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Chapter 181

Xiao Qin realized that he had made a mistake.

“Does Levi still have any identity?”

Sarah looked at Xiao Qin suspiciously, wondering if there was any little secret he didn’t know?

Levi smiled and said, “Xiao Qin is afraid that the criminal record of my squad in prison will let them discover it.”

“Yeah, I thought the alarm sounded for this reason.”

Xiao Qin reacted quickly.

People can’t find flaws.

Dale asked, “What happened just now? What’s on your body? It keeps ringing?”

“Just my metal lighter, there seems to be some metal in it!”

Levi shook the green lighter.

“Okay, let’s go! The car sent by my eldest brother has been waiting for a while!”

Edith couldn’t wait any longer.

Everyone was taken to the Hilton Hotel.

Because there are more people attending the birthday banquet, these guests are temporarily arranged in the hotel.

“It seems that my parents still have a grudge about the things of the year! Otherwise, we will not be arranged in the hotel, but directly into the Mann family’s ancestral house!”

Edith was a little frustrated.

“Don’t worry, my wife, we will definitely shine at the birthday banquet this time, and then the Mann family will accept you and recognize me!”

Dale is very confident.

The couple took the Mann family’s approval very seriously.

Soon after moving in, Xiao Qin came to look for Levi and Sarah.

Said that the juniors of the Mann family gathered together tonight.

“Okay, let’s go!”

Levi and Sarah agreed.

Xiao Qin deliberately drove her own car, a pink Maserati.

The meeting place is at Shengding Hotel.

A table here costs 10,000.

There are luxury cars parked in front of the hotel.

Under the leadership of Xiao Qin, he came to VIP888 box.

It was very lively, with dozens of people gathered.

“Xiao Qin is here, welcome everyone!”

Xiao Qin is the little princess of the Mann family because of the Xiao family, and is extremely popular.

I’ve seen Sarah and Levi for the first time.

However, seeing Sarah’s beauty, many people’s eyes brightened.

“Xiao Qin quickly introduce who this is?”

Someone urged.

“Introduction to everyone, this is the daughter of aunt Edith, Sarah, and the cousin of many of you, this is Levi, everyone’s cousin!”

Xiao Qin introduced.

“Oh, cousin (cousin)!”

Xiao Qin’s older brother and younger brother greeted Sarah.

As for Levi, ignore it directly.

There are other people with foreign surnames who are coming to the dinner tonight, who have nothing to do with Sarah.

They were staring at Sarah.

After all, this beauty is coveted by everyone.

After getting acquainted with each other, Levi discovered that today’s leaders are Mann Kuofei, son of Sarah’s second uncle, Mann Xueyong, and Mann Qingfeng, son of his third uncle, Mann Xueliang.

Both of them are descendants of the Mann family, and they are in a high position in the Mann family.

All topics tonight are about these two people.

Mann Kuofei smiled: “I heard that the husband of Sarah’s cousin Levi used to be a dark horse in the Case York business community, and even many enterprises in the provincial capital are aware of it. How are they doing it?”

Mann Qingfeng also smiled: “Yes, how come I haven’t heard from him since then.”

These two people are not sarcasm Sarah.

They really don’t know.

Because the Mann family is a tens of billions of giants.

Sarah is not qualified to make them pay too much attention.

After Levi got up, he understood a little bit.

After Levi was imprisoned, there was no news.

Chapter 182

They are also not interested in understanding, after all, a small person.

There is a relative, Zhuo Hang, who is from Case York. He immediately said: “I know, Levi was sent to prison after raping his sister-in-law! It seems that it hasn’t been a few days since he was out of prison?”

“Yes, yes, it was a big event in Case York back then!”

Others echoed.

Mann Kuofei’s face changed, and he smiled: “That is to say, my cousin is unemployed now?”

Levi nodded: “You can say so!”

After that, Mann Kuofei and Mann Qingfeng showed no interest in Levi.

Not even interested in Sarah, who has received hundreds of millions of investment.

They were all discussing their own topics, which Sarah could barely get in.

“By the way, Mann hasn’t come back yet?”

Mann Kuofei couldn’t help thinking of something.

