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Chapter 1673

Everyone in Velador sighed.

Just now they watched their compatriots die, but they could do nothing.

They want to vent this grievance on the enemy.

“Listen to me, everyone, don’t move, wait until the enemy gets close before you fight!”

Bryant ordered.

The Dominant Alliance is coming aggressively.

In their opinion, there are not many of the opposing supreme-level powerhouses left.

Isn’t this wave a horizontal push?

Although all the energy boxes are lit up.

However, this wave of offensive can definitely bring the Great Velador East Territory theater to fall.

It is very possible to push all the way, directly to the capital.

To conquer the capital would mean victory.

Everyone began to imagine victory.

Soon, the two sides entered the distance of hand to hand combat.


Bryant gave an order.

Everyone rushed out and fought together with the forces of Dominant Alliance.



Blood splattered, and people who were with the Alliance continued to fall.

Velador was suffocating on this side, and the supreme-level powerhouses all retained their strength, they attacked fiercely and k!lled the opponent by surprise.

Soon, the Dominant Alliance was dumbfounded.


“Why do they still have so many supreme-level powerhouses?”

“How many supreme powers do they have? What just happened?”

Found that the opponent’s combat readiness is sufficient, almost all of the Supreme-level powerhouses are there.

The Dominant Alliance was instantly repulsed.

And the loss was heavy.

“fcuked! We are absolutely fooled!”

“The other party used other people to trick us into firing with the k!ller weapon! Let’s burn out all the energy boxes!”

“Their supreme-level powerhouses are still there, none of them are dead!”

Soon, Roderick and the others reacted.

It may be too late.

This wave of Dominant Alliance has suffered huge losses.

Let Bryant lead someone to fight back.

The Dominant Alliance retreated steadily.

This made the morale of the warriors in the Eastern Frontier Theater soar.

“Liar! All liars!”

Roderick was very angry.

A plot by the other party made him bet on all the wealth.

Now, his hole cards are completely gone.

Senior officials such as Walter were also very angry.

They could have easily won the East Territory.

Now, the Eastern Territory Theater is in a stalemate.

With such ruthless people as Bryant and the others, the enemy can’t even take a step.

They are difficult to break the third line of defense.

The news of the Eastern Territory Theater spread throughout Velador, so that everyone was very excited and gave everyone a lot of confidence.

The Western Territory is where the most powerful force dominates the alliance.

Velador also dispatched the strongest strength to fight against it accordingly.

But the army of the medical king family was originally a mob, and combined with the general fighting spirit, they were all driven by interests.

Therefore, under the strong attack of the enemy, they retreated steadily.

The third line of defense has been breached.

The fourth line of defense was also broken by a third.

The North Border Defense Line has a natural geographical advantage, coupled with timely support, it can still be carried.

However, there are many strangers who are powerful and can control ice and snow.

In the end, the third line of defense in the north was not supported.

However, the situation is a little better compared to the West.

The other side.

The third line of defense in the southern waters was also breached.

The fourth line of defense is between the sea and the land.

If the fourth line of defense is broken.

The enemy army is about to land.

At that time the entire southern border will be in danger.

At this time, the 400,000 army led by Levi just arrived.

“All of you, listen to my orders and attack directly!”

When he came to the sea, Levi even ordered an attack.

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