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Chapter 1690

The super powers of the sixth heaven were all k!lled in the end.

The head was hung high!

What a majesty this is!

How invincible is this?

The warning is obvious!

Invade Velador, cross the border, and k!ll one by one…

“Extra nickname!”

“Major news!”

“Velador God descends to the northern theater to win again! The enemy’s entire army is annihilated! All the 34 forces of Velador’s crooked ways have also been slain!”

“None of the enemies can escape the border!”

“The heads of thirty-eight six-layer supreme-level powerhouses were hung on the high wall!”

“There are also eleven Sixth Heavens in the Southern Territory Theater…”

Soon, a new round of battle reports was issued.

News and media reports are flying all over the sky, sweeping Velador.

Victory is communicated to everyone in the first place.

“Velador is immortal! Velador will win!”

“My Velador army and people are united, who can defeat it?”

“The soldiers on the front are all good!”

The good news continued.

The overall victory of the two major war zones gave Velador enough confidence!

The people are no longer afraid, and they will find ways to support Velador.

Colin was stunned again.

Victory in the North?

It’s just that their headquarters doesn’t know anything…

No one can still be contacted now!

“No, Velador has won consecutive victories. Both war zones have wiped out the entire army of the Dominating Alliance? How is this possible?”

“You said Velador will not come back, right?”

“It took me a lot of effort to escape from Velador and join Yangard! Velador is about to come back. Am I embarrassed?”

See Velador’s continuous good news.

Those people who escaped from Velador and quit the nationality were dumbfounded.

Including Neil, Nick and a large group of people.

“No? No? We just left, we are going to win?”

Edith’s face was as uncomfortable as if she had eaten a fly.

If so.

They are embarrassed.

Mike smiled and said, “Don’t worry, it won’t!”

“The exact news I got is the distribution of forces that Dominant Alliance’s attack on Velador. The forces in the South and North are the weakest!”

“The one remaining to attack the West is the strongest! Next is the Eastern Theater! These two major theaters may be more than ten times stronger than the North and the South! They are the real core!”

Alfred echoed: “That’s right! The Eastern Frontier Theater is the most important thing. It is too close to the capital! Once several lines of defense in the Eastern Frontier Theater are broken, it will immediately threaten the capital!”

“If the Western Territory Theater is opened, it is equivalent to releasing three-quarters of Velador to the enemy! So Velador will not be able to prevent these two major war areas anyway!”

After listening, everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

“Don’t worry, so don’t worry!”

Edith and the others smiled.

As long as Velador can’t stop it.

They are happy.

Their departure is meaningful.

This is the psychological thoughts of those who defected from Velador.

The situation is really similar to what Mike and Alfred analyzed.

The West and East are the key points!

Originally, Levi could surprise soldiers and hit them by surprise.

But now, the forces that Dominant Alliance in the East and West also know that Velador has a super power.

They are already prepared.

Richard and the others have strengthened their power to Dominant Alliance.

All the cards that should be played have been dealt.

In order to target the surprise soldiers led by Levi.

Now Dominant Alliance, Bass Guard, and even the whole world are speculating.

Where will the surprise soldiers led by Levi attack next?

East or West?

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