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Chapter 176

After the crisis was lifted.

Garrison Group’s call came again, increase investment and add another 200 million to expand the scale of Liziran.

Sarah readily accepted!

In the afternoon, Sarah issued a notice again: “For the employees who stay, the salary and benefits will be doubled!”

Even Sarah arranged for some employees to be promoted, because the employees were half gone this time and many positions were vacated.

As soon as the news came out, the whole market was hot.

And the expansion of the company requires a large number of new employees.

For a time, many job seekers gathered in front of Huating Company.

Recruitment site.

A middle-aged fat man in a suit and leather shoes appeared, and he threw his resume on the table: “I am Sun Yanxiao, the former Minister of the Legal Department of Huating Company! Hurry up and hire my information, I am coming to work!”

Just the recruiter sneered: “Sun Yanxiao, right? You are already on the blacklist of Huating Company! You will not be hired for life!”

“Who are you? Don’t you dare to hire me? Hurry up and call the Minister of Personnel to come out!”

Sun Yanxiao said angrily.

He was very upset by being blocked by a few young guys.

“Yes, yes, we were employees of Huating Company before, so why not let us in?”

“We are the veterans of the company! This company can’t do without us!”

“We not only have to re-enter the company, but also enjoy double wages and benefits!”

There were cold shouts.

Hundreds of people followed Sun Yanxiao and shouted.

They were the employees who had resigned before. When they were about to find their next home, they heard that Sarah’s company had passed the crisis, and some people had invested huge sums of money, and the employees’ salary and benefits had doubled.

They immediately ran up flatteringly.

As a result, he was told that he was on the company’s blacklist and could not be hired.

This makes them very angry.

Sun Yanxiao said angrily: “We must give us an explanation! This has greatly damaged our body and mind, and we can all sue for spiritual compensation!”

At this time, Sarah appeared: “Have I told you that after leaving that day, you will never think about coming back? You are already on the company’s blacklist!”

Seeing Sarah, everyone’s attitude became less tough.

Sun Yanxiao smiled and said, “Mr. Logan, we already knew that we were wrong, so let us have a chance!”

“Yes! President Logan, we all know that we are wrong, let’s give a chance!”

Others prayed.

“There is only one chance, I gave it to you!”

Sarah is cold and unfeeling!

The employees who stayed in the company don’t mention much fun.

I had to resign with these people at the beginning, but it would be abolished.

Sarah said coldly: “You are all on the company’s blacklist! It is absolutely impossible to be hired!”

“Okay, Sarah is unkind, don’t blame us for being unrighteous! Today we are lazy to stay here!”

Sun Yanxiao said coldly.

Others also followed one after another. They were in front of the company, and others who came to recruit or do business could not get in.

“Let’s see who can’t afford it!”

Sun Yanxiao also said: “At that time, we will also sue you for violating the market law and setting up anti-human rights regulations privately, which seriously harmed our body and mind and demanded huge compensation!”

Sun Yanxiao is from the Ministry of Legal Affairs. If you don’t know the law, it will be even more uncomfortable if you don’t know the law.

When Sarah was melancholy, he suddenly saw Levi approaching.

I saw Levi approaching behind a large group of people, aggressively.

“Who is making trouble in front of Huating Company?”

Levi shouted.

Chapter 177

“It’s me, what’s the matter?”

Sun Yanxiao agreed.

Levi waved his hand, and the knife behind him and others stepped forward.

Several people surrounded Fat Sun, especially the knife patted him on the face.

“What? Are you making trouble?”

Xiaodao asked with a smile.

Sun Yanxiao saw the fierce people, and saw the scars and tattoos of the knife, so scared.

The other employees were all surrounded by the brothers of the knife.

But Sun Yanxiao still said with Sarah: “Sarah, you actually asked the punks to intimidate me, we are going to sue you! You are dead!”

Sarah looked at him and sneered: “Sorry, I don’t know who they are!”

The knife smiled and said, “Yeah, we don’t even know each other! Just saw you take the lead in making trouble here, and deal with the injustice! What’s wrong?”

Others also shouted: “Yes, we just can’t understand you bullying! We take care of this matter!”


