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Chapter 1722

Jefferson became more and more frightened.

It seemed that Levi was around.

A pair of eyes were staring at him in the dark.

He soon came to War Eagle Nation and wanted to take him back.

Jefferson told his brother all this.

Richard scolded severely.

“Jefferson, you were frightened by Levi and fell ill. I tell you, he is dead, absolutely dead! Hundreds of thousands of people watched him die!”

“You probably have a psychological shadow!”

Subsequently, Richard found several psychologists to enlighten and treat Jefferson.

Roderick is also in the same situation.

He is the most concerned existence in the world.

There are positive and negative effects.

Many people called him a traitor, and k!lled his compatriots.

Sooner or later, he will be caught in Velador for atonement.

I don’t know why, Roderick felt a little flustered when he heard this.

He always feels that this thing is going to happen the same.

After all, he has a guilty conscience.

He told Richard all this.

Richard called him with peace of mind.

He is now a member of the Eagle Nation.

It is necessary to become a king soon.

What is he afraid of?

No one can take him away in the Eagle Nation.

No one in this world dared to go wild in the Eagle Nation.

To arrest his brother and Roderick is nothing short of a dream.

Roderick also gradually felt relieved.

If you say where is the safest in the world.

There is definitely War Eagle nation in the first three miles.

He is not afraid at all now.

While immersed in joy, Velador was still dealing with all kinds of troubles after the war.

Including Bryant, they have been looking for Levi’s whereabouts.

“Even though we won the war in an all-round way, the enemy still ran away a lot!”

“First, Roderick, betrayed Velador, and k!lled countless compatriots with special weapons. He is Velador’s sinner. Now he has fled to the War Eagle country.”

“Second, Richard and Jefferson are two brothers. Richard is one of the planners who dominated the Alliance. His identity is still unknown. They are also in the Eagle Nation.”

“Third, Star Country’s Orion Group, they are also important planners, and almost all of the financial resources this time came from them!”

“Fourth, even a certain faction of the Sky Shield Bureau sent people to participate, and there is also the Apocalypse!”

List Velador’s enemies.

“Maybe we may not be able to do it now, but everybody has to pay for their actions when given the opportunity!”

These enemies were all remembered by Velador.

“There are also those warriors in Velador who have not participated in the battle, and those evil sects are also Velador’s enemies, and they will all die!”

They also listed all the evil ways that are connected with the Dominant Alliance.

“Yeah, if there is a Trex clan to take action! All these evil sects will apologize!”

“But Roderick, Richard, and these people we can only watch! They are in the War Eagle Nation, how do we do it?”

“Hey! They won’t be able to move for a while, let’s find a chance later. Maybe they won’t be able to move in this life!”

“I heard that Roderick will be in the king’s ceremony in seven days. We can’t even touch him at that time!”

Everyone looked depressed.

“Move, why not move?”

“Jefferson has only been in jail for ten years, so he has to come back to jail honestly!”

“Roderick was punished for treason and must be arrested back to Velador and be sentenced to death!”

“I said you can’t escape from my hands!”

Somewhere in the northern continent, a voice rang.

Levi appeared…

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