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Chapter 1676

In order to destroy these monsters in one wave.

Levi asked his subordinates to drop a large number of powerful deep-sea torpedoes.

In the deep sea.

A deep-sea monster and fierce beast that has never been found in the record, is opening its blood basin, and marching wildly.

They obeyed the command of the orc trainer in the Sea King Palace and rushed into the front line of defense.

Bite everything…

“Swish swish…”

At this moment, strange waves and sounds came.

A faint light flashed above them.

Soon a large number of ​​deep-sea torpedoes were launched.

Although it is fast.

But these monsters are not slow.

When they sense the arrival of the torpedo, they subconsciously want to eat it and swallow it in their stomachs.



A torpedo was swallowed by the monster.




The next second, a torpedo exploded in the belly of the monster.

And there are dense torpedoes launched all at once.

They all have location tracking devices, which are aimed at monsters.


In the depths of the sea, an unprecedented bombing is unfolding.

Although the bodies of these monsters and sea beasts can be called copper walls and iron walls.

But what Levi deliberately used was a powerful torpedo, which was close to a small nuclear weapon.

Just enough to tear apart the monster’s body.

The bodies of the monsters were still exploded during the bombardment.

There is no sc*m left.

In order to destroy these monsters at once, Levi gave an order to carry out six coverage bombings.

“Report, the hunt is complete! No monster left!”

After the good news came.

All cheers.

“Next, listen to my order and take advantage of the other side’s attention! The army presses over!”

“The fighter plane took off, and the warship set off immediately!”

“To deal with warriors, we must avoid hand-offs with them! We must attack them with modern weapons!”

Levi commanded the army to advance quickly.

Hazlen in the rear, they are still paying attention to the situation ahead.

“What are these idiots doing?”

“God, they attacked! What a bunch of lunatics!”

Hazlen shook his head: “Hehe, it’s still too young, let alone, just encountering those deep-sea monsters, they will all have to die in 100,000!”

When they were entangled with monsters, they didn’t know that they were all destroyed by Levi.

On the sea ahead.

There are densely packed ships.

There are modern ships and some ancient ships.

There are many people hiding in the sea.

Dominant Alliance maritime coalition forces.

Headed by the Sea King Palace.

Most of them are mysterious forces active on the sea.

There is no shortage of supreme-level powerhouses.

At sea, they are the overlords.

Behind them, followed by a large number of Lords.

They are going to log in.

Everything in the sea area is handed over to them in the Sea King Palace.

When landed, they had to change another group of people.

“If nothing else, the deep sea beasts are already attacking them now!”

“Yes, that’s right, I can’t receive their breath anymore, which means they are biting and fighting!”

“Before dawn, we will definitely be able to break through the enemy’s fourth and fifth lines of defense! At that time, landing will be easy, and the southern border of Great Velador will be under our control!”

Everyone showed grim and satisfied smiles.

In their view, the high probability is already a victory.

The other party can’t stop it.


At this moment, suddenly, there were terrifying waves from the depths of the sea.

Especially the strongest of the supreme class have the strongest perception.

Everyone’s complexion changed drastically.

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