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Chapter 1666

The streets of Case York are full of soldiers marching in a hurry.

The people waved their flags and shouted, and the red big summer dragon flags were raised in all directions of the city.

“Don’t worry about k!lling the enemy, you have us behind!”

“We are waiting for your triumphant day! Velador will win! Velador will win!”

The people shouted, tears filled their eyes.

The soldiers also echoed: “Velador will win, and Velador shall win!”

Everyone has one heart, tied into a rope, this force is too great.

Levi took a look, and his heart was full of emotions.

The military and the civilians are of one mind, does Velador have a reason to lose?

It’s worth fighting for this group of people!!!

Levi led an army of 300,000 to the first line of support on the southern border.

Not only that.

Some time ago, Levi’s secret training team was also taken out.

Not only that.

Levi also ordered the Scrubland Emperor and asked him to gather all the power of the four main gates and the major hidden forces for his command.

In this way, Levi had 400,000 troops in his hands.

Although most of them are modern warriors, they have weapons in succession, and they can k!ll warriors if the tactics are used properly.

“Levi was too handsome at the moment, right?”

“He is still the God of War!”

Someone sighed.

He also changed a lot about Levi.

Especially Melina and others.

“Haha, pull it down!”

“It looks aggressive! It’s actually a pile of cannon fodder!”

“The times have changed so much now! The enemies are all supreme-level powerhouses! Few of these people have reached the Lord level, and they will be cannon fodder on the battlefield!”

“The biggest effect of these 300,000 people is to delay time. After all, it takes a little time to k!ll 300,000 people!”

“One said, these people are going to die! It’s actually very sad! Three hundred thousand people will soon be gone! Hey!”

Nick said mercilessly.

But no one was present to refute.

Because they are right.

Now is the era of warriors contending for hegemony!

Especially the supreme-level powerhouse is too terrifying, the body carries the cannonballs, and the hands and feet are destroyed.

These modern warriors are here to die!

Dale sighed and said: “Even if he was going to die! My son-in-law died on the way to the charge! That’s enough!”

Edith also raised her head proudly.

This is her son-in-law!

“Aubrey must be proud of your father!”

She whispered.

Compared with Levi, people like Nick are cowards.

They stopped talking, but hid silently.

“Nowadays, the spirit of the bright sword is even more lacking!”

“Even if the enemy is all Supreme Powers? What if we are all ordinary people?”

“We are going to shine the sword! We are going to fight him!”

“Life and death are indifferent, just do it if you don’t accept it!”

“Even if you die, you have to brighten your sword!”

From this moment on, most people felt a sense of awe for Levi and the 300,000 ordinary soldiers.

Dale and the others silently prayed that Levi would come back.

Aubrey Sarah and others were all protected by Worenden.

At this time, Levi had no worries about the future.

He can let go of his hand for a fight.

“Enemy, your nightmare is coming!”

Levi’s eyes revealed a strong murderous intent.

Levi led an army of 400,000, rushing to aid the southern sea defense line.

However, in the middle of the journey, they were stopped by a group of forces.

“Everyone is ready to fight!!!”

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