Sun Yanxiao affirmed that they knew Sarah, but there was no evidence.

“What do you want? I am a law student! I am not afraid of you!”

Sun Yanxiao said the most ruthless words in the most persevering tone.

The knife patted him on the face and said with a smile: “We won’t treat you like anything. As far as I know, your daughter goes to Dongsheng Elementary School, and your wife works in Bandung Department Store…”


After Sun Yanxiao listened, he was frightened to death.

This is a stark threat.

But he was helpless.

The other party did not do anything to hurt you.

“I was wrong, I will never make trouble again!”

Sun Yanxiao was softened.

“If you are wrong, apologize!”

The knife sneered.

Sun Yanxiao stood in front of Sarah and apologized: “Mr. Logan, we were wrong and we will never make trouble again!”

Others also apologized.


They regret it!

If they didn’t resign, wouldn’t it be a good thing for them to enjoy double wages and benefits?

The Logan family regretted it.

“What? Garrison Group invested 600 million before and after? Huating Company is going to expand?”

Doug’s eyes were about to fly out.

Alfred nodded: “Yes, after removing the Chengxi project, the remaining money is enough for Huating to expand its scale. Visually, it is necessary to contend with the Logan Group!”


Doug looked incredible.

I thought it would make a big profit by taking away one billion, but I didn’t expect to lose.

Now and Sarah is equivalent to a stalemate.

“It seems that the relationship with Sarah has to be eased.”

In the past few days, Levi was busy with the affairs of the Garrison Group. He decided to change his name to Erick Group to commemorate Erick and at the same time declare war on the Case York Chamber of Commerce.

Of course these are attending grandma Sarah’s birthday banquet.

The birthday banquet is coming.

Dale and Edith are actively preparing gifts.

Knowing that the old lady believed in Buddhism, Edith went to a famous temple in Case York to invite a Jade Buddha.

After all, it’s a daughter. I definitely hope that my mother is healthy and safe.

The old lady is in control of the huge Mann family, and her hobbies are naturally related to writing, playing and antiques.

Dale specially bought a genuine calligraphy and painting for 300,000.

Sarah also has a gift, a century-old wild ginseng.

Dale was very satisfied with this. When these gifts were taken out at the birthday banquet, he would definitely save face.

He also told Levi: “Levi, you should also prepare a gift. After all, it’s the first time to meet! Remember, pick it up! Just take the money with Sarah!”

Edith glared at Dale, and she told Levi: “Actually, you just pick a gift with your heart! It doesn’t need to be too expensive!”

Chapter 178

“That’s true! The Mann family is a big clan! Speaking of which, it’s almost the same as the Garrison family! People don’t like the expensive things you bought.”

Dale said.

Since it is Sarah’s grandmother, the gift must be in place.

“Parents, ask if the old lady has any special hobbies?”

Levi asked.

“There are no special hobbies, but there are bad habits!”

Edith said immediately: “The old lady and the old man love to drink and smoke! We won’t listen to any advice!”

Levi smiled: “Then I will prepare alcohol and tobacco for the old lady!”

“What? Levi, don’t mess around! If you prepare alcohol and tobacco for the old lady, you will be scolded by my brothers and brothers! What’s more, with the seniority of the old lady, what kind of tobacco and alcohol have never been used! Don’t buy it!”

Edith immediately warned.

“Don’t buy it at all! Just in case it gets messy!”

Dale said.


But Levi would definitely give a gift.

The old lady has never seen it before!

In other words, no money can buy it!

After getting ready, everyone set off the next day.

Xiao Qin followed Levi to them.

Although Sarah has money, the money is still in the company’s account.

Time is too tight, and Dale has no time to buy a luxury car.

Let’s take the high-speed rail together, and it will be there in forty minutes anyway.

Before getting into the car, Dale and Edith were relieved when they saw that Levi was not holding a gift.

They are afraid that Levi will get into trouble!

Forty minutes later.

Arrive at the high-speed railway station in Jinling, the provincial capital.

Dale and Edith walked ahead excitedly.

Sarah and Xiao Qin followed.