This Mann is the son of his father. This kid is very capable. Now in the SWAT team, he is now a detachment leader.

It is said that he will become the captain of the special police team in the next year!

“Speaking of Brother, that’s a big pride of grandma!”

Mann Qingfeng smiled.

indeed so.

Although Mann didn’t keep the Mann family’s blood, he was highly regarded by the old lady.

He is indeed very upbeat.

Only 28 next year, will be able to achieve the post of deputy captain of the special police team.

The Mann family has money.

What is lacking is the talents in this system!

Mann can be regarded as filling a vacancy.

Not long after, Mann, wearing a uniform, came to the box.

“Let everyone wait for a long time! You also know the reason for the Asian Economic Summit. I have been very busy these two days! The time to attend the grandma’s birthday banquet tomorrow will be paid for by my public holiday!”

Mann smiled embarrassedly.

“Brother, you are very busy, and grandma will rely on you to support the table tomorrow!”

Everyone laughed.

Mann Kuofei asked, “I heard that there was an accident at the high-speed rail station today. Even Captain Stone of your SWAT team was alarmed?”

Mann nodded and said, “Isn’t it, I was late because of this!”

Mann Qingfeng asked, “Ayuan, what’s going on in detail? Everyone is curious.”

After looking around, Mann smiled and said: “Today a super man came to the high-speed rail station!”

“Do you know? He actually came to WeChat for a private visit to check our security measures. Fortunately, he was found.”

Mann took a breath.

“Then how did you find him?”

Everyone asked.

“When I left the high-speed rail station, the alarm sounded in the button area! We stopped him. After the inspection, guess what you found?”

Everyone looked at Mann curiously.

“He has 13 warheads and seven shrapnel stuck in his body! One warhead in his head and one in his heart. It is these metals in his body that make the alarm sound!”

Mann felt incredible.

“What? Thirteen warheads? Seven shrapnel?”

Everyone took a deep breath and looked incredible.

“What’s more terrifying is that his body is covered with scars. I estimated it today and it is no less than a thousand!”

Mann told a terrifying fact.

Everyone turned pale with fright.

“What about the time?”

Sarah asked.

“About two ten in the afternoon!”


After getting the answer, Sarah looked at Levi suddenly.

This time is the same as the time Levi was stuck in the security check area.

And there was nothing on Levi’s body, and the sirens rang for no reason.

Chapter 183

Now Mannyi reminded that Sarah reacted.

The reason why Levi can make the alarm sound is because there is metal in his body, not the so-called lighter!

Even Sarah wanted to take a look at Levi’s clothes.

Mann Qingfeng immediately asked, “This is too scary, isn’t it? What is Mann’s background?”

“I don’t know the specific identity, because his identity file is at the 5s level! No one in the entire province has the right to view it! But I heard Captain Stone say that this is an officer who has just come down from the front line! It belongs to the Emperor Iron Brigade! “

Mann took a deep breath.

“From the Emperor Iron Brigade? Isn’t that a pro-army of General God of War?”

“Yeah! That’s the strongest unit in Velador! Everyone is a man with indomitable power!”

When it comes to the Emperor Iron Brigade and General God of War, the men present are all excited.

Every man has a military dream.

Whether young or old.

Especially the invincible division of Emperor Iron Brigade, is even more desirable.

“No, when I was in the military academy, my biggest goal was to enter the Emperor Iron Brigade and follow General God of War on the battlefield!”

Mann is also looking forward to it.

Seeing the longing look of everyone, Xiao Qin was really proud.

She really wanted to stand up and tell everyone-my brother-in-law is General God of War who is admired by thousands of people!

“If the war generals of the Emperor Iron Brigade can come to the grandma’s birthday banquet, grandpa and grandma will probably be very happy!”

Mann Kuofei said.

“Yes, grandparents used to be soldiers! It must be a pleasure to have people from the Emperor Iron Brigade come!”

“Isn’t it, grandparents’ favorite cigarettes and alcohol are specially provided by the military area, but there are too few opportunities.”

Others say you and I say a word.

