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Chapter 1698

Suddenly there was a loud shout, like a billowing thunder.


Everyone’s ears roared.

Everyone was shocked!

Even the ghost appears in front of them.

One can imagine how terrible this sound is.

Don’t know if Rovena is confused or what, hearing this voice feels a bit familiar.

“Look! Look!”

The next moment, Marty’s subordinates exclaimed.

Because on the top of the mountains on both sides, there were a number of figures.

Bring them inexplicable threats and pressure.

Everyone just felt short of breath and extremely depressed.


Marty Bates’s face changed drastically.

He has a bad feeling.

The right eyelid began to jump wildly.

“Who are they?”

This is the question of everyone Marty Bates.

After holding their positions, Wayne looked at each other, and suddenly burst into laughter.

“Brothers, reinforcements are here! Our efforts were not in vain!”

“Brothers follow me to prepare and fight back with the reinforcement brothers!”

Thousands of people’s blood was completely ignited, wailing one by one.

Standing on the top of the mountain.

Levi’s eyes were cold.

The tens of thousands of troops led by Hazlen and Divine Monk are looking forward to it, waiting for Levi’s order.

“He who betrayed my Velador, k!ll!”

“Those who k!ll my compatriots must k!ll even more!”

“Send my order, k!ll, k!ll, k!ll! Don’t spare one!”




Give an order.

Tens of thousands of warriors from all directions madly k!lled Marty and the others.


Marty Bates was instantly dumbfounded.

In fact, he didn’t bring many people.

Only one-third of all forces, 20,000 people.

It was more than enough to deal with Wayne and the thousands of people.

But who would have thought of this unexpected situation.

“No! It’s Great Velador Force! They didn’t go to the Eastern Territory Theater, but came to the Western Territory!”

“Withdraw, let’s withdraw quickly!”

Know that the opponent is powerful.

Marty quickly evacuated with people.

But will Levi give him a way to survive?

will not!

He had sealed his back road long ago.





Soon, the two sides fought.

When everyone treats the traitor, they k!ll it!

Coupled with all the advantages, Marty kept falling in a pool of blood.

Everyone was blushing.

Especially in the face of these traitors.

Even more merciless.

One knife.

One sword.


There were screams everywhere.

In particular, Wayne and others were the most angry, venting their grievances on the traitors.

“Surrender, surrender, we surrender!”

“We regret it!”

To the back, the traitors knelt to the ground one after another, no longer struggling.

Wayne and the others hesitated.


“Treat the traitor, k!ll without mercy!”

From behind, Levi’s cold voice came.



The people continued to slaughter.

In the blink of an eye, there were less than a hundred of 20,000 people left.

“Hold on!”

“If you dare to k!ll me, my grandfather, and the family of medical kings will retaliate against you frantically!”

“You also understand the gap with Dominant Alliance! You will not end well!”

“If you don’t k!ll me, you can take me hostage…”

Marty began to negotiate.

In order to survive, he sacrificed everything.


Wayne and the others stopped.

Reality broke a basin of cold water for them.

Although this squad is here.

But facing the Dominant Alliance, it is still too weak.

They have to consider for the next.

If Marty Bates were to be held hostage, the situation would definitely be better.

“Marty Bates is stinky and shameless!”

At this time, Levi came over.

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