Levi carried things alone and walked at the end.

The provincial capital is recently holding an Asian Economic Summit, and all high-speed rail stations and airports are extremely strict in security checks.

Especially when leaving the station, a security check is specially set up.


When Levi passed the security gate, the sirens suddenly sounded loudly.

Suddenly, the exits were all messed up.

All pedestrians took shelter around for the first time.

The security personnel were refreshed and frightened.

The police forces arranged around rushed over as soon as they heard the movement.

Levi, who was standing at the security gate, did not come in, nor did he retreat.

The alarm has been ringing non-stop.

All of a sudden, hundreds of eyes around him focused on Levi alone.

Even Dale and the others were dumbfounded.

“Don’t move!!!”

“Raise your hands up!!!”

These security inspectors pulled out their weapons one after another, and aimed at Levi.

Since all the luggage passed the security check, Levi didn’t take anything.

So subconsciously, everyone thought that the dangerous goods were hidden in Levi’s body.

Especially in this special period, everyone is even more nervous.

“Everyone quickly evacuate!”

Under the staff’s combing, everyone evacuated, including the plum dyeing them.

At this security checkpoint, only Levi was left.

“What are you hiding? Get it out quickly!”

The security inspector yelled nervously.

Levi smiled: “I didn’t take anything!”

“Impossible! The alarm won’t go off for no reason! You take the initiative to hand it over, it can be forgiving and slow your sin!”

Security inspectors persuaded.

“I don’t have any dangerous items, what should I take?”

Levi doesn’t care about Tao.

He walked out of the security checkpoint step by step, while slowly touching the inside of his clothes with his hands.

“Don’t move! Stand! Hold your hands up!”

“If you move again, we will kill you on the spot!”

Everyone thought that Levi was going to take something from his clothes, and shouted in panic.

It’s just that Levi ignored it and touched his clothes.

Chapter 179

These security personnel and policemen are sweating in anxiousness!

This is the most stressful moment in their lives.

It is a great challenge to everyone’s psychology.

They stared at Levi, the hand holding the weapon was trembling.

If the items Levi took out were dangerous, they would be killed on the spot!


Finally, when it came to the critical moment, Levi took out things.


Everyone was relieved to see the items.

It turned out to be a cigarette.

Levi held a cigarette in his mouth and smiled: “What are you nervous about? I really don’t have any dangerous items on my body! That brother borrowed a fire?”

The special police team leader Rafael Stone who happened to be patrolling the high-speed rail station took the courage to come to Levi and set him on fire.

At the same time, Levi was searched, but after the search, nothing was found.

Rafael waved, and two female security officers ran over.

Search Levi again.

No dangerous goods!

The female security inspector raised the scanner in her hand and scanned Levi’s body.


The alarm sounded again.

The gun in Rafael’s hand was aimed at Levi again.

Others are the same, and become nervous again.

The female security inspector continued to scan, scanning Levi’s abdomen, chest, back, waist, knees and other positions, and there were voices coming out.

She frowned and asked Levi, “Mister, please take off your coat!”

This is a normal procedure, of course Levi follows it.

After taking off the jacket, scan it, there is no problem.

But as soon as he scanned Levi’s body, the alarm still sounded loudly.

“Mr. take off his shirt!”

The result is the same.

“Mr. take off his vest!”

When Levi took off his vest.

Everyone present was dumbfounded!

Because Levi’s back was criss-crossed with scars, including knife wounds, shrapnel wounds, burns and so on.

In short, there are scars all over the body!

It’s shocking to see!

What kind of people have such scars?

Obviously these injuries are new injuries covering old ones!

“Is it a soldier?”

An idea flashed in Rafael’s mind.

“Xiao Cross takes this gentleman to do a full-body scan!”

Rafael told the security inspector.

Come to the special scanning room.

The security inspector used the instrument to scan Levi’s whole body.

Soon the scan of Levi’s whole body appeared on the computer.

When everyone saw it clearly, they almost fainted in fright.

Because there are thirteen warheads inlaid in Levi, three of them are only a very small distance from the brain center, heart, and lungs. A little bit off, absolutely terrible!