Mann Qingfeng looked at Mann: “Ayuan, can you drag me down and invite an officer from the Emperor Iron Brigade to attend tomorrow’s grandma’s birthday banquet!”

“Yes, if you invite one, then grandma is absolutely happy!”

Mann Kuofei said.

Mann hesitated, but nodded: “Okay, I will try it and try to give grandma a surprise!”

In fact, he was not sure at all.

Because Captain Rafael told him-no big figure at the high-speed rail station is even beyond his reach.

Not to mention Mann, a small detachment leader.

At this dinner, Levi and Sarah had no sense of existence.

In the eyes of a big family like the Mann family, they are dispensable roles.

After the dinner.

Mann personally went to Captain Rafael to express his thoughts.

Rafael was so scared that he pointed at Mann and said, “You, you…you are too courageous! How dare you invite him?”

Mann was trembling with fright: “Is this guy from Team Stone a great identity?”

Considering the secrecy regulations, Rafael still cannot say.

“Yes, don’t think about this matter. Don’t say anyone, I am not qualified to invite the Tianlong Legion Colonel Longye currently stationed in the Case York Military Region! Just give up on this matter!”

Rafael refused.

“All right, but Team Stone, you and Senior Vice Team must be there by then!”

Mann said.

“Don’t worry, I will definitely attend the old lady’s birthday banquet!”

When Mann went back to tell everyone the news, he looked disappointed.

But everyone did not blame Mann.

After all, the Emperor Iron Brigade has a special identity, so it’s normal for you to stay still.

Sarah had huge doubts about Levi tonight.

Chapter 184

Although she slept in the same bed with Levi, she had never done anything, and she had never seen Levi’s body.

So tonight she plans to see if there are scars on Levi’s body.

But Xiao Qin actually wanted to sleep with her in a bed.

Sarah’s plan was naturally shattered!

The second day was the birthday banquet of the old lady.

Levi’s people were called up early, and they were waiting in the hotel lobby.

After that, the Mann family arranged a unified car to receive the Mann family manor.

Dale clung to the gift tightly, looking forward to it, and will shine at the birthday banquet later.

Edith also asked Levi if he had any gifts.

Confirm that there is no, then rest assured.

The size of the Mann family is almost the same as that of the Garrison family listed before.

The luxury of the villa is extremely luxurious!

The luxury cars at the door are all able to drive to the show.

The three Mann brothers greeted them personally at the entrance of the villa.

In the lobby of the villa, Mann Jianguo, the Patriarch of the Mann family, and his wife Melina Boyd were all red in red clothes.

After the military retired that year, the two started from scratch and became today’s tens of billions.

Now the children and grandchildren are full of dragons and phoenixes.

The two old people are very satisfied!

“Parents, who do you see coming?”

Mann Xuecheng and his wife led Dale’s family to Mann Jianguo and Melina.

“Dad, mom!”

Edith cried with joy.

Dale was also very excited.

Want to say hello.

As a result, Mann Jianguo nodded slightly and Melina let out a cold snort.

After taking a look, he turned his head.

Edith and Dale were dumbfounded.

The hot face was pressed against the cold ass.

Edith immediately understood that her mother was just letting them come, and it would take some time to accept it.

But Edith was already satisfied to see each other.

The atmosphere in the court was once embarrassed.

Xiao Ruomei rescued in time: “By the way, parents, don’t you want to see Sarah?”

Xiao Ruomei pulled Sarah in front of the second elder.

“Hello, grandpa and grandma!”

Sarah said hello.

This was the first time she saw her grandpa and grandma, and she seemed a bit strange.

For Sarah, Mann Jianguo and Melina looked carefully.

“Well, this kid is good, I like it!”

“Yes, I heard that Sarah is quite capable, and the company has received several hundred million in investment!”

The two admire Sarah, especially Melina.

Because Melina is a strong woman, there is no such thing as patriarchalism in her.

On the contrary, she valued girls more among her descendants.

High hopes were placed on Edith, but she ran away with Dale, breaking her heart.

It’s only been more than 20 years!

Mann Xuecheng glared at Levi: “What are you doing in a daze? Why don’t you come over and say hello?”

Levi walked up to Mann Jianguo and said with a smile: “Hello, grandpa and grandma, I am Sarah’s husband, Levi!”

Mann Jianguo looked at Levi a few times and felt that there was a mysterious aura on Levi’s body.

He can’t see through!

Either Levi is hiding.

Either Levi is so lazy.

Melina said: “I’ve heard of you, the dark horse in the Case York business community back then, but it was a pity that I squatted in prison for six years! You just got out of prison, right?”

Although Melina seemed indifferent on the surface.

But in fact, he knew everything about Dale’s family.

“Yes, grandma, just released from prison.”

Levi answered honestly.

“Then what are your plans next?”

Melina asked.

“Sarah has developed so well, so I can help her! It’s good to eat soft rice!”

As soon as Levi said this, the air in the audience solidified.

Chapter 185

Everyone has a strange look on their faces.

Especially Edith looked horrified.

Because everyone knows Melina’s iron lady character, Levi’s hippie smiley is the least likely to be seen.

A military police background like Mann is what she likes the most.

Otherwise, how could a kid who was picked up stand firm in the rich family?

After listening to the answer.

Melina took a deep look at Levi, and then left.

Obviously, I was extremely disappointed with Levi.

Mann Jianguo sighed and left.

They were all sighing how Sarah married such a husband with such good conditions.

“Levi, what are you doing? You are offending the majesty of the old lady. The most unseen person in him is a clever person like you!”

Mann Xuecheng and Xiao Ruomei glared at Levi.

“Levi, you killed us! Finally, the old lady was able to accept us because Sarah, and you angered her again!”

Edith was about to cry with anger.

She was thinking, if there is a good son-in-law, would he be recognized by the old lady immediately today?

It’s a pity that it is Levi!

Dale hugged Edith: “My wife stops crying. When the birthday banquet officially begins, we will find face and let the old lady recognize us!”

“It can only be so!”

Edith was frustrated physically and mentally.

Soon, most of the guests who came to the old lady’s birthday banquet arrived.

But the heavyweights have not yet come.

The old man and the old lady personally greeted them at the door.

Levi and the others followed.

Soon, several cars marked with special police appeared.

Mann came down first. He ran to the back and opened the door to welcome the leaders one by one.

“Grandma and grandma, let me introduce you. This is the captain of the special police team Rafael, the deputy captain Gao Haisheng, and the political commissar Wang Fan; this is the deputy director of the Municipal Public Security Bureau Kong Qingpeng…”

Mann briefly introduced seven or eight leaders.

There are more than a dozen people at the same level as Mann, all with official positions such as detachment leader.

Rafael led the crowd to come forward and congratulated: “Congratulations to the old lady for being blessed as Donghai and having a long life…”

“Welcome Captain Stone, welcome…”

Seeing so many leaders coming to join in, Mann Jianguo and Melina laughed from ear to ear and hurriedly greeted them.

Mann Kuofei and Mann Qingfeng laughed and said, “Ayuan, you really made a lot of money for grandparents!”

“Old man, old lady, I want to give special praise to Mann! His ability is too strong! Let him be the deputy captain next year!!! The Mann family is out again!”

Rafael smiled.

Hearing Rafael’s personal praise, Melina and Mann Jianguo were even more happy and looked at Mann with satisfaction.

“Haha, Captain Stone, that is! Mann has always been the pride of my Mann family!”

Melina said without evasiveness.

This made everyone behind him envy.

Especially Edith and Dale are the most envious.

When will they be the pride of the old lady, how good is it?

It’s a pity, they can’t do it by themselves.

Hope can only be placed on the daughter and son-in-law.

But can a waste son-in-law like Levi be proud?


Can only helplessly envy.

Mann also said modestly: “Grandpa and grandma, I wanted to invite a few big bosses from the military area, but my grandson has limited abilities!”

Melina smiled approvingly: “Yuan’er, that’s enough! Captain Stone and the others can come, the pomp is enough!”

“Isn’t it! Ayuan has you, plus the eldest sister and the eldest brother-in-law, the scene is enough!”

Mann Kuofei and Mann Qingfeng laughed.

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