Lawyer Dacheng wants to ruin, and his life will be ruined even more!

For a while, Du Renhe was frightened and sweated.

He was more flustered than West Ting.

West Ting was afraid of going to jail because she was young.

He is ruined because of such a huge family property and a generous life.

It is so ruined, naturally not reconciled.

Du Renhe stared at Levi: “You obediently hand over the video to me, everything is easy to handle, otherwise, I promise you can’t eat it!”

“Are you threatening me?”

Levi smiled.

Du Renhe instantly understood that Levi was a very powerful character, otherwise he wouldn’t have thought of using his own words.

It’s useless to intimidate him.

Du Renhe suppressed the excitement and said in a discussing tone: “What are your conditions? Mention it!”

Levi shook his head: “I have no conditions.”

“No, as long as you hand over the video to me, I will fight this lawsuit for you! You are guaranteed to win the lawsuit and you will get a lot of compensation!”

Du Renhe immediately said.

In his opinion, what Levi wants now is to get rid of all charges and win this lawsuit.

Levi smiled meaningfully: “I need you a trash to help me fight a lawsuit?”

After speaking, Levi got up to leave.

“You can’t go! Let’s discuss the conditions!”

Du Renhe immediately stood in front of Levi.

“As long as you agree to delete the video, I can accept any conditions!”

Du Renhe was crying in a hurry.

Wesley picked him up and threw him on the sofa.

Du Renhe cried and cried, but could only watch Levi leave.

After coming outside.

Zhu Que found Levi, holding a piece of information: “The transfer records and call records of General, Fan Dacheng and Du Renhe have been found!”

“Okay, the evidence is complete! Zhuque, you go and put it on Fu Xuejian’s desk! He can see it tomorrow!”

Levi smoked a cigarette and disappeared into the night.

This night was quite a long time for Sarah and Dale!

Tomorrow will determine their fate!

This night was also very tormenting for several waiters who testified at the Huanghao Hotel.

At eight o’clock, a police car sirens sounded.

A dozen policemen rushed down from several police cars, rushed into the hotel, and quickly took away the waiters.

In the apartment.

West Ting has been worried.

“West Ting, don’t worry, don’t you still have Lawyer Du Renhe and the Case York Chamber of Commerce behind you? They are there, and Levi is definitely convicted! That video is nothing, you insist that he edited it himself!”

Companion persuaded.

West Ting’s expression only eased a lot.


I still have a backstage!

Levi is nothing at all.

But at this moment, a sirens sounded throughout the apartment.

West Ting and her companion ran to the window to see that a police car was parked below their apartment.

West Ting fainted suddenly.

But he was still taken away by the police.

The other side.

Du Renhe came to Fan Dacheng’s Dacheng Group early in the morning.

In fact, he is also the godson of Fan Dacheng, so the lawyer’s name is named after Dacheng.

In the chairman’s office.

“Godfather, you can save me! Levi, that kid has my evidence!”

Du Renhe was so scared that his face was pale.

Fan Dacheng smoked a cigar and said angrily: “You’re still a lawyer at the expense of you. How decent is it to be scared?”

Chapter 175

Du Renhe’s body trembled: “My godfather is not like this. Levi does have the ability. He not only set up my evidence, he also filmed a video that night. I just got the news that the few waiters who gave false testimony and Sarah’s secretary has been taken away!”

“Godfather, I will be next!”

“Godfather, save me!”

Du Renhe pleaded bitterly.

Fan Dacheng stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows, looking at the scenery of Case York. He took a cigar and said, “I think that dare to move my godson?”

“Renhe, don’t worry, it’s okay! The deputy bureau of the Public Security Bureau must give me a bit of face! How much income do I bring to Case York every year and how many employment problems I solve?

Fan Dacheng didn’t care at all.

He is not only one of the eight directors of the Case York Chamber of Commerce, his Dacheng Group has 7-8 billion assets.

Naturally emboldened!

“Ooo Ooo…”

But the next moment, a sirens sounded in the square in front of Dacheng Group, the sound was as crisp as a big bell.

The entire group building heard clearly.

Seeing a few police cars stop in the square in front of him, Fan Dacheng’s face changed.

As for Du Renhe trembling with fright.

This is here to catch him!

Fan Dacheng smoked the cigarette, frowning, but still said: “Renhe, don’t worry, no one will dare to touch you with me!”

Soon, several policemen came to Fan Dacheng’s office.

They directly showed the arrest warrant.

Du Renhe was scared into a cold sweat.

Fan Dacheng roared: “I see who dares to take away my godson of Fan Dacheng?”

“Today not only will take you away, but also take you away!”

With a voice, Fu Xuejian appeared from behind.

He also had an arrest warrant in his hand, which belonged to Fan Dacheng.

“Director Fu?”

Seeing that it was Fu Xuejian, Fan Dacheng’s face changed drastically.

Fu Xuejian knew that Fan Dacheng was a hard bone, so he came in person.

“Fan Dacheng, Du Renhe, we already have your evidence, please cooperate with us to investigate, otherwise, we will take coercive measures!”

Fu Xuejian waved his hand, and the four of them stepped forward, escorting Fan Dacheng and Du Renhe away.

Fan Dacheng never expected that he would shoot him!

He is a director of the Case York Chamber of Commerce!

This is what no one expected!

He even shot against the directors of the Case York Chamber of Commerce.

After arriving at the police station, the evidence was conclusive.

What surprised Fan Dacheng and Du Renhe was that the transfer records and call records were all specially encrypted!

After all, Du Renhe is a lawyer and he is very cautious.

After he encrypts it, it is difficult to find out even with criminal investigation methods.

But how do they know that Suzaku is a world-class hacker who can handle these trivialities.

Fan Dacheng and Du Renhe were also planted.

Even Charles and several people in the hospital were charged with crimes. After they were cured, they were arrested and deported.

Soon, the media in Case York reported all this.

Restored the truth of the matter!!!

But what shocked everyone most was that Fan Dacheng was arrested.

All the directors of the Case York Chamber of Commerce must give face.

Everyone was shocked when caught in this way.

The Case York Chamber of Commerce was also very surprised by this matter.

But the person who came forward was Fu Xuejian, and they couldn’t help it.

In Sarah’s office.

Sarah hugged Levi excitedly.

“It turns out that you had expected it a long time ago, and you left evidence specially. You are so smart! No wonder you didn’t panic at all!”

Levi smiled.

These people are still too young to fight him.

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