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Chapter 1697

“Aside from the nickname, something big has happened in the Western Territory Theater!”

“The medical king of the family of Bates and dozens of great forces brought tens of thousands of warriors to surrender and join the dominance alliance!”

“At present, there are only a few thousand people in the West Frontier Theater, and within a short time, the West Frontier Theater will definitely fall!”

“When the five lines of defense in the western theater are broken, due to the special terrain, it is equivalent to opening the gates of Velador to allow foreign enemies to invade!”

“Velador is about to fall! The fifth line of defense in the west is broken, which is equivalent to half of Velador being taken down!”

“If the fifth line of defense in the Eastern Frontier Theater is breached again, or something goes wrong in the capital. The entire Great Velador is at stake!”

Soon the medical king family took tens of thousands of warriors to surrender and betrayed throughout Velador and the world.

Velador, who had been so arrogant, were heavily poured with cold water.


Everyone in Velador, whether it was Bass Guard or the people, were dumbfounded.

Such as falling into the ice cave.

The morale disappeared in an instant and sank to the bottom.

Sure enough, the North and South theaters are not important at all.

The important thing is the Eastern Theater and the Western Theater.

These two major war zones can truly threaten the safety of Great Velador.

Sure enough, what is the most afraid of…

Now the Western Territory is equivalent to being lost.

Next, I am afraid that the Eastern Territory Theater will not be able to hold it.

The darkest and most difficult moment of Velador has arrived.

The country was immersed in the suffocating atmosphere one after another.

No one even scolds those traitors…

To no avail.

Now can only wait silently for the coming of destruction.

For a moment, no one was seen on the street.

All walks of life have stopped.

Everyone is quietly waiting for that moment to come.

Even a child knows what it means to be defeated in the Western Frontier Theater.

“Think of a way! If this goes on, it’s really over!”

“Now we can’t reach that amazing soldier yet!”

“It’s useless to get in touch, they must have gone to the Eastern Frontier Theater!”

Colin was almost at a loss.

The current situation in Velador has completely boiled overseas.

Countless people are laughing.

Among them are traitors like Mike who ran out.

The worse the situation in Velador, the more it shows the significance of their escape.

Dominant Alliance base camp.

Marty Bates brought the army and pressed over.

Know the defensive deployment of the opponent, and even the details of each person’s combat strength.

Therefore, Marty Bates’s expression was relaxed, and he didn’t panic at all.

He also deliberately brought Rovena.

He wanted her to participate in this matter all the way.

At that time, she couldn’t argue, she couldn’t get rid of it at all.

“Marty has a seed, so let me go!”

Rovena scolded.

“Rovena, scold me, and soon you will stop scolding! After this battle is over, our news will quickly spread throughout Velador and the world. At that time everyone knew that you were a Velador’s traitor!”

Marty told Rovena a fact.

Rovena was silent immediately.

At that time she will bear the name of a traitor.

I am afraid that immortality will not be able to step into the great summer.

Marty Bates is too insidious!

Rovena was completely chained to death.

I’m afraid it’s hard to get rid of…

Soon, Marty led the army to the fourth line of defense.

“Unexpectedly, it is a group of you traitors! You are traitors, you are a pseudo army!”

Seeing Marty Bates and others, Wayne, who had a fierce temper, had already scolded them.

“It’s a pity, I’m not willing to die in the hands of these thieves!”

Everyone is unwilling.

“Suicide! Don’t force me to do it myself!”

Marty Bates smiled.

“Little boy who gives you the courage!!!”

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