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Chapter 1675

Looking at the mighty army passing through the defense line, Hazlen and his men all smiled.

“A bunch of fools! Don’t even know what you are facing!”

Hazlen sneered.

“Yes, this group of fools still feel very honorable and confident, they are going to die!”

“Not to mention, the monsters and sea beasts in the enemy’s sea can eat them so that there is no residue left!”

It turns out that the Sea King Palace is not only powerful in the sea, they also raise a lot of monsters and beasts in the deep sea.

When he attacked the southern waters this time, once it was released, Velador suffered heavy damage.

Those who are as strong as the supreme level might also fall under the bite of monsters.

Let alone ordinary people.

“Let them go! We prepare ours!”

“Just watch a good show at that time!”

Hazlen smiled.

In their view.

Levi brought these people to death.

They attack, and no one will survive.


Levi led the army to the three or four lines of defense.

“Send my order, immediately use the instrument to shield all the signals in this area! I want the entire Southern Territory Theater to be shielded without leaking any information, understand?”

Levi approached.

“Understood, immediately began to block! In addition, all the periphery of the theater was blocked by martial law!”

“In three minutes, the southern border theater will be completely shielded, and the outside world will not know what is happening here.”

This time shielding is not only shielding oneself, but also shielding all the enemy’s signals.

This is one of Levi’s plans.

He cannot let the outside world know what is happening here.

Including his strength.

Otherwise, if the Dominant Alliance or the others in Velador know, they won’t have unexpected effects.

He planned to attack the other three major war zones quietly after solving the Southern Territory Theater.

Therefore, it is necessary to shield everything here.

“Bates, done!”

“How far is the enemy from us?”

Levi asked.

“The nearest enemy is no more than 80 nautical miles. They are moving very fast and are approaching here!”

“Our instrument explored abnormal movements in the deep sea, and unknown objects are approaching. Although their energy signals are very weak, they are still detected!”

Upon hearing the news, Levi smiled.

“No surprise, these are the monsters and beasts we encountered! They are very good at hiding their breath, but the energy in the body will still be detected! This is the benefit of modern technology!”

Now the warriors are the main fighters on the front lines, and they have abandoned modern weapons, modern warriors.

It’s basically a struggle between warriors.

They are powerful and magical.

Give up everything about modernization.

Or they look down on it.

However, modern weapons and military forces also have advantages.

If used properly, it can be a factor in turning the tide of the battle.

For example, now, Hazlen and the others hadn’t found the monster bear beast at the beginning, causing them heavy losses.

At this moment, it was discovered early by modern weapons.

Levi is determined to teach them the style of modern army play.

Let the world know that ordinary warriors can also defeat powerful warriors.

Levi smiled: “When you get close to fifty nautical miles, give these beasts a big gift!”

“The target has entered the range of fifty nautical miles!”

Levi gave an order: “Drop the bomb!!!”

“Swish swish…”

Many deep-sea fish are launched towards the deep sea.

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