Seven other shrapnel were also stuck in the body.

Fortunately, these shrapnel did not hurt Levi at all.

At this moment, Rafael and others looked at Levi in awe.

This is my Chinese soldier!

With a body of flesh and blood, compare with the gods and protect the land of Velador!

Even with so many injuries, so many bullets and shrapnel stuck in the body.

Still without blinking his brows.

Why everyone can live and work in peace and contentment is because they are moving forward with heavy loads!

“Team Stone, this is the document found from him!”

The security inspector handed over the ID card and officer ID to Rafael.

Rafael opened the officer ID, and when he saw the content, he was so frightened that he almost fell to the ground.

“Kun…General God of War? It turned out to be General God of War!”

Rafael was terrified.

They knew about the God of War General’s visit to Case York during this period.

Chapter 180

Unexpectedly, General God of War would come to the provincial capital.

At this time, suddenly outside the provincial high-speed rail station, military vehicles drove over.

It was immediately blocked by heavily armed soldiers.

The two headed by the military ranks are impressively two colonels.

They quickly came to Rafael’s office.

Rafael shivered when he saw these two people.

He had anticipated something.

“Captain Stone, right? Introduce yourself, Ding Zhiyuan, Jinling Military Region!”

Ding Zhiyuan, Rafael is clear.

He is a brigade commander of the Special Operations Brigade of the Jinling Military Region.

Rafael immediately shook hands: “Hello, Brigadier Ding!”

“Captain Stone, this is the pro-army of General God of War-Colonel Tatsuno, head of the Tianlong Legion of the Emperor Iron Brigade! They just came down from the front line!”

Ding Zhiyuan introduced.

Rafael respected in awe, and said, “Lord Tatsuno, you have worked hard!”

Because Rafael knew that they were the ones fighting on the front line.

Tatsuno saluted: “Captain Stone, you guys have worked hard too!”

Long Garrison asked aloud: “Captain Stone, I heard that you detained General God of War?”


There was a thud in Rafael’s head.

If this hat is buckled down, he is going to waste it!

The key is still not clear!

Logically speaking, it was a god-like figure, and he went to search his body with the hands of a mortal!

If it had been in ancient times, a big crime would have been committed long ago!

It’s almost the same now!

“It’s okay! They did it right!”

At this time, Levi walked out of the scanning room dressed in clothes.

“General God of War!”

Suddenly, Long Garrison, Ding Zhiyuan and other officers straightened up and saluted Levi.

Captain Stone and others also said helplessly: “How offended General God of War just now, please punish us!”

“Punish? Why do you want to punish? You did it right! In this special period, it has to be so strict! You can’t stop checking because of someone’s identity! This is wrong!”

Levi said.

Rafael only felt tears in their eyes.

Chinese God of War is really a god-like figure!

As his soldier, what a proud thing.

Rafael could see that Long Garrison had an arrogance in their bones.

This is invisible to other soldiers.

“Tatsuno, what are you doing so aggressively?”

Levi looked at Longye reproachfully.

Long Garrison immediately said: “General, I didn’t plan to come here, but I heard that you were detained, I came right away!”

Levi received his documents and sneered: “Can I be okay? It’s just a routine check!”

“Hurry up and get people out of me!”

“Understood, General!”

Tatsuno immediately ordered the withdrawal of troops.

“Don’t worry, when I’m free, I’ll go see my brothers!”

Levi pulled Long Garrison aside again and explained one thing.

“Don’t worry, General. There are so many such things. I will deliver them on time tomorrow!”

Tatsuno said with a smile.

Before leaving, Levi patted Rafael on the shoulder again: “Keep working hard! You are responsible for the internal security!”

“Chief, I will do my best after waiting!!!”

Rafael was full of enthusiasm, offering a standard military salute.

“By the way, when I leave, you will withdraw again!”

In order to avoid causing trouble, Levi left first.

When they came outside, Sarah and others were relieved to see that he was safe and sound.

Seeing this, Xiao Qin couldn’t help saying: “Brother-in-law and the others will find out your identity, right?”


Suddenly, all three of Sarah looked at Xiao Qin.

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