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Chapter 1674

The defensive soldiers in the southern waters were all dumbfounded.

During this time, they have been defending.

Nevertheless, three lines of defense were breached.

The enemy is too strong.

In the sea, they are invincible.

Even their lethal weapons are useless.

The gap between the two sides is too great.

They can’t defend it.

As a result, Levi brought a group of fighters and had to attack directly.

Sick or mad?

“You… are you crazy? The enemy is always attacking! We don’t defend? We attack instead?”

Everyone did not understand Levi’s approach.

Levi sneered: “From now on, I will take over everything in the Southern Territory Theater! You just follow the orders!”

“What a mighty prestige! All matters in the Southern Territory Theater are in the hands of the protector of the country! You say that you take over?”

At this time, a voice of dissatisfaction sounded.

Everyone didn’t look at Levi.

The opponents are all supreme-level powerhouses.

No matter how many people Levi took, it was useless.

It turned out that Colin handed over the main battle power of the Southern Territory Theater to Hazlen Emmons, one of the four protectors of the country.

Hazlen comes from the big island of Heaven.

Heavenly Sea Island supreme-level powerhouses are like clouds, they live on the sea just like the Sea King Palace.

Under Colin’s active persuasion and favorable conditions, it joined the Bass Guard sequence.

Hazlen, the young Lord of City Island, was even named one of the four protectors of the country.

“Where is he, call him and say that I asked him!”

Levi said directly.

Soon, Hazlen, wearing a battle uniform, came with a group of Lords aggressively.

“Who is looking for me?”

Hazlen was awe-inspiring and his face was cold.

“I am looking for you! I ordered, now everything is taken over by me, including you too!”

Levi didn’t say much nonsense, and directly gave orders.

But when these words came out, Hazlen and his men were stunned.

Is this person so horizontal?

“No, who are you? What qualifications do you have to take over us?”

Hazlen stared at Levi displeased.

“I’m Levi Garrison, Great Dragon King!”

Levi showed his identity.

“Great Dragon King, I know you, just you? With a group of shrimp soldiers and crabs, you want to guard here? Do you know what you are facing?”

Hazlen glanced at Levi with disdain.

How about more people?

A bunch of ordinary people.

Encountering these powerful enemies is all cannon fodder.

“Who said I want to defend, I want to attack!”

Hazlen: “…”


“Hurry up and hand over the command, everyone obeys my command!”

Levi said hurriedly.

“The position of the Dragon King is high, but I have never heard that the protector of the country should listen to you!”

Hazlen seemed to think of something.

He smiled and said: “Aren’t you going to attack? Then let’s open the way, you just have to attack!”

“Our mission and duty is to stay here! Leave me alone to remind you that the enemy is very powerful!”

Hazlen looked hypocritical.

Originally, he wanted to drive Levi out.

You can think about it again.

Let Levi approach them to attack.

It is not only harmless to them, but beneficial.

The 400,000 army, even if the opponent let go of the k!lling, it would take a long time to k!ll.

How much time do they have to buy for them?

Some people use their lives to buy time for them, so why not do it.

Levi glanced at Hazlen deeply.

“OK, alright!”

Originally, he didn’t expect these rice buckets.

It’s better for him to take his men and go open and fight.

Finally, the fourth line of defense was released, and Levi led the army through